DAY30 Dublin International Airport-Dublin 16.1km (Ireland)

I arrived at Dublin at 11:10pm on 29.

At the passport control, an officer asked me about PEACE RUN. So I told him about the detail.

He started to search “PEACE RUN” on the internet and found some YouTube movies and said, “Is it you?”

He showed me  a movie. It was the movie taken in Mohave Desert, California.

I said, “Yes, it’s me!”

“How was the heat? How much water did you have then? Was there anything dangerous to you?”

He seemed so curious about my adventure running.

At last he said, “I was so impressed! Thank you! Have a good journey!”

He was a nice young man. I was glad feeling as if Ireland itself had given a hearty welcome.

But it was in the middle of the night, nowhere to go.

I had to wait until the dawn sitting on the cold and hard bench.

When the morning came, I put up my buggy and got ready for the departure though I was sleepy.

From the airport, I kept running on the sidewalk which never disappeared.

Found a supermarket “Centra” along the way, I did some shopping.

How expensive!

Most of food was 1.5 more expensive than that of UK.

Some of them are 4 to 5 more…

This is Ireland not UK. Do in Rome as the Romans do.

Arrived at city center but it was too early to check in at the hostel.

So I spent 4 hours around the city of Dublin.

Yes, waiting is also a part of travel.

There was a city market going on in the Smithfield.

I have no idea to join the sight seeing.

Wherever I go, there is nothing especially to do, nothing especially to see.

Finally I checked in, got some food and took a quick shower.

About 6pm, I felt like sleeping that’s what I did.

*Today’s Distance: 16.1 km

*Total Distance in UK: 1009.0 km

*Total Distance in Ireland: 16.1 km

*See More Photos

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