DAY35 Swan-Templemore 55.5km(Ireland)

Temperature 11 degrees in my tent was chilly.

Rained a bit during the night but wind kept the tent dry.

Started at 7am following a local highway with no shoulders and sidewalk.

Got to be nervous caring about the traffic.

Only in the town there was sidewalk.

Mostly sunny and warm in the afternoon.

Passed some towns and villages.

Last night I tried to book a single room at Templemore B&B and Hostel but I couldn’t for a technical reason.

So as I set the town as a goal, I decided to visit the B&B.

About 5pm I arrived at the B&B. Templemore was a bit large town.

Unfortunately the sign said, “NO VACANCY.”

First a lady who I thought owner’s wife showed up and said that the owner would be back in ten minutes. So I waited.

After the owner came back I told about my travel and I needed a space for my tent.

He said OK and he allowed me to use shower&toilet, kitchen and free Wi-Fi, too!

This is not B&B to me but T&B(Tent&Breakfast)!

Conor was his name. He seemed to like talking.

He said he had graduated from university twice to get qualification.

He runs B&B and owns his business as well.

He told me about recent Europe and how we could change the world.

Yes, all we need is a strong leader. And we got to be active doing our very best.

And we need life in peace…health first and good relationship with our people, especially our family.

Money is not always all we need.

We need discipline and education to keep our world in peace.

In poor countries, people do their best but it’s hard for them
to take good education which makes it hard for them to get a good job.

In western Europe, people make their effort to take higher education and get a better job.

They work hard and make enough money to own their cars and houses.

But for people in poor countries it is just like a dream.

Living in developed countries, people are busy working under lots of pressure.

They work hard to make money but they cannot make more free time.

They don’t have enough time to spend free time with their families. It’s too sad.

What’s happiness to human beings?

Some people are rich but they are not happy.

Some people are not rich but they are happy.

Which is better?

We were talking for a while. There are so many thing to think about…

*Today’s Distance: 55.5 km

*Total Distance in UK: 1009.0 km

*Total Distance in Ireland: 168.7 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 1177.7km

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