A Traveler's Monologue

I keep encountering people and the nature in this world so that I can say what’s beautiful is really beautiful.

I step into the world unknown to me as I want to taste the feeling of great pleasure with all my heart and soul.

I cannot forget gratitude, emotion and impression.

It’s important to live my life each day using power of sensitivity.

I think about what is necessary for us to live as a human being.

70 billion who dwell on the planet earth can exist or live together as long as we have interpersonal relations between ours.

I keep traveling today and tomorrow too…searching for a new encounter along the way.

To enjoy the travel where everyone connects to everyone…

(Photo: Lake Tekapo, New Zealand)


One-Tooth Geta Festa in Tokyo

The 1st Annual One-Tooth Geta Festa in Tokyo was held in Kokyo (Imperial Palace) on September 22.

This event was performed secondary to the event held in Osaka, May 18 this year, both organized by One-Tooth Geta Club.

We walked and talked for a while just to share a happy moment with each other.

With One-Tooth Geta, everyone becomes happy.

And with companies, we'll be happier and happier.

One-Tooth Geta sometimes becomes an excellent tool to connect to each other.

We don't have to talk much. Just walk together, which makes us smile.

Hope to have another opportunity someday in the future.

Here are some photos of the event:



3 Keeps

If you keep dreaming, you can keep shining and keep smiling no matter how tough and hard your life is.

Be your-true-self with strong will and mind.

It doesn’t matter how tough and hard your challenge is.

Just go on so that you can make your dreams come true and your goal should be perfect

I’d be happy if my life would remains as a memory not as a record in people’s mind.

Nobody knows our future, which makes our lives more interesting.

I like to live my life in analogous way not in digital.

Even if we cannot see our future now but we may have more fun as there are more happenings taking place.

Have more dreams if you have something to pursue.

Figure out what you really want to get and live your best any time.

Live your life as you think the coolest so there’s a hero of your own within yourself.

Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it.

Quote from “Anne of Green Gables'

Every day is a good day when I run!

When you run, everything's gonna be all right!


Keep on moving!

Sometimes I enjoy moving. 

Biking, running, walking and inline-skating...

It doesn't matter whatever way I chose.

Moving is traveling. 

Yes, we just move in order to enjoy traveling.



Even we try and challenge some difficulties and fail, it’s a good opportunity to know how small and tiny we are now.

We cannot overcome the power of the great nature. And we are also a part of the nature. If so, we may have another power of our own within us that we have never known.

We got to keep on trying and challenge it again and again to meet up with our-unknown-selves.

We cannot be satisfied if we have made our dream come true once or twice.

It doesn’t matter whatever we try and however hard it is.

Try our best until we can get satisfied.

The older we grow, the more conservative we become.

We should take on a challenge up a difficult thing as much as possible before we get far away from the word “Challenge.”

Once in a life time, maybe the last time…we can try it!


Live For Today

Live my life each and every day, looking back on the days 400 years ago.

Sometimes I wonder if I live for today and live my best.

Time goes by even though we don't notice that the earth moves around.

Hope people all over the world live in peace and live in harmony...



*Which expression would you like to use?

“Impossible!”——“Maybe possible!”

“I must do it.”——“I’ll do it.”

“I’m tired.”——“I did my best.”

“It’s a tough job.”——“It’s a a worthwhile(challenging) job.”

“I have failed.”——“Success has been postponed.” 

Choose the “right” words to stay positive, which will change your attitude.