Day16 Taihape to Hunterville

Final day of November, one month to go till the year of 2015.

Vinesh, whom I first met in Auckland, is a photographer.

This is the photo he took on that day.

Left Taihape at 6:15, saying good by to Safari Motel where I spent 2 nights.

Jenny the owner was kind enough to take good care of me in many ways.

Has scattered shower several times on the way.

Not warm enough, chilly winds blew down.

And I had to climb so many hills today too.

The grade was not so steep 6-8 percent.

No matter how long it takes I can make it.

Sheep an cows welcome wherever I go.

No one says hello except them on the highway.

At 3:30 I finished today’s run.

Hunterville is the today’s goal.

Wellington the final stop of North Island is drawing near.

*Today’s Distance: 48.79km

*Total Distance From Auckland: 549.43km

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Day15 Taihape

Taking a day off, late start at 6am.

Climbing hills gradually damages my body as well as my legs.

I was OK yesterday though.

Probably 2-week-run is knocking me out little by little.

Anyway I got to take good care of myself for running in South Island.

Still a long way to go.

Scattered showers in the morning.

Weather is not stable yesterday and today.

In addition, it’s pretty chilly between 4 and 15 degrees.

It’s a climate of March in Osaka, Japan.

South wind from Antarctic is so cold.

I know here I am in Southern Hemisphere.

Walking around downtown Taihape.

It’s interesting to learn the culture walking around each town.

Watching people, shops and stores… I can understand how local people live their lives.

Looking around at Brown Sugar Cafe Sports.

I asked the owner to take some photos so as to introduce outdoor culture in NZ to people in Japan.

It was the first time for me to see cafe and sports shop.

Although I have seen some cafes combined with bookstore.

Isn’t it so popular? How about your country?

Did some shopping at NEW WORLD the supermarket and got back to the motel.

*Today’s Distance: 0km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 500.64km

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Day14 Waiouru to Taihape

Left Waiouru at 7:30.

Seems like it rained last night.

Pretty chilly 7 degrees!!

Altitude got down to 400 meters even though I had some up and downs.

During a boring run, I have fun playing with sheep.

“Here comes a wolf!”

When I shout like that, I find it fun to see how sheep react.

Most of the sheep get away from me all of a sudden but a few sheep ignore me.

Funny how I know each sheep live its own life.

At rest area just 4km before Taihape, Howard and Jan said hello to me and treated a cup of coffee and blueberry muffin.

Both of them seem to like cycling and traveling so much that we enjoyed chatting for a while.

About 1pm I finished today’s run at a motel in Taihape.

I ran 500km in 2 weeks, which means I can run 1000km in one month.

The owner Jenny asked me some questions about my travel.

I was glad she would like to support me. She offered me a room which usually cost 80 dollar in 50 dollars.

To make matters better, as soon as I checked in at the motel, it started raining so hard.

How lucky I was!

Maybe five minutes later, I would have got soaked to skin.

I learned that this is all the law of attraction.

What is necessary to me now comes up to me naturally.

Took a hot shower and washed my clothes.

It still kept raining, seems like it doesn’t stop.

I went shopping at town center in the cold rain.

I remember how hard time I spent in the Nullarbor Plain when heavy rain fell all through the night in the middle of nowhere one night.

I just waited the dawn breaks without taking any sleep.

It depends upon what I am now…how many times I experience such happy times in a day.

Whatever I see, whatever I hear, whatever I touch, I feel happy.

That makes my world perfect.

I’m having days like that recently.

Feeling happy makes a perfect world.

I live my life but I realize that the universe allows me to do so.

*Today’s Distance: 29.17km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 500.64km

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Day13 Turangi to Waiouru

Start my day at 4am.

Had a weird dream…wonder why native Mexicans show up and I was still a teacher…

Around 5, some tourist were there already eating breakfast.

We were talking about our travel.

Left the motel before 6. Start climbing!!

My target was Road Summit of Desert Road(State Highway 1), 1074m.

The grade of the hill was generally 6-8 percent. Shoulders were as wide as my buggy “VIENTO” but traffic was not that heavy.

Feeling so high under the sunshine surrounded by clean air.

Snow-capped Mt.Tongariro motivated me so much.

Funny I shed tears the reason I didn’t know.

To tell the truth, I first thought there was no desert in New Zealand but it was a lie.

So the first time I heard the name of DESERT ROAD, I thought it was only a name.

Watching the map, there were no towns, no stores, no accomodation. There were some rest areas but all they had was rubbish bin and picnic tables.

Of course there were no cows, horses, goats and sheep.

Had a desert storm on the way.

When huge trucks pass me by, there comes a roaring wind, which blows away the sand on both sides of the road.

I was washed away by the sand twice.

At 2:30, 8.5 hours after I left Turangi, I reached Road Summit 1074m. About 42km from Turangi.

21km to Waiouru, there were some more hills.

And after Road Summit, NZ Military Training Area stretches both sides of the highway.

I saw some trucks of the military come and go.

And near the town of Waiouru, I saw about 10 soldiers walking with guns in camo suits.

Sign board says, “Entering Prohibited: Firing and shooting occur at any time. Stay on road.”

While running, I often think of the past…

Remembering something good that has happened to me since I was born…

Remembering names and faces of the friends I have ever had so far…

Singing the songs I have ever sung in my life…

Time passes faster than I imagine.

I often take a deep breath in climbing hills.

At 6 I finally finished today at a motel in Waiouru, after running almost 12 hours.

Long day! It will be one of the longest day in New Zealand.

Both my legs were OK but I felt so bored, tired of running all alone in the desert.

It was quite chilly as well in the highland.

Kept standing while taking a break.

Today’s run reminded me of the Nullarbor, desert plain in Australia.

*Today’s Distance: 63.85km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 471.47km

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Day12 Taupo to Turangi

Woke up at 4am.

Had a strange dream…I lost something important and I got lost somewhere along the way…

Went to bed at 9pm last night but it was kind humid and warm enough…

Left Taupo about 6am. Cloudy, kind of chilly.

In the morning on week days, I often see school bus come and go.

The drivers or kids in the bus cheers me waving their hands.

This morning a cyclist John said hello while he was riding to his office.

Chatting for just 5 minutes.

He said, “I see lots of cyclist riding from abroad in NZ but for the first time I saw a cross-country runner like you!”

Following State Highway 1 heading to the south.

It was a scenic route along Lake Taupo, which reminded me of the scene of Lake Biwa.

Shoulders were narrow but most of the cars were kind enough to give some space.

Had scattered shower and had to run against the wind in the morning.

I was happy that there were some rest areas along the way.

Glad if there are some picnic tables and toilets.

But camping and overnight stay for cars were prohibited.

Snack time I enjoyed muffins.

Took a break every 10km.  It’s not so hot that I don’t drink water so much. I run so slow that I’m not so hungry.

Ran 35km in the morning. 15km for afternoon. That is a good pace.

Before 3pm, I arrived in Turangi. Found a Sportsman Lodge and checked in.

Enjoyed shopping at New World which is just 500 meters away from the lodge.

Tomorrow must be the hardest day again, running 63km. Along the way I have to reach the pass of 1000 meters.

I don’t know what’s going to be.

*Today’s Distance: 50.25km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 407.62km

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Day11 Taupo

Taking a day off in Taupo.

Got some picture postcards and postage stamps yesterday.

It’s been a long time since I last wrote letters with a pen.

It took me a longer time than I had expected to finish.

Now we’re living digital era.

I felt how hard it was to write letters by hand.

Something like that used to be common in analog era.

In fact digital has totally changed our world and lives.

But we cannot say digital controls everything.

Indeed digital has made our life more convenient but I’d like to say no to the idea that digital has made everyone happy.

We are human beings. We see, hear and feel something everyday.

Communication should be done between us face to face.

No matter how long it takes, we should tell what we should do.

That’s what human beings are for.

As we are the generation who know both digital and analog, we can make the best use of both.

And I hope something good on analog will last till the end.

Brand-new YouTube movie from New Zealand!!

This movie was taken in Tauranga on Day5.  Music "Neo Rhythm" by Q[ku:]


Day10 Golden Springs to Taupo

It’s been 2 weeks since I left Japan, and 10 days have passed since I left Auckland.

Funny how time flies. A week to go till December starts.

Woke up at 5.

Cabin was built along the highway and every time car passed by I felt the house shaking just like earthquake.

While I was sleeping, my bed shook so often.

Anyway the dawn breaks.

Left Golden Springs at 7. Following State Highway 5.

Traffic was mostly quiet. Didn’t mind narrow shoulders.

Huka Falls.

Followed gravel trail after I left Huka Falls.

The grade of the hill was maybe 15 percent, too steep to climb.

It was the maximum level I could push all by myself.

Just about a few kilometers but it was exciting and thrilling.

No fence on the right side where the Waikato River runs.

On the way to town center, I stopped by at Taupo Bungy.

Just 20 years ago, in 1994, I tried 43meter bungy jumping for the first time in my life.

Took some photos out there. I was too scared to try jumping this time. But I saw some brave young people jumping remembering what happened to me at that time.

About 2pm I checked in at a motel in town center.

It was still warm today too.

Everything I see, hear and feel is excellent and marvelous.

As a citizen of the world, how could I, the traveler who keeps moving on the planet earth, express what’s on my mind?

*Today’s Distance: 36.18km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 357.37km

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Day9 Rotorua to Golden Springs

The day breaks at 5am, taking a quick shower and get ready for the departure.

I should have said “Thank you” to the owner Akira.

The office was closed. I was sorry to leave without saying goodbye.

But fortunately he sent me a message via messenger.

If anyone who travels in New Zealand, visit and stay at Spa Lodge Backpackers Hostel in Rotorua!!

It’s a quite cozy place to stay overnight.

Leaving Rotorua before 7am.

Cloudy but in the late morning sunny breaks.

Following a trail running along State Highway 5.

Scenery still looked the same, vast farming area.

In the afternoon, followed the narrow shoulder of SH5.

Traffic was not so heavy and the route was good enough with less steep hills.

Felt like the first summer day in the afternoon today.

The ray of the sun seemed to stick on my back.

Finished running at Golden Springs Holiday Park at 4pm.

The owner Melany was kind enough to give me some food such as cheese, bread and eggs because the store nearby had already closed at 3pm.

Whoever I meet is so nice and kind.

Tomorrow I’ll be in Taupo where I first tried bunny jumping in my life in 1994.

*Today’s Distance: 46.40km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 319.21km

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Day8 Rotorua

Taking a perfect day-off in my room of Spa Lodge.

Didn't go anywhere just taking a break, sipping a cup of coffee, chatting some companies, doing laundry...

Isn't it sometimes fun to figure out something uncommon in a daily life without running?

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Day7 Tauranga to Rotorua

Woke up at 4am to get ready for early departure.

When I tried to get out of the hallway, I noticed the door of the left-side chain locked.

Usually the reception is open at 8am. I cannot wait.

I have no idea what to do.

But I made up my mind to unload whole the luggage of mine and folded down my buggy, then got out of the narrow door.

Left the city of Tauranga at 6:40.

One thing I have to keep in my mind is…

everything that happens each day has its own meaning. What’s important is to think about the meaning, not to complain about the matter.

Accept what’s going on around me as it is and see how it matters to me.

Followed State Highway 36 getting out of the city.

Entering the highway, no shops at all.

All I saw was vast farm land and orchard.

Seems like sheep cows and horses creating peaceful world.

Hills were tougher and harder than I had imagined.

I passed more than 20, maybe 30 hills along the way.

Some were 10 present grade, too steep to climb pushing my buggy “VIENTO” but I got to keep pushing. It took one second to go forward 1 meter.

I was often wondering if I could reach Rotorua before the sunset.

Shoulders were not so wide but luckily the traffic was not so heavy.

Last 10km I followed a quiet trail for bikers and walkers.

Had some chances to enjoy conversation with some curious Kiwis.

They often asked me common questions such as why I was doing this travel, how long I could run per day…

“I saw you three times on the highway today.”

That’s what a lady told me.

4 guys from Nepal cheered me handing me out a bottled beer.

A gentleman stopped his car and said, “Do you need a ride?”

I am glad if someone I never knew treated me that way.

12 hours had passed since I left Tauranga when I reached the city of Rotorua.

Finally I made it.

I checked in at Spa-Lodge Backpackers Hostel.

Akira, the owner is from Ibaraki Prefecture Japan.

He’s been here for almost 10 years.

He was kind enough to give me free-stay for two nights!!

Thanks so much!!

As I was totally exhausted from 62km-run, I had to do some shopping at Countdown nearby.

Now I’m sure I can run longer with less fuel.

Rotorua is famous for hot spa(Onsen).

Most of the motels and hotels have hot spa facilities.

A week has passed since I left Auckland.

Funny how time flies.

I guess I’m not used to running yet.

Is it because of the climate or aging? I don’t know why.

280-300km per week means 1000km per month.

I don’t mind the distance or pace. Take it slow.

Going to take a day-off tomorrow.

*Today’s Distance: 62.86km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 272.81km

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Day6 Omokoroa to Tauranga

Woke up at 7. Quite chilly with no heater at all.

Both sleeping bag and sleeping bag cover kept me warm enough.

A lady whom I met at the office of the caravan park owns a cafe.

As she told me to stop at the cafe on the way and that’s what I did.

The owner treated me cafe latte, lemon cream cake and cheese & mince pie.

Followed State Highway 2. Some hills and kind of heavy traffic not so comfortable though.

20.5km from Omokoroa, I arrived at downtown Tauranga but it’s too early to check in at Harbourside City Backpackers.

So I walked around the harbor.

It’s been fine all day but windy. Warm enough the temperature around 20 degrees.

I borrowed rent a bike, cycled to pak’n’ save the supermarket.

Over 200km from Auckland, still a long way to go.

*Today’s Distance: 20.52km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 209.95km

*See More Photos:


Day5 Waihi to Omokoroa

Repeating the same thing everyday while traveling.

What’s different is the type of accomodation or situation I’m in.

Leaving Waihi at 6:45. Following State Highway 2 all the way.

Shoulders of the road are as wide as my buggy “VIENTO” but how sad on the bridge shoulders are gone.

Most of the bridge is as long as 20 to 30 meters. I have to rush and cross before the car passing me.

Cars following me care about me while I care about cars following me.

Log trucks often come and go. That’s only when I get serious.

Rest areas are places where I relax myself. Sometimes I have to take my shoes off.

Just one year ago I finished crossing the Nullarbor Plain, the desert plain which stretches as long as 1200km between Western and South Australia.

When I reached Ceduna, the eastern entrance of the Nullarbor, I was so happy as to shed tears.

Had a tough and hard time as for food and water.

I was not able to eat and drink enough.

One year has passed now I eat just 1.5 to 2 meals per day.

I can run 40-60 km without eating much.

Nuts and dried fruits, cracker and water are all I can eat.

That’s an important lesson that I learned.

How do I survive on the three continents I got to go?

Passing the town of Katikati around noon.

Took a break at a park near the river.

Rolling hills annoyed me a lot.

Wind was gusty and when it was cloudy, it was so chilly.

Some scattered shower as well.

About 3pm, I checked in at caravan park in Omokoroa.

A friendly lady welcomed me.

Tonight I stay at caravan with a queen bed, 2 single beds and kitchen in it.

A beach is quite close but it’s too chilly to enjoy swimming.

Tomorrow I’ll be in Tauranga just 17km.

Rotorua and Taupo are not so far.

Little by little I am getting into the middle of North Island.

Today’s Distance: 45.36km

Total Distance from Aucklad: 189.43km

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Day4 Ngatea to Waihi

Perfect sleep for more than 10 hours.

Left Ngatea at 6:45 under the cloudy sky.

20km to Paeroa and followed State Highway 26.

Tailwind helped me almost all the way, sometimes wind came from the west, which didn’t bother me at all.

From Paeroa I followed the Tauraki Railtrail which is only for cyclist and walkers(runners).

It was a nice trail, so quiet and I saw some cyclists come and go.

About 1km-long tunnel was on the way, wet and very dark.

About 3:30, I finished running at a motel in Waihi.

Waihi is also a town which was so famous for the gold rush in 1800s.

I don’t eat that much even if I run 40-60km per day.

2 cereal bars and chocolate bar were all I ate while running.

I had 2 slices of toast, cereal with dried prune and some nuts, milk, banana, a cup of coffee.

For dinner, I had 2 slices of toast, canned tuna, some nuts, orange, apple, banana and vegetable soup.

I can run without eating, I mean I can run eating minimum meals.

I don’t have to have nutrition but I wish I could make use of the function for the body which can produce nutrition for itself.

After taking shower, I stepped on a plastic bamboo stepping board. And a few stretching. Never ever tried taping.

Had a nice run today. I’m so glad the earth and the universe have been with me.

Hope everything will be all right tomorrow too.

*Today’s Distance: 47.32km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 144.07km

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Day3 Ngatea

Woke up at 5 but too tired to get out of bed.

So I kept sleeping until I woke up next around 8.

I wondered why I slept for so long… though I went to bed at 9pm last night.

Yes, muscle aches here and there. Not only legs but also my upper body.

No problems. It’s as is usual the case on the 2nd day of my run.

So I take a day-off at the town of Ngatea.

Visited the office to say hello and had to pay for the charge for tonight.

The owner was a nice lady who had been to Japan. Seemed like she loved talking.

She talked twice or three times as much as I did.

Anyway I guess she enjoyed talking with me. She was not really satisfied with talking yet but had a good time with me.

Half an hour later, it started raining all of a sudden.

Dark gray sky means I have to stay calm and take a break.

Wrote some reports and mail magazine.

Walked around downtown Ngatea in the evening, when the rain stopped.

How quiet a town it is!

Small town with population about 1000 is always like that.

Main street is as long as about 100 meters.

All the facilities necessary to maintain the function of the town are along the main street.

*See “Ngatea” from Wikipedia

People are quite eager to make their own living even here in this small town like this.

People care each other to support themselves.

They also share anything with each other if necessary.


Society is made up of people who belong to it.

We live to keep the society work out well.

We live only to do our very best each and every day.

All we need is to live our best and enjoy ourselves.

That’s all we could do.

We belong to the universe. Even our mind and body, too.

If we think all those are for the universe, nothing really matters.

All the hurts, sadness, sufferings and toughness are nothing but tiny things.

As we belong to and are the part of the universe, we are the ones who can share anything with each other.

As we human beings who live under the same sky and on the planet earth, she can share LOVE & PEACE.

I live, run and travel, there are so many things I have to learn.

I’d like to share all those things with everyone who live in the world.

It’s also my mission. I cannot do something great but something small I’m doing will bring something great for sure.

Even a big tall tree starts with a small seed.


Day2 Bombay to Ngatea

Woke up at 5.

Breakfast was ready at the kitchen where Sharon the owner of the B&B was.

What a heavy breakfast!

Coffee, 2 pcs of toast, two fried eggs, two sausages and crispy and chewy bacon.

Enjoyed chatting with Sharon.

Left Pet Shari Lodge a few minutes past 7.

I thanked Sharon for a wonderful stay.

We hugged and said goodbye.

Back on the road again.

Stay back on the route where I ran yesterday.

Some small hills and entered State Highway 2.

No sidewalk and shoulders were not so wide, just as wide as my buggy VIENTO.

Got to care about the traffic especially big trucks and trailers.

Also I had a bit hard time at dusty construction area.

Gravel, uneven and unpaved road was a mess.

How sad I had no choice at all!

I’m always wondering why I’m in trouble with no toilet along the way.

In the desert in Australia I can manage almost everywhere.

But here in New Zealand, I got to be a gentleman.

I stopped at by the rest areas where there was no toilet.

Running 55.01km from Bombay, I checked in at a motel in Ngatea.

Almost sunny, windy but most of the time I had a tailwind.

Kind of muscle ache on my right calf. I guess it’s overused.

Got to be careful when running up and running down hills.

Over stride and over pace will cause a damage.

*Today’s Distance: 55.01km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 96.75km

*See Today’s Photo


Day1 Auckland to Bombay

Finally I left Auckland heading to the south.

 Cloudy. 12 degrees Celsius.

They say there’s no flat road in New Zealand.

That might be true.

 About 30km from Auckland, the scenery looks so rural, something like farming area with lots of sheep and cows.

 I just kept running and kept silent with no one to talk to.

 It’s a good opportunity for me to enjoy talking to myself and to have enough time to face myself.

 Finished running about 1:30pm in Bombay.

 Now I’m staying at B&B called Petshari Lodge.

 Sharon is the owner, she’s a very nice lady.

 I was invited to BBQ party where there about 15 people coming together.

 I drank beer and wine and tried salmon and shark.

 Hope the weather will be nice this weekend.

 Distance Today: 41.74km

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Whatever Will Be, Will Be!

It’s important for a traveler to act and think naturally.

I guess I don’t need any reason to depend upon my thoughts and action.

If there’s any reason, it can bother me and it won’t do me good .

There’ll be some times when experience doesn’t help me at all.

It’s also necessary to think it’s no wonder anything will happen.

Be cool. Stay cool all the time. Panic will bring another harm.

According to my philosophy, stay cool, stay calm and never give up…We got to be slow and mellow.

Although that’s what no one has ever taught me, if there’d be Samurai from some centuries ago, they would feel that way, I guess.

Be tolerant and positive. Accept everything happening in this world.

Things will go their own way.

Que sera sera…Whatever Will Be, Will Be!


Go Your Own Way

Strolled around the downtown of Auckland.

To know about the country, all we got to do is walk around the cities.

Learn how people live and think by watching them.

Do in New Zealand as the Kiwis do…that’s right.

A young Japanese man came and see me. Nob used to be my student who had graduated from the school I used to work.

He goes to school and at night he works at night. He’s been here in Auckland for over a year.

He showed me around the city and helped me get WiFi router.

It was really necessary for me to survive the journey.

Late afternoon another young lady was together.

Yukiko, who is a daughter of a friend of mine, is from Fukuoka, Kyushu.

She came here about a month ago to study English. Yes, she’s new to Auckland City.

We had a chat for a while. Nob and Yukiko told me about their dreams.

Everybody has his/her own dream and doing their best each and every day to make it come true.

They motivated me a lot. Even young fellows like them were so ambitious and eager to make their own ways.

I had no reason I had to give up my own dream.

We promised to keep in touch with each other and said goodbye.

Huge THANKS, Nob and Yukiko. You two can go your own way and I can go mine!!



Still staying in Auckland to get ready for the departure of my running trek.

Saturday will be the DAY1 of PEACE RUN 2014 Running Across New Zealand.

On the 2nd day I ran to Meadowbank School where I complete a mission of my own.

One of my friends, whose son studied at school 26 years ago and he had planted a cherry tree at the schoolyard, asked me to take some pictures of the tree.

Then that's what I did.

First I visited the office of the school and a lady showed me around the school.

Even the oldest teacher who had been working almost a quarter century there at school didn't know the historical fact.

There was only one cherry tree of which the flowers had already dropped off.  I was sure that was it.

I saw some school kids playing and laughing which healed my mind.

Then I realized I was running to help create WORLD PEACE.

That's for sure.


Here I am at Auckland now!

16-hour flight was a bit too long but I had a good time.

Finally another journey has begun.

PEACE RUN Running Across New Zealand starts here.

Will spend some days to get ready for the trek.

Hope you enjoy my running journey together with me!

See my official site to know where I am.

More info is available on facebook page.


Traveling Is My Life

I want to be more sophisticated by traveling.

I want to experience anything with lively curiosity.

I want to love anyone more through encountering them.

The farther we travel, the nicer we become.

We learn to become more generous to anything.

We learn to love the mother earth more.

Another 5 days to go before “PEACE RUN2014 Running Across New Zealand