Two Legs To Go

The second thing I appreciate next to the fact that I live here in this world is that I have two legs to walk or run.

 Shoes, sandal or One-Tooth Geta, it doesn’t matter what footwear I wear.

 I am impressed or moved and so grateful that I am able to stand on the ground on my own two legs.



How Nice It Is To Travel

How nice it is to travel!

Travel might be shedding your-old-self or graduation from your-past-self.

I travel because I love people.

I like time to meet people I have never known in some towns I have never visited.

I find myself in a scene unusual to me and suddenly I notice I have become a part of the scene.

And in such a scene I find myself enjoying another myself.

It’s nice to have a time to see my-inner-self and to have a talk with another me.

Because I can see clearly my-true-self who has been unknown to me.

No matter what happens, I never haste, I never panic and I stay cool.

I’d like to appreciate the time when my mind stays slow and mellow.


Treasure Box of the Earth

It’s been almost one month since I came back from New Zealand.

I often long for various scenes looking at many photographs which I took in New Zealand.

Mountains, sea, rivers, waterfalls and lakes, plateau, meadows…

There was a lot of wonderful scenery which makes me feel like coming back again some day.

It is a special privilege of the travelers that many impressions are provided in great mother nature.

The reward from the nature is something special simply because I visited with two legs of my own.

New Zealand seems to be called a treasure box of the earth.

What I did out there would be an act to open the cover of such a treasure box quietly.

I’ll have another chance to open the cover of the closed treasure box again some day in the future.

I may have different impressions from what I had at that time.