DAY13 Liverpool-Chorley 47.9km

Before starting, I had to take down all the luggage including my buggy from the 3rd floor to the ground level.

In UK, ground floor is the same as first floor in USA or Japan.

So 2nd floor here means 3rd floor in USA or Japan.

Old hotels have no lift(elevator), they have just stairs.

Another adventurous day today…

Rolled into dual carriage motor way with no sidewalk. Before police car came up I escaped though.

On a muddy trail, I lifted all the gear including my buggy beyond the big tree fallen down in the middle of the way.

Had two flat tires because of a thorn of a plant and a piece of sharp broken glass.

On local highways there are no sidewalk even no shoulders.

I was running on the right side but I got to be careful cars turning around on a sharp curve because they were hard to see.
Hope I’ll have a peaceful run tomorrow.

*Today’s Distance:  47.9 km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 496.4 km

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