One-Tooth Geta Festa in Osaka 2015

One-Tooth Geta(Ipponba Geta) Festa was held at Intex Osaka on sunny Saturday 24 on the day before Osaka Marathon 2015.

We One-Tooth Geta freak walked around Marathon Expo.

Many runners couldn't help paying great attention to us when they walked by.

Some of them tried on One-Tooth Geta for the first time and were excited about walking on such unstable footwear.

We hope more and more people will know about One-Tooth Geta.

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Running Traveler Itchie

Itchie (pronounced like itchy) , who is just on the way running 10,000km around the country taking almost one year, stopped in Osaka.

Osakan runners welcomed him at the party where there were 3 other cross-country runners including me.

He started his trek in Tokyo 47 days ago, covering about 1,000km so far.

His backpack says he is currently on a trek running around Japan.

He's going to leave Osaka on 22nd and next stop is Kobe.

If you see me him running along the way, be sure to say hello and cheer him up!


Clean Up For Osaka Marathon 2015

"The Sweepers" is a global team which keeps our environment tidy and clean.

Our members cleaned up the city of Osaka two days in a row.

On Saturday 17,  we met at Osaka Castle Park where  there's a starting point of Osaka Marathon 2015.

On Sunday 18,  we cleaned up Midosuji Street between Yodoyabashi and Shinsaibashi.

We did our best to make all the runners feel good while they run at the race.