DAY27 Day-Off in Glasgow 2(Scotland, UK)

Taking another day-off today…2 days in a row for the first time since I started my running across UK.

Walked around the city, watching variety of people…

Enjoy listening to music which street musician plays.

It may be my skill to get easily used to the city if I stay there for at least 2 days.

Even if it’s not my country, it doesn’t matter.

Acting like a local is not so difficult. First walk around, smell the air, feel something unknown to you and try to be as if you had lived there for a long time. 

A big city always absorbs our energy. But I often get its energy.

I guess we need more communication to get along well with the city itself.

Street musicians are also people like me in that way. They may try to perform once they have understood what the city is like.

I enjoyed strolling around the city in One-Tooth Geta.

It’s been chilly and mostly cloudy or drizzling but sunny, warm weather have lasted 3 days in a row here.

Samuel, a French musician & traveler talked to me while I was enjoying One-Tooth Geta walk.

I suggested to him he try on this unstable footwear.

He was glad and said yes. Of course he smiled a great smile as I had expected.

He said he traveled around Europe to let people know about refugees from Syria in a volunteer level.

Every night he knocks on the door of someone’s house. If there’s a good chance he is invited to dinner, hot shower and warm bed.

But he plays the music and tells the story of his travel and refugees from Syria in return.

I was so glad to have met up with him because he is also helping create world peace in his own way...

Isn't it nice to share a peaceful moment with someone I meet up along the way?

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 *Today’s Distance: 8.7 km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 988.4 km

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