DAY10 Stoke-on-Trent-Pickmere 54.8km

August starts!

Cool climate makes me feel good while running.

Wherever I go, I can see no air-conditioner or electric fan at all.

About this time of the year it’s lower than 10 degrees in the morning.

Some wear a down jacket, some wear a T-shirt…sometimes I don’t even know what season we are in.

Just after starting, I got into weed jungle. It’s also hard because turning wheels gather weed which keeps me slow down.

NCR(National Cycle Route) runs along the canal.

I see lots of bridges and gates.

When I had to cross the canal, I got to go up on a slope but when I went down I couldn’t find a slope. That’s why I used stairs pushing down my buggy.

On a muddy track, soft ground, both types and my feet stick in the mire.

Finished my run at a guest house in Pickmere.

It has also a long history.

Tomorrow I’ll be in Liverpool where the Beatles were born.

Here's a movie of Running in England UK DAY1-7

*Today’s Distance:  54.8 km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 381.2 km

*See More Photos

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