DAY31 Day-Off in Dublin(Ireland)

Slept for 14 hours…as I spent over night at the Dublin International Airport the night before.

And I hadn’t eaten anything since 3pm yesterday.

When I woke up I was thirsty and hungry.

Walked around the city for a while.

Did some shopping, took some pictures.

Wherever I go, I see people’s ordinary life there and I know they live their life each and every day.

While traveling, I see their life and what they do for their living. I’m happy if I see them smile.

The world is filled with people’s smiles when they are happy.

I hope they live in peace forever and ever.

All I want is I am always with them and see them smile, which makes me feel satisfied because their smiles give me power and energy.

I guess that’s why I keep traveling.

On the way back to the hostel a young guy talked to me.

“Are you a traveler who is travel around the world? I saw your jogging buggy out there.”

When I told him about PEACE RUN, he made a big smile and said,

“Oh! That’s great! A friend of mine is also cycling in Saoutheastern Asia. I envy you a global traveler!”

Jimmy was his name and he works for a hostel where I’m staying.

“If you’re in trouble in Ireland, someone is sure to help you. Are you in trouble now? Tell me if you’re in trouble! Have a good journey! Very nice meeting you!”

And we said goodbye after shaking hands with each other.

Seems like there’re lots of friendly and nice people like him in Ireland.

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance in UK: 1009.0 km

*Total Distance in Ireland: 16.1 km

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