Pray For Nepal

Just pray for Nepal...and also share this post! 

May our prayer reach Nepal!

 :*+:*+:*+:*+☆Love & Peace☆+*:+*:+*:+*:



I started “THE SWEEPERS” as a Facebook group in December, 2012.

It’s "Strategic Waste Eliminators & Eco-friendly Party for Energetic RunnerS" and we make an effort to clean up our planet all over the world.

Some runners pick up trash or garbage while they are running in full marathon or 100km ultra marathon.

It’s such an easy job that anybody can do it just with a plastic bag.

You don’t necessarily have to run. You can walk if you don’t want to run.

Even if you do this just for 10 minutes, this planet will be cleaner and more beautiful.

Try and go out for “THE SWEEPERS” and become an eco-hero/heroine.


Walk Don't Run

On a fine day, it's warm enough to go out for a walk...

Night walk is also fun with a great view of Osaka City...



PEACE RUN & Adventure Runner Kay are proudly sponsored by


The owner Andrew Ram Bittan is also a citizen of the world who loves China and Japan deeply and he imports the best tea leaves from both countries.

He has visited Japan before and this time he started PEACE RUN FUND in his company to support PEACE RUN.

Thanks Andrew for your friendship and support!



PEACE RUN supports the environmentally-friendly group "The Sweepers" which is a global community.

 All you need is a plastic bag. Walk around your town and pick up rubbish, garbage or trash.

That's all. 

You can do it wherever you are any time you want.

 Even if you pick up a piece, the world will change.

 Try it now!


“it starts here and now”

In my room there’s a calendar which introduces 31 poems of one of the famous Japanese poets Mitsuwo Aida’s.

On the first page it says “it starts here and now.”

Three months have passed since the year 2015 started.

A new fiscal year has just started today.

As for me, I’ve already started in my mind for the next trek.

But I have to set a clearer and more concrete goal.

I wonder how much farther I can run.

I wonder how old I will be when I finish running.

“it starts here and now”

Yes, it really does!

Now I'll restore my spirits and try to start something new.