Talk Live in Okayama

On March 27, Sunday I had the first talk live held in Okayama.

 I'm trying as hard as possible doing what I can do for the next trek "PEACE RUN 2016 Running Around Europe."

 Visiting major cities in Japan, I'd like to make friends with as many people as possible and I'd like them to know my project PEACE RUN and myself as Adventure Runner.



I'm an ambassador of ALTRA JAPAN which is one of my PEACE RUN's official sponsors.

I was invited to KOBE Marine Park Marathon as a guest runner on Sunday 20, where ALTRA Shoes Trial & Demo Run was held.

It is one of my missions as an ambassador to tell runners how good ALTRA is.

Have you ever tried on ALTRA? If not, I would recommend you try and run!



Trust Your Instinct

Your soul starts to shine when you open your body and mind.

Your body naturally starts to move as your mind indicates.

Accidents will happen or you’ll become sick or you’ll get hurt  when your body and mind stay unbalanced.

Trust your instinct and play your hunch.

Keep doing what you believe is right.

There’s nothing you are afraid of.

Fear and anxiety are what you create as an image in your mind.

Have some time to let your body and mind talk to each other by fully sunbathing so that you keep yourself alive and you have so much fun letting your life live the best.

*Peace Run Running Around the World (Facebook Page)


PEACE RUN 3.11 @Osaka Castle Park

PEACE RUN 3.11 was held at Osaka Castle Park on Sunday, March13 hoping for Japan's early recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake.

One of the themes of PEACE RUN is "We're all connected to each other and it's important for us to find the bond between each other."

We meet someone so as to meet him/her.

We runners all become happy and we can make someone happy to know each other.

Meet, smile and be happy...