Fasting Day:3

Weight: 58.8kg  Body Fat:5.7percent (This morning)

Beautiful Thursday morning!

It is so beautiful I am involved in running almost forgetting I am fasting.

While running, a variety of smell gets into my nose.  And my nose has become very keen.

A smell of gas from gas station, a savory aroma of freshly ground coffee, a scent of perfume from a woman walking in the street, a smell of ODEN, Japanese style hotchpotch and so on…

My five senses may be getting keener because I’m fasting.

Homemade ginger ale including lots of herb and spices as an afternoon refreshment

About 4pm special drink including tomatoes, carrots, grapefruits, kiwifruits and homemade soy-milk yogurt

I really wanted something salty on the afternoon of fasting Day3.

Is that because I sweat a lot in running?

Not so hungry. Noticed an eruption on my forehead.

I drink fresh juice or soup several times a day instead of eating but I feel limited nutrition come into my body and spread around whole my body.

After 3-day fasting, recovery meal will start tomorrow.

Once I reset my body, a good change will be expected to come.

After 8pm miso soup with no ingredients…the final drink of the final day of fasting


Fasting Day2

Weight: 59.1kg  Body Fat:5.6percent (This morning)

Last February when I came back from trek, Running Across Australia, I weighed about 68kg after having a lot of parties.

I feel good today.

I drank some liquid such as water, herb tea and soup.

Now I notice real fasting must be much tougher and harder.

Before fasting I had underfeeding eating vegan meals(only fruits and vegetables) three days in a row until the day before yesterday.

Ran about one hour this morning too.

All I have is fresh juice and some soup during these three days.

Nothing to eat, I mean nothing to bite except cubed ice.

My sense of smell has become very keen.

I smell much better than usual especially of food.

When I drink something, the taste becomes twice better than usual.

Though I had excessive drinking and eating long time ago when I was young, now I know how to enjoy food and drink.

Little by little, one by one for my stomach.

It’s a body-friendly way. We have to enjoy the taste of any food and drink.

That’s what those who depend upon fast food or convenience store food will never know.


Fasting Day 1

Fasting Day 1 started this morning.

Ran a bit but felt good.

Take no food but drink some fresh juice for 3 days.

As long as we human beings live, we consume something such as food or natural resources.

It's also PEACE RUN for me to keep on living in the eco-friendly way.

This time it's a kind of test for me to run without eating to purify myself both in mental and physical.

And also I'm wishing for WORLD PEACE and our friend Miho's becoming well as soon as possible.

She has been suffering from cancer for a while. We, Piapi & I take care of her at our office.

Trying something new is always ADVENTURE!!



Just started to wear Japanese FUNDOSHI or loincloth tonight.

100 percent Natural cotton feels soo good relaxing and comfortableI love it!!


Wear One-Tooth Geta For World Peace

One-Tooth Geta Club was started to create WORLD PEACE with One-Tooth Geta.

>>  https://www.facebook.com/ipponbageta

I am a manager of this club and often walk around Osaka Castle Park in kimono style as you see in this photo.

I just want to share a peaceful moment with people from all over the world with One-Tooth Geta.

It's a kind of cultural exchange and One-Tooth Geta is a tool to help create WORLD PEACE. Don't you think so?

Not BUSO (armament) but WASO (getting dressed in Japanese KIMONO).

“WA(和)” in Japanese means Heiwa(PEACE) or Chowa(Harmony).

“WA(輪)” means ring or circle which is pronounced as a same sound but has a different meaning.

Form a circle and do our very best to create the world filled with PEACE!


50K6DAYS Day6

Final day of 50K6DAYS.

It’s hard to say how I feel before I start.

Glad I have come so far and also I feel kind of nervous I have to go the distance.

But once I started it’s alright.

Heat often annoys me a lot. I really feel the weight of my legs and body.

Running alone is kind of pain. Time and distance I run is my concern but they both lower the level of my run.

Piapi has been with me most of the time. She was on her bike and she rides the same distance as me by bike.

Two ladies Motoko and Keiko were with me today.

They both are ultra runners never minding such heat as this.

Women are stronger in general.

Tommy came not to run  just to say hello.

We ran in the shady trees for a while keeping away from sunshine.

So as to avoid boringness we talked and talked about running and so on.

Hooked in talk, time does fly.

We can forget we are running.

About 6pm I completed 300km in 6 days.

Looking back how hard a time I had spent, I was so glad to know I made it.

Compared to run in the Nullarbor Plain, Australia or the Mohave Desert, California, US, this run is much easier.

While I was running, I pictured what I had experienced out there in the desert remembering lonesome time, toughness and hardship

Basically, running is the activity which we enjoy by two legs of our own.

It has something to do with our mental management to travel all alone.

It’s really good for us to enjoy something tough and hard.

My PEACE RUN continues, still a long way to go.

There must be something I have to tell by running and traveling.

Wishing for WORLD PEACE as a peace messenger, I have to create harmony among people.

Once I start, I’m sure I have to finish until I get to the final goal “WORLD PEACE.”

I have to accept and enjoy whole process to the goal, which is also PEACE RUN.

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50K6DAYS Day5

Two runners were with me in the morning and I was glad I ran together with them.

When I’m alone I often feel less motivated and get lazy.

But when I run together with someone, I can keep a comfortable pace.

This is the place where restrooms, convenience stores and supermarkets are very close.

I know there’s nothing to complain about.

Got to remember running in the desert in the US and Australia.

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50K6DAYS Day4

After the rain yesterday humidity rose so high, which made me feel more uncomfortable.

Most of the time I ran in the shady trees. The temperature may be 5 or 6 degrees lower than that under the sun.

Some of my friends came and see me even in the summer heat.

When the temperature of the passion is higher than that of body, I feel much better. It's the secret of running during hot summer.

And when we run together, we feel alive again and got motivated.

2 days till the final day. Got to be tough!!

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50K6Days Day3

Over 35 degrees! Wind made me feel like it comes from hair dryer.

Afternoon shower and thunder was awesome.

Lots of rain made rivers and ponds here and there.

People came and see me one after another who ran with me or who cheered me.

They gave me power and energy to keep going.

昨日、徳ちゃんと共走。Hiromaru Tokuda
Posted by 森千秋 on 2015年8月9日

Mr. Tokuda a scenario writer and his son haru ran together with me...

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50K6Days Day2

34 degrees in Osaka City today. Too hot to run but I enjoyed running in the shady trees.

There was a battle here in this area in Osaka.

There's no one living today who has seen the battle.

We learn about the battle from history books.

But we can imagine how people fought.

As John Lennon sang in his song "IMAGINE" we have to imagine a wonderful world with neither fightings nor battles.

I want to do something for WORLD PEACE through running.

Run for TOMORROW, Run for PEACE!

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50K6DAYS Day1

It's been a year I did this event for the first time in Osaka.

Yes, I did it as a mental rehearsal for Running Across NZ last summer, exactly in July, 2014.

August is the month when we stop to think about PEACE and I hold an event "WORLD PEACE RUN (Walk, Swim, Ride, etc)."

As part of the event, I made up my mind to run 50km 6 days in a row.

August 6 is Hiroshima atomic bomb anniversary and August 9 is Nagasaki atomic bomb anniversary.

It’s 70th Anniversary this year.

We must not forget what happened in our history.

It’s our duty to tell the story to the next generation.

I really appreciate PEACE that we share with people living in Japan.

I want to run 300km in 6 days with such an idea in my mind.

Today Day1, the highest temperature was 35 degrees in Osaka.

But we had thunderstorm in the afternoon, which kept me running in cool condition.

Piapi my wife was with me all day. She was on her bike.

We took a rest several times at convenience store and super market, too cold with air conditioner on, though.

I ran picking up garbage along the road.

When the sun shines hard, I run in shady trees.

How lucky we Japanese are to have convenience stores and vending machines here and there almost everywhere.

We have to appreciate such convenient society as this.

This event lasts until 11th.

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