DAY34 Kicullen-Picnic Area 5km West of The Swan 46.1km(Ireland)

Had a wonderful breakfast Hillary served.

Homemade bread and jam. I loved them.

She joins local charity events regularly and she’s trying to do what she can do to make her life more active.

She enjoys cycling too. She isn’t interested in tourist spots many people visit. She just want to enjoy moving and traveling.

Yes, that’s what I do now.

She gave me an Irish flag and I put it on my buggy.

At 8am I left Kilcullen for the Swan.

Anne stopped just before me on the highway.

She got out of her car and said “I’m just curious.”

I told her about my PEACE RUN and she seemed happy to know why I was running alone on the highway.

“Yes, Europe used to be happier before. Many things are happening but I think I have to do something more I can do.”

Followed a country road to the Swan. Very quiet and calm with little traffic.

There’s a pub named Swan Inn at the corner of the village.

It was just when the owner was getting ready for the opening.

I asked him if there’s a camp site around there.

He told me there was a picnic area 4 or 5km west.

And I found the place which was really nice picnic are where I can enjoy the view from the hill.

There are many small villages and towns in Ireland.

Most of the population live in the city area such as Dublin and Galway.

But I love small towns and villages where there have never been a Japanese tourist coming around.

*Today’s Distance: 46.1 km

*Total Distance in UK: 1009.0 km

*Total Distance in Ireland: 113.2 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 1122.2km

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