We cannot live our lives twice. That's what everybody knows.

But most of us seem to live as if we didn't notice it.

Try to think of living your life as you imagine.

Change your inner mind to create ideal world of your own.

Dreams are for us to make them come true, not just for dreaming of.


One-Tooth Geta Festa

One-Tooth Geta Festa was held in Osaka Castle Park.

One-Tooth Geta Club


Once I heard it said “It’s your own mind that makes happiness.”

But it’s always easy to say “I’m happy” no matter who you are.

What’s important is to create in your mind a real image of your-happy-self after saying “I’m happy.”

Say “I’m happy” as often as you can. Imagine yourself happy.

And happiness comes over one after another.

“How HAPPY I am!!”


21st Century Samurai

Here's a SAMURAI of the 21st century!!

He'll do his very best to change the world by running for WORLD PEACE!!


One-Tooth Geta Promotion Video

Walk or run in One-Tooth Geta.

 Enjoy the view which looks a little different than usual.

 Feel high both mentally and physically and have fun!!

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Luna Sandal from Barefoot Ted

I really like the first one which I often wore in Australia, especially when I took a day-off.

This LUNA SANDAL will be my treasure, too.

Barefoot Ted is a "Born to Run" fame, or should I say, the hero of barefoot runners all over the world. 


Walking In Ippon-ba Geta

What a splendid day!

Clear, blue sky makes me smile a perfect smile.

Yes, it should be called “Satsuki-bare” or a perfect sunny day of May.

When I clatter about in One-Tooth Geta, I feel on top of the world.

Wherever I go, whatever I do, everything is OK once I place myself on this unstable foorwear.

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