DAY19 Penrith-Carlisle 38.8km

A young couple from France checked in last night.

They gave me a French conversation lesson.

I guess I was not a good student with a bad memories.

French pronunciation is too difficult for me.

But practice makes perfect. If necessary, I’ll learn what I need.

Left the hostel at 7AM. What a cosy place! I’d like to visit again.

Followed a country road heading to north.

Local highway is very quiet where local cars come and go.

Enjoying pastoral scenery with cows and sheep, time goes so slowly.

Nonstop run 26km before I got to Dalston.

Didn’t drink and eat less than usual.

It’s easy to run under such cool climate.

Finished running at 2pm at Carlisle Truckstop Hotel.

After check-in, it started to rain.

Weather is always so changeable here that I’d better not trust weather forecast.

*Today’s Distance:  38.8 km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 697 km

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