DAY23 Peebles-Edinburgh 38.1km

Sunday morning…

Rained during the night. My tent was wet which made it not easy to pull down.

Left Rosetta Holiday Park at 8:20. Following quiet country road, muddy, and rugged rough road, there were many variety of routes.

In some part, I ran on the highway with or without sidewalk.

Entering the city of Edinburgh, traffic was getting busy.

In the city center, where International Art Festival is held, sidewalk was full of people…too crowded to go forward.

Last night I booked a bed at a hostel near the city center.

As I heard there was no vacancy in every hotel, B&B, I was lucky.

I arrived at the hostel where there were people cueing.

I had to wait about half an hour at the reception.

There was no kitchen here so I ate fish & chips at the hostel-owned restaurant.

I wanted to stay another nights here if there was no festival but I got to leave for Glasgow tomorrow morning.

*Today’s Distance:  38.1 km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 877 km

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