Day30 West to Esperance 27.4km

It started to rain about 10pm and wind also annoyed me again.

I had to guard my tent without sleep.

At least for 3 times I got out of my tent to  re-fix the pegs in the rain.

Once wind took one of the pegs off,  the flysheet was flapping in the wind.

Then rain fell onto the floor of my tent.

It was kind of a petit-panic, which amused me for a while.

All I could do  was to wait till the dawn. But there was nothing I could do but fixing the pegs.

Wiped away the water on the floor from time to time.

When the dawn broke I ate breakfast and started to run in the rain.

How sad to put away the heavy tent soaked completely.

It was chilly morning and my I got soaked to my skin.

Even into my shoes cold rain came, which made me cry.

When stopped raining, I felt so cold that I got to keep running.

Just 28km but I felt as if it had been forever.

Finally before noon, I arrived at YHA Esperance where I was supposed to stay!

So very glad to come back to civilization!

But unfortunately supermarkets in town were closed owing to Queen's Birthday holidays!

*Today's Distance 27.4km

*Total Distance from Perth: 1008.1km

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Day29 88km to 28km West of Esperance 60.5km

Woke up around 4 but it's still dark and I started getting ready.

Alan and Janette started just before dawn.

I started at 6:15 but after 10km I had caught up with them.

I just said hello to them and kept running.

While running whole bunch of flies were with me just like my big fans.

Some of them kissed me on my face, cheek and lips.

When stopped mosquitos came up around and they welcomed.

Cloudy afternoon, not so warm.

As Esperance drew near, there were more farming area spreading around.

Around 4pm I tried to find a campsite but no good site was found.

Dark clouds came up and soon scattered shower seemed to fall.

After all I found a spot where there were tons of gravels piled.

More rains and wind after 10pm...

*Today's Distance: 60.5km

*Total Distance from Perth: 1060.7km

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Day28 130km to 88km West of Esperance 42.1km

Chilly morning but no wind at all.

Along the road side there was some traffic noise of road trains heard so often but slept well.

Woke up at 4:30 and ate breakfast.

Alan and Janette had already started when I got out of my tent.

Their support crew Graham was on caravan and we talked a while.

I left at 6:10 for Esperance 130km away.

After running about 26km, I noticed their caravan on the roadside.

They were taking a short break with green smoothy, which I also enjoyed.

I kept going after then.

Before noon I arrived at Munglinup where there was a roadhouse and took an early lunch break.

An old man and his wife on a caravan talked to me and treated me a cuppa.

Around 3pm I found a rest area which I thought nice campsite.

Wanted to run a bit farther but I quit.

Sunny but heat was giving me a damage.

Later Alan and Janette arrived and they also stayed with me.

Flies and mosquitos all welcomed us.

*Today's Distance: 42.1km

*Total Distance from Perth: 1000.2km

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Day27 Ravensthorpe to 58km East of Ravensthorpe 57.9km

After taking a day-off in Ravensthorpe, 188km run to Esperance started.

Met Alan & Janette again on the road, and we ran together.

They invited me to their caravan treated me lunch and dinner.

We talked a lot while running about food, culture, running and so on.

They both are vegan and they eat everything raw, uncooked.

For lunch we had lots of vegetables with dip made from avocado and tomato.

For dinner we ate fruit salad.

They take a break so often. I know they are both age over 60.

Running 42.2km takes lots of energy.

It's incredible raw-vegan like them do such outrageous thing!

We camped out at parking area at 58km point from Ravensthorpe.

Still130km to go to Esperance.

*Today's Distance: 57.9km

*Total Distance from Perth: 958.1km

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Day25 50km West to Ravensthorpe 51.3km

Waiting for the dawn, I stayed calm in my tent.

Soon it stopped raining but the wind kept blowing hard.

It's always troublesome to put away with wet tent.

Started running at 5:40am heading for the next town!

Sunny, blue sky came back as soon as I started.

Tail wind was not so strong as it was yesterday.

Hills after hills…

Looked like the same scenery repeating again and again.

Wherever I take photos, they look almost the same…lol

When the sun shines, I'm happy.

Wind is a bit chilly but it's good for me to run.

About 3pm, I entered the town of Ravensthorpe.

It's also a small town but it's nice to see people, houses and stores.

That's what civilization is for!

*Today's Distance: 51.3km

*Total Distance from Perth: 900.2km

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Day24 Jerramungup to 50km West of Ravensthorpe 64.9km

Early start at 5:40am.

Funny how fast I ran being pushed excellent tailwinds!

Another special event was encountering Janette & Alan Murray!

They are over 60 years of age but run 42.2km everyday!

How amazing!

Since they left Melbourne where they live on the very first day of 2013, they have been running without stopping.

I met up with two runners who is running around Australia in the middle of nowhere.

Running Raw around Australia 2013

Janette is a cancer survivor. Alan said he was 68 years, older than me by 15 years.

We took some photos and said goodbye but I guess we'll meet again!

Wind kept pushing me all day long.

I thought I was able to run as far as 70km but I found a place to pitch my tent on the road side.

Gusty wind woke me up during my sleep…

A rain storm before dawn…c'mon…let me sleep a little longer!

*Today's Distance: 64.9km

*Total Distance from Perth: 848.9km

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Day21 39km West to Jerramungup 39.1km

Quiet morning...no wind and beautiful moon in the sky.

Slept well and I was glad I was alive.

Misty but soon the sun came back.

Perfect sunny day!!

When I ran, I couldn't help smiling.

Every time car passed by, I waved my hand to say hello to the driver.

Felt something good happen.

Running on rolling hills, I always feel great.

Living in the wilderness, I realize I am my-true-self.

This is what I have long wanted!

Everything I see, everything I hear, everything I feel...those are real but feel like I'm in the Heaven!

Here I am back in civilization.

I checked in at caravan park in Jerramungup.

But unfortunately, only supermarket in town were closed Saturday afternoon and Sunday.

Oh! I had been looking forward to enjoy shopping but I got to wait till Monday morning.

*Today's Distance: 39.1km

*Total Distance from Perth: 784.0km

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Day20 Wellstead to 40km West of Jerramungup 42.1km

Gusty wind annoyed me one more night.

I had my tent almost blown away.

The sand ground was not strong enough to hold my tent pegs.

Anyway, I was safe.

Without rain, the tent was always dry.

Rest area is often a place for encountering.

An old man talked to me and said he had seen me the day before.

Then his wife came up to me. They said they were from Argentina.

The lady hugged me and kissed me on my cheek.

A cup of coffee was good enough to keep my heart warm.

Before noon I had a rain storm just when I arrived at the road house in Boxwood Hill.

I was waiting for the rain stop about 30 minutes.

Then at another rest area, a man on a big bus caravan told me to take a rest.

He invited me to his caravan for a cup of tea and biscuit.

He was with his wife, both from Tasmania traveling around Australia.

They work from time to time at different places and then keep traveling around.

We talked and laughed a lot. Travel is fun...that's what we agreed after all.

Pitched my tent in the middle of nowhere again.

Glad that no wind blew.

Tomorrow is the day I'll get back to civilization!

*Today's Distance: 42.1km

*Total Distance from Perth: 744.9km

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Day19 50km West of Albany to Wellstead 50.0km

WInd is something I am afraid of when camping in the plain.

Last night wind blew so hard that I often had to worry about my tent.

It was OK fortunately but the sound of the wind was like that of Typhoon.

Lots of rolling hills I had to climb...Every time I stood at the top of one hill, I see another.

Met a cyclist from Canada whose name is John. He's also cross-continent traveler.

We talked a while and took a picture.

About 2 hours later,  a driver stopped just in front of me and gave me a bottle of wine and said,

"Here's a gift for you from a Canadian cyclist...You're a Japanese runner, aren't you?"

It was a big surprise!

Pitched my tent at recreation ground of Wellstead as the owner of the roadhouse

*Today's Distance: 50.0km

*Total Distance from Perth: 702.8km

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Day18 Albany to 49km West of Wellstead 50.3km

Once I leave Albany, next major town is Jerramungup 178km east from Albany.

Many people I met on the way often gave me food, water and money today too.

Especially this time I run for Earthquake & Tsunami Relief that happened in 2011.

As I talk about this to people I meet, they are willing to give me a donation.

"Oh, I saw the Tsunami on TV news! Was your place OK?"

"I couldn't believe my eyes when I was watching the news. Incredible!"

"I'm worrying about people in Fukushima. Hope they'll be fine."

I often hear them say such things.

After I passed Many Peaks, around 3pm, I found a place to pitch my tent somewhere along the roadside.

It looked like it used to be a farm but already abandoned.

Wind was so gusty that it took a little while to set up my tent.

During my sleep, gusty wind, which reminded me of Typhoon, kept me awake.

*Today's Distance: 50.3km

*Total Distance from Perth: 652.8km

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Day16 Denmark to Albany 57.1km

Funny how hard time lasts...

Left Denmark in the comfortable weather.

For the first time in a week I haven't seen the sunshine and the blue sky.

Kept going on and on in the wilderness.

The route was flat and the wind blew kind of hard but it was a tail wind.

About 10km to Albany it started to rain.

First it was not that hard but as I got closer to Albany it became much harder.

Pouring rain had no mercy on me...

I got soaked to my skin even inside the shoes I had flood.

I was almost mentally knocked out but finally I finished running at today's inn.

I'll take a day-off tomorrow, got  to get ready for the next tough and hard route.

*Today's Distance: 57.1km

*Total Distance from Perth: 602.5km

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Day15 Kenton to Denmark 36.4km

15 days have passed since I left Perth.

Already covered 500km so far.

8000km in 8 month, as is what I have planned...so far so good.

But it's not enough. I may be able to run more.

I got to get ready for crossing the Nullarbor Plain 1200km.

Running in the pouring rain. It rained on and off.

Missing the blue sky and sunshine.

Everything is wet, wet and wet.

Got to be patient but got to enjoy myself in whatever I do!

65km from Walpole, I finally got to Denmark, which is a little bit large town around this area.

But tomorrow I'll be in Albany taking a day-off out there.

*Today's Distance: 36.4km  *Total Distance from Perth: 545.4km

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Day14 Walpole to Kenton 33.3km

Pouring rain always tried to let me down but I did try to stay cool.

Anyway, I sometimes shouted out...

"Show me the blue sky!!"

Only one road leads me where I should belong.

Took a rest at a road house in Bowbridge, which was only service I had today.

Ate meet pie, enjoyed chatting to local friendly people.

Late afternoon I finished running at Kento, where there's a place to stay for tonight.

It was in the middle of the farm.

I was thinking of pitching my tent but I was able to stay at a cabin.

Warm shower and wide bed made me feel happy.

*Today's Distance: 33.3km   *Total Distance from Perth: 509.0km


Day13 25km West to Walpole 26.2km

Woke up around 6. 10 degrees in my tent.

Putting away my tent after breakfast.

Free accommodation...camping is the best way to travel!

The longest stretch 120km I've ever had in this travel will soon be over!

But Southern Forest was so beautiful, which reminds me of Tundra in the Arctic Circle in Alaska.

Narrow paved highway is the only thing that human beings made.

I first realized the vastness of this continent after running between Manjimup and Walpole.

But the Nullarbor Plain will be more fantastic, I'm sure.

About 200km I just got to go on with no service available.

I cannot imagine how far and long I have to run.

Anyway, I finally got back to CIVILIZATION!

Human beings created civilization even in the wilderness.

The wisdom of ours should be used to create WORLD PEACE, not for the war!

That's what I first thought when I arrived in Walpole.

*Today's Distance: 26.2km

*Total Distance from Perth: 475.7km

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Day 12 Shannon to 25km West of Walpole 49.5km

Rainy morning at roadside camp.

Always troublesome to put away a wet tent.

Wearing a rain suit, I needed to take my time and do each step so patiently.

Weather was changeable so often.

Rained for half an hour and became a slight shower and then the sky cleared up...

The sky repeated the same routine like that.

Even if I kept going on, the scenery was almost the same.

Southern forest was always green as it usually is.

Only one road leads me till the end of National Highway 1.

Around 3pm, I finished running at the rest area which was 25km away from Walpole.

When I tried to pitch my tent, I saw an old lady and a gentleman in their caravan come up to me to say hello.

They were going to stay the night here.

The 2nd night on the road side.

Tomorrow is the day when I came back to civilization!

Just got to be patient!

*Today's Distance: 44.8km

*Total Distance from Perth: 449.5km

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Day 11 Manjimup to Shannon 51.2km

Here I go!

VIENTO the buggy, my partner was full-loaded with water and food.

Carrying 10 liter water...maybe for 3 days.

120km-nothing-route, between Manjimup and Walpole, will start!

Kind of hilly area, so I'm going to take 3 days.

In crossing the USA, I once experienced 120km nothing.

At that time I spent 2 days, ran 60km 2 days in a row.

But I won't haste this time.

Started to rain, my shoes got wet.

At Shannon National Park, I found a place to pitch my tent.

Enjoyed the first night at camp in the rain!

Fell asleep as soon as I finished dinner.

Long, dark night...Hope the sky will clear up tomorrow!

*Today's Distance: 51.2km

*Total Distance from Perth: 404.7km

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Day9 Greenbushes to Manjimup 54.2km

As it's a long travel,  both my mind and body are not always okay.

Two legs of mine go broken as my mind does from time to time.

But I got to go on somehow...I say so to myself.

Got to be positive. As long as I keep a positive attitude, both my mind and soul can move on.

It's natural that I feel tough and hard.

I got to be a real one when I'm able to overcome the hardship.

Up and down, long and winding road...

After Manjimup, the first trial 120km nothing route starts!

*Today's Distance: 54.2km

*Total Distance from Perth: 353.5km

*See more photos


Day8 Donnybrook to Greenbushes 43.1km

Woke up to find the news of Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Wow! It's when I am 60 yrs old! I cannot imagine when I'll be 60...

Anyway life goes on as my travel does too.

What I hope is Peace on Earth till the end of time.

Visiting small towns and meeting and talk to local people...

That's what I enjoy every day. I don't care how long it may take to spend times meeting people all over the world.

This is a travel I meet as many people as possible in the world.

How may of 7 billion people can I see along the way or in my life?

Running in mountains area, it's kind of hard to push VIENTO the buggy climbing up hills!

Today I found a small hotel...looked like cottage...in a small town of Greenbushes.

The population 500, very very quiet but I love it!

*Today's Distance: 43.1km

*Total Distance from Perth: 299.3km

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Day 7 Bunbury to Donnybrook 38.5km

Usually it's kind of hard to get out of big cities but it was OK this time.

Taking South Western Highway, traffic was getting quiet as I got far from Bunbury.

When I arrived in Boyanup, a lady talked to me and said that she had seen me in Rockingham.

Yes, it was 6 days ago.

We were talking about my PEACE RUN and soon kids came along.

Everyone wrote Peace messages on my flag.

Short day today,  I finished running around 3 pm in Donnybrook.

*Today's Distance: 38.5km

*Total Distance from Perth: 256.2km

*See more photos


Day 5 Harvey to Bunbury 50.5km

Cold morning...Woke up to feel so cold on my bed.

10 degrees!

A cup of hot coffee made me alive.

Left Harvey at 6:30. Cloudy but felt warm when I started running.

Brunswick Junction was also a pretty small town but looked nice.

On a lonesome highway, some drivers cheered me up with a horn.

I  had been at a loss to find a Wi-Fi hot spot for a while but I finally got a prepaid Wi-Fi rooter at a shopping mall in Bunbury.

Now I can connect to the Internet wherever I am in Australia!!

With this, I booked today's accommodation at Dolphin Retreat Bunbury Youth Hostel.

I was talking to a lady at the reception as for my travel and she said I could stay half the price $36!!


Running is not easy but I feel easy when meeting people.

That's what a travel is for!

*Today's Distance: 50.5km

*Total Distance from Perth: 217.7km


Day 4 Pinjarra to Harvey 57.4km

I first woke up because of the low temperature.

11 degrees in cabin.

Watched TV news without internet eating breakfast.

Took State Highway 20 down in south.

Running in the middle of nowhere...as is often the case with running in outback in Australia.

Long vehicles come and go, sometimes Road Trains are scary but I got to get ready running at the edge of the gravel shoulders.

When sunny, I feel warm but when cloudy I need a jacket.

Arrived at caravan park in Harvey around 4pm.

Small but pretty nice town, I loved it at first sight!

No network tonight too!

*Today's Distance: 57.4km

*Total Distance from Perth: 167.2km

*See more photos


Day2 Rockingham to Pinjarra 53.5km

Left Rockingham at 6:30am.

Running on the freeway is not comfortable but I have no other choice.

Sometimes it's fun running on a country road.

Often got lost my way and had a detour but anyway I made my way to the goal of the day.

Saw a wild kangaroo running along the bike path and camels in the farm.

First night staying at caravan park in Australia.

But they had no Wi-Fi spot. A lady at the office said Wi-Fi was available at the library.

Ran about 100k in two days, which gave me a hard time.

I'm not accustomed to climate and running here in Australia.

I guess I'll take a day-off tomorrow.

*Total Distance from Perth: 109.8km

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Day1 Perth to Rockingham 56.3km

Left YMCA Jewell House at 6:45. Headed to south.

Don't like running on a free way but sometimes it cannot be helped

Lost so many times but local people were always helpful.

Had no idea where to stay,

I thought there was a caravan park In Rockingham but it was a store which sells a caravan.

I found a university where it seemed I could pitch my tent.

A guard man came up to me I asked him if I could pitch my tent but he said no.

But instead he suggested to me that I could stay in a classroom. So that's what I did.

Outside the room, I found a Wi-Fi spot.

Good times and bad times...that's what life and travel are for!

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