Encountering is to touch someone’s life.

Or should I say it’s to touch someone’s heart and to touch someone’s spirit.

It’s almost impossible to encounter 7 billion people on the earth but I’s like to meet as many people as possible.

Have a good one today…



Not losing to the rain

Not losing to the wind

Although Miyazawa Kenji, one of the greatest poets in Japan says in his poem, I guess it’s important to have breadth of mind, broad enough to accept anything including heavy rain and strong wind.

I don’t even want to fight against my-weak-self.

Even though I fight against me, it doesn’t make sense that both winner and loser are just myself.

The policy of PEACE RUN is

Never fight, never compete and never contend.

Exist together with anything.

And never haste, never panic and never give up…Take it easy and keep it slow and mellow.

Be free from anything just like assimilating into air and wind.

Never get obsessed, never be narrow-minded and never restrain yourself.

Run as free as a bird!


Remember 2.22

It is just 4 years today since Christchurch Earthquake struck the Canterbury Region in New Zealand's South Island.

185 people including 28 Japanese were killed on that day.

When I saw ChristChurch Cathedral for the first time in 20 years, I was so shocked at the building that I was not able to move for a while.

It was the same feeling as I had felt when I first visited earthquake & Tsunami disaster stricken area in Japan.

Actually I found the similarity between both of two earthquakes.

It always takes a long time to recover from the disaster.

Local government keeps making an effort.

But I guess we civilians also have something we can do for restoration.

After my PEACE RUN 2014 Running Across New Zealand, I’m trying to tell my pals about what I saw and experienced in New Zealand.

Some may visit New Zealand as tourists. More or less it will help in many ways.

As a runner I want to address to Japanese runners to participate in Christchurch Marathon held on May 31 this year.

What’s the most important is never to forget what actually happened. It will be a part of the history for sure. We have to keep it in our mind and tell the about it from generation to generation. That’s our duty.

May the soul of the victims’ rest in peace.


Saturday In The Park

Saturday in the park in One-Tooth Geta...

 Love to see people smile.

 It's the very moment when I do feel PEACE of mind.


Citizens of the World

Around noon I went out for a walk in Ipponbageta(One-Tooth Geta) in Osaka Castle Park.

On a warm Sunday afternoon, the park was kind of crowded with tourists.

And I was talked to by a young man around a plum-grove.

“Can I take a photo of you?”

He’s Brindhan from Sydney, just 20 years old.

He said his parents were from Sri Lanka.

I said to him, “Wanna try it on?”

He smiled and nodded. I let him to walk around in Ipponbageta.

I’m sure this is a magical clog which can make people smile.

He seemed satisfied and asked some questions on Ipponbageta.

I answered his questions one by one and talked about my PEACE RUN.

We talked for a while.

As I had nothing special to do in the afternoon. So I followed him as a tour guide.

He said he was interested in Japanese culture and history.

Then I got a phone call from Piapi my wife.

I told about Brindhan and I wanted to introduce him to her.

She said there was a Japanese calligraphy class at 3pm at Temma Mantendo, her office.

So I suggested to him that he experience Japanese calligraphy.

He said he would love to. And I took him to Temma Mantendo, where Mina calligraphy master was getting ready.

Mina wrote Brindhan’s name in three ways(hiragana, katakana and Chinese character or Kanji) in a writing brush.

Brindhan also tried to write his name in katakana for the first time.

He was really glad to experience Japanese calligrahy.

After that we went to 100yen shop DAISO nearby to get a frame for the works.

I bought Takoyaki (Octopus balls) for him. Takoyaki is a snack with octopus in it, and very popular in the Kansai area.

Ipponbageta, Japanese calligraphy and Takoyaki…

He said it was one of the greatest days in his life today.

I’m glad if his holidays in Japan will be the best one and something unforgettable.

I really had a good time with him too, even if he was just one of the passers by.

What I’m doing now is also a part of Grass-roots international exchange. I’m glad if it will work out well and will help create world peace.

That’s why I go out for a walk in Osaka Castle Park in my free time and stroll around for an international exchange.

No matter how our world has changed, I want to keep it in mind  that we are earthling or citizens of the world.


Live Together Run Together

I don’t want to become anyone’s enemy.

So I’d like to be someone’s company but don’t want to quarrel or fight with anyone.

That’s why I never pick a fight with anyone to avoid conflicts.

I listen to him/her not ignore.

I spread a smile instead of raising a fist.

Do not look back on the past with regret but build your hopes in the future.

Have a big heart to accept anything.

Forgive and love anyone including you.

Lend a helping hand to anyone whether he/she was friend or foe.

Think about others first not only about yourself and build a relationship to let each other grow.

“Live Together Run Together”

That’s what we only can do just because we were born on Earth in the same generation and live on the same planet and under the same sky.


PEACE RUN 2014 NZ Final Run@Christshurch

On the final run of Adventure Runner's KAY's PEACE RUN 2014, we ran together to the final goal at Cathedral Square via Riccarton Road and Hagley Park.

Kay completed 2800km in 83 days in New Zealand.

Photo&Movie by  Atsushi Hayasaka, Roy Sinclair and Nigel Rushton

Music by "Sumire Road" by Tenkyu Ping Pongs


Coming Home


Thanks supporters & friends of mine!

I'm back in Osaka in the afternoon on February 10.

My wife Piapi had been waiting for me for as long as 3 months.

Home sweet home!

There are so many things to do here in my country.

And I got to get ready for the next.



The final morning in New Zealand. It’s time to go back home.

I have been staying with Mr.Yuge in Cashmere since Thursday, when I ran the final.

He is also Osakan, who used to travel abroad a lot when he was young.

There are so many things to learn from him. He enjoys many kinds of activities such as piano and karate. I should say he’s the very expert who’s really enjoying his life.

Also he has a challenger’s spirit. He tries anything interesting whether it seems difficult or not. And once he finds interesting, he continues it.

Extremely active for late 60s. Super middle-ged in many ways.

But now he tries to live a simple life.

He told me many stories about his experience and what he had learned himself.

I realized how ignorant I had been and there were more and more I had to learn about the future of Japan as a citizen of the world.

In the afternoon I borrowed a mountain bike from Mr.Yuge and rode to a shopping mall in Riccarton to see Roberto and Annika.

Roberto is a Mexican, Annika a German. They are also global cyclists whom I met in Australia for the first time last year.

Actually we have met so many times so far.

On the final run to Sydney Opera House, they joined on their bicycles.

And just one year after we met in the same southern hemisphere.

In December last year Roberto came and see me at container mall in Christchurch while Annika was at work.

And On the final run 4 days ago, Annika joined while Roberto was in North Island on business. It means Annika is the only person who joined my final run both in Australia and in New Zealand.

We went to a food court and talked about how we had spent our time so far and our future plans.

They are planning to got to Alaska via Hawaii and cycled down to Mexico, a hometown of Roberto.

We are all just like family members as we have met so many times here and there. And I’m sure we will see again somewhere along the road.

Hopefully we’ll have a chance to meet again in Europe next year.

After riding back to Cashmere in the rain, I took a shower and soon after that Mr.Hayasaka came.

He gave me a ride to the Christchurch International Airport.

He was no doubt a key person in New Zealand. He took the best care of me while I was in Christchurch.

He was also a runner. He said he would his very best in running in a positive way.

At 5:30 I said goodbye to him and I was alone again but this time I was on my way back home by air.

Yes, I had a really good time here in New Zealand even if I sometimes had a hard time.

Just as half-long as Running Across Australia in term and distance.

Thanks people in New Zealand whom I met on the way!

I’m super happy to have met and known you!!

I hope the network will become wider and larger.

Yes, we’re all connected to each other.

I cannot see whole 7.2 billion people on the planet but I keep meeting someone as long as I keep traveling and the network keeps growing bigger and bigger.

That’s why I keep going to see as many people as possible.

It’s high time now for me to live, run and travel.

I have to find the meaning and value why I run on two legs of my own on only one road.

Although I can’t say it’s perfect and right, that’s the best way for a running traveler.

But there’s still a road I have to run.

I run on the road so that people will have a peace of mind.

Some more photos



Three days after the final run. Enjoying a day off in Christchurch.

We had a running clinic at Hagley Park.

About 1 hour starting with warming up, I introduced how to make an efficient running form and how to run long distance at ease.

At 1pm, World Peace Bell Meeting was held.

I had a simple speech about my PEACE RUN and why it is important to run for world peace now.

We rang the World Peace Bell one by one wishing for eternal World Peace.

May the sound of the bell ring loud and clear all over the world!

We had a party tonight too 4 nights in a row!

*Some more photos

Running Clinic

World Peace Bell Meeting



Two days after the final run. Enjoying a day off in Christchurch.

Antonio allowed me to use his mountain bike, so I went to Southshore to visit acupuncture clinic which was introduced by Mr.Hayasaka.

16km away from Cashmere where I am now.

I enjoyed riding a bike here in New Zealand for the first time in 20 years.

Isn’t it good for me to use different muscles from ones I usually use for running.

Spent almost 2 hours at the clinic. So refreshing!!

On my way back to the city, I happened to see Nigel on his bike.

I chased him and shouted his name but he couldn’t hear me.

Fortunately he stopped pedaling at intersection and I caught up with him. He was surprised to see me too.

We went to have ourselves coffee at cafe in the Container Mall.

Then another cyclist came and sat on the bench before the cafe.

It’s Mr.Sato whom I met in Lumsden 3 weeks ago.

He recognized me as soon as I said hello to him.

He said he just finished his cycling in New Zealand and was going to fly back to Japan the next day I leave.

What a coincidence!! It’s the very Law Of Attraction, isn’t it?

I came back later.

We had a party tonight too. Yasue and Mr.Hayasaka joined us.

Some more photos



The day after the final run…It’s Waitangi Day here in New Zealand, one of the national holidays.

Looks like a sunny day. A new day begins from laundry.

Antonio(Mr.Yuge) takes care of me until 9th when I leave New zealand.

We walked for a while along the trail nearby after breakfast.

In the afternoon we drove to visit Mr. Hayasaka.

Had a running clinic for kids and mothers. They say most of them are those who evacuated Japan after 3.11 earthquake.

We ran about 15 minutes around Mr.Hayasaka’s croft.

After that I had a lecture for kids about my adventure.

And another party begins…

Some more photos


Day83 Upper Riccarton to Cathedral Square(Christchurch)

Here comes the day of the Final Run.

That’s what I have long been waiting for.

2800km in 83 days is not a big job but in this country riding the same distance on bicycle is not that easy.

Running across the Nullarbor Plain is absolutely hard but it is because of boringness of the landscape and shortage of food.

This time I had to skip the route I had planned. But maybe the next time I’m going to run along the west coast.

I love New Zealand because people are nice, the climate is moderate, the distance between towns is not that far and public safety is so far so good.

In total New Zealand has become one of my favorite countries.

I’ve come to New Zealand for the first time in 20 years but most of Kiwis are nice and friendly.

I checked out backpackers hostel at 10am and had been waiting for the time the final run started.

Until then I cleaned up VIENTO the buggy. It was totally covered with sand dust because of the sand storm yesterday.

Before 2pm, Mr.Hayasaka plus his two daughters, Mr.Yuge came and joined me.

Two cyclists (Annika and Nigel) were also with us.

Left Upper Riccarton for the goal about 2:30pm.

We followed Riccarton Road to Hagley Park.

Another cyclist Roy joined us there.

Some kids near the goal too.

We ran wishing for world peace.

Then Cathedral came into our eyes, which partly had been broken down on February 22, 2011 just before 3.11 Earthquake in Japan.

At 4:05pm I finished my run at Cathedral Square after running 2800km in 83 days.

People who had been waiting for me and also people who ran with me made big smiles.

I also finished my run with the biggest smile.

Funny how time flies! 83 days was all happy time to me.

Thanks my friends for sharing happy moments.

Congrats Party started at 7pm.

*Distance Today: 8.57km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 2796.58km

*See More Photos


Day82 Glentunnel to Upper Riccarton

Just 60km to the goal.

Funny how time flies. 3 months is too short.

I have run about 8000km including running across Australia in 246 days in total. There are 22000km on 3 more continents left.

Still a long way to go.

Full moon was seen before the dawn, so beautiful.

It was fine weather this morning but before noon wind started to blow.

Started to follow the side road of Route73 but it was a gravel road.

Sand storm attacked me. Sand dust covered everything white.

I couldn’t open my eyes, which means I couldn’t see anything at all.

Sand dust got into my eyes, mouth, ears and nose were

It reminded me of the Nullarbor Plain I ran in Australia last year.

Tomorrow is the final but what the hell does it mean?

Westerly wind…still lucky because it was not head wind.

As I found it dangerous, I checked out Google Maps and got out of the gravel road into Route73 again.

I got back in Route73 at the town of Kirwee, where there were nice tail wind blowing.

I ran about 15km per hour (4 minutes per kilometer).

Both my legs and VIENTO the buggy were being pushed by the tail wind.

Yes, I was made to run by the wind.

But I had to save my legs for tomorrow.

Nigel, the cyclist did come and see me again to cheer me up.

Usually I have head wind. But this time the wind seemed to be nice to me.

Finished today’s run at backpackers hostel near the racecourse earlier than usual.

We, Nigel and I bought fish and chips at a takeaway nearby and ate together in front of the hostel.

Tomorrow I’ll have run 450km in 10 days in a row. Both my legs are OK but not perfect. Just 8km to finish.

Looking back these 83 days, I have so many things to remember but tomorrow I’ll run my very best till the end. That's all I can do!

According to my plan...

Thu. 5 Christchurch(Finish)

*Distance Today: 58.02km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 2788.01km

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Day81 Mount Somers to Glentunnel

Woke up at 4:30am.

Got outside and looked up to the night sky.

Southern Cross was up there. I cannot see it in Japan, northern hemisphere.

Misty morning. Blue sky was seen just a few while but rained in the afternoon.

The elevation is about 300-400 meters. With no sunshine it was chilly.

No supermarkets between Geraldine and Darfield but only a small grocery store was seen in Mt.Somers, which isn’t shown on googlemaps.

All I can see is sheep, cows and horses. Some gravel roads, too rough with stones and rocks to run with my VIENTO the buggy.

Hills were not so steep except Rakaia Gorge.

At the gorge, 200 meters down to the bridge and 200 meters up from the bridge. Pushing hard to the peak but didn’t take so long.

Met James and Kelly, cyclist from Perth for honeymoon!

They both love cycling and they look enjoying their ride.

They say it is the first day from Christchurch.

Isn’t it nice to for them to enjoy the same activity together?

Took a break every 10-15km.

I don’t have to carry so much food any more.

I have to eat them all until I finish.

What I thought today…

What’s important for us now is how to live together with people who have different points of view on this planet.

Our point of view is different from each other.

It’s up to what era or in which country we live.

But through the years our points of view will surely become better.

We cannot blame or criticize someone for their difference.

All we have to do is accept that everything is all right as we are all different.

Basically I want people all over the world to recognize the idea “If you’re happy, I’m happy, too.”

At 6pm I finished today’s run at holiday park in Glentunnel.

Just 60km to Christichurch. Tomorrow I’ll be in Upper Riccarton.

The final run is on Wednesday, the day after tomorrow.

I have run 380km since last Tuesday!

The goal is just around the corner.

According to my plan...

Wed. 4 Upper Riccarton

Thu. 5 Christchurch(Finish)

*Distance Today: 60.63km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 2729.99km

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Day80 Geraldine to Mount Somers

Left Geraldine at 7:20am.

Did some shopping at town center.

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow there are no such thing as supermarket.

Following Inland Scenic Route, traffic is not so heavy but there are no shoulders.

Yes, it is very scenic. But gradually climbing hills again.

I had lots of head wind this afternoon. Some drizzle.

Running 10km took 2 hours! It’s slower than walking! lol

It’s not easy pushing buggy in climbing hills and running against the wind.

About 5pm I finished today’s run at holiday park in Mt.Somers.

No more chance to sleep in my tent in New Zealand.

I saw a couple cyclist from Switzerland this morning and we met again at holiday park in Mt. Somers.

Dinner time I enjoyed chatting with a couple from Germany.

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow I have to run 60km.

I have run 310km since Tuesday last week but I got to hold on!

According to my plan...

Tue. 3 Glentunnel 

Wed. 4 Upper Riccarton

Thu. 5 Christchurch(Finish)

*Distance Today: 49.96km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 2669.36km

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Day79 Timaru to Geraldine

February starts. I’ll be back in Japan 10 days from now.

3 months was long.

I feel as if I left Auckland only yesterday. But at the same time it seems like more than a year ago.

I make a prayer every day.

Peace Run is a pilgrim's journey making a prayer.

I pray so that the world will be filled with love and peace, there will be no one with unhappiness and everyone will be pleased and live in peace.

May someone with grief be with a smile!

May someone with disease be in good health!

May someone in trouble be at ease!

Sheep and cows own nothing. Every day they just eat grass in the pasture field surrounded by electric fence.

I don’t know if they are happy about it but I guess they know how to live their lives with no desires.

Blue sky is blue wherever we are.

And white clouds are white anywhere we are.

I hope we can create the world where we can smile anywhere we are…so that something dark and negative are gone away.

About 3pm I finished DAY79 at backpackers hostel in Geraldine.

I was here on Christmas Day.

The owner remembers me and welcomed my coming back safe.

I have been running for 6 days in a row.

On Tuesday I ran about 67km and since then I have had no day-off.

It was hot with summer sun this afternoon.

4 days to Christchurch. Almost there!!

According to my plan...

Mon. 2 Mount Sommers

Tue. 3 Glentunnel

Wed. 4 West Melton

Thu. 5 Christchurch(Finish)

*Distance Today: 35.74km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 2619.4km

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