I've Made it!!

About noon on Sept. 12 I finished my "PEACE RUN 2012 Running Across Japan Part2" at Kagoshima Station after running 3482.3 km (2164.2 miles) from Wakkanai, Hokkaido.

There were so many people on my way I talked to and I shared happy moment with.

So many things happened every day, most of which I had never imagined and expected.

Life is a drama with no scenerios. That's true.

I am so sorry that I have been lazy about writing this journal on my blog.

But I kept writing my everyday story on my KAY'S BLOG in Japanese.


Lots of photos are there. You can enjoy them.

Thanks so much to those who have supported me on the way.

Next time I'll run across New Zealand and Australia in 2013.
Life's been good so far. But I will keep on searching for what I got to do while running around the world!