Visit Sendai

Ran Charity Marathon in Miyagi as a guest runner. Had a nice run with runners in Sendai.

This event is held every year by a local running club Sendai Meiso Kai.

Runners enjoyed this 6-hour relay marathon, but some runners ran 6 hours in a row all alone.

Pretty humid and hot climate annoyed us but we ran together sharing a peaceful moment with each other.

After running Charity Marathon in Miyagi, I was invited to a talk event as a guest speaker.

Thanks so much for having a happy moment with me!

I'm so happy if you folks enjoyed my talk.


Visit Fukushima

We visited Soma and Minamisoma, Fukushima Prefecture where Tohoku Great Earthquake and Tsunami hit in 2011.

I made a donation that I raised in New Zealand and Australia to Haramachi Seiai Nursery School, Iitoyo Elementary School and Satobatake Hotoku Center .

天晴レ天女ズAppareTennyoz and Q(ku:) amused kids in a nursery school with Exercise and a song.

Isn't it nice to share PEACE with someone else?

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My daughter came and see me for the first time, indeed, in 13 years!

We had been apart for some reasons but 2 years ago she found me on line.

We have sometimes exchanged messages until today.

Last time I saw her, she was almost a baby but now she has become a lady who goes to university.

Funny how time flies!



 Your run will have powerful force once you have made up your mind.

 Your life will have brightness once you have made up your mind.

 No time to waste and no time to hesitate.

 Prepare yourself for the moment to make a decision.

  from 100 Quotes For Runners by Adventure Runner KAY


Earth Caravan Kyoto

Had a talk on the stage of Earth Caravan Kyoto.

Talked about my PEACE RUN and One-Tooth Geta.

Kyoto was pretty heated with temperature 36 degrees and humidity 80 percent.

Had a good time with those who wish for WORLD PEACE!

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On The 4th Of July

It was on the 4th of July, 1991 that I was biking around the city of Spokane, Washington following Interstate 90 East.

Though I have traveled across the American Continent all by myself(human powered) three times in my life so far, 1991 was the first time when I traveled across the US by bicycle.

I started in LA on the 1st of June. It took me almost one month to get to Seattle riding along the Pacific coast. Then I turned my steering wheel to the east.

It didn’t take so long until I noticed how huge that continent was. But to tell the truth, I was so tired of traveling and pedaling that I wanted to quit such a stupid thing as soon as possible. I started to think when and where to stop the trek.

Some cars stopped just in front of me on the highway.

And most of the drivers were so nice they gave me coke, cookies, mineral water and something like that.

They all said, "Happy 4th of July!" as they left.

I didn’t know what it meant first.

But a family I met at campground on that night told me it was Independence Day.

We saw fireworks in the direction of the downtown.

People were having a happy time drinking and eating.

I was invited to a party by a family staying next to my tent site.

We drank Budweiser and had hamburgers. Three kids were roasting marshmallow on a campfire.

We were talking about the 1989 movie “BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY” starring Tom Cruise.

Here’s a plot summary from IMDb:

The biography of Ron Kovic. Paralyzed in the Vietnam war, he becomes an anti-war and pro-human rights political activist after feeling betrayed by the country he fought for.

BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY - Trailer ( 1989 )

When I returned home in Japan, I saw the movie for the first time.

And I came back to a job as an English teacher again in Osaka.

I don’t want to talk about the war. I just want to talk about peace.

If we love our country, we may have to love our planet.

If we love our earth, we may notice we have something more important.

What can we do for WORLD PEACE?

We have to think about it in global level as well as national or local level.

Of course as a Japanese and as an earthling or a citizen of the world…