Day 61 44km West to Nullarbor 43.4km

No wind in the morning. Very quiet except the noise of the traffic, especially of roadtrains.

But one hour after I started, the wind came from north east…head wind again.

When the wind comes from north, it means that it gets hot.

Sunny blue sky.

The sun shines perfectly.

After 10am the ray of the sun made me feel running in the real desert.

When the temperature rises up to 40 degrees, the hot wind blows, which dries me up completely.

It makes me feel like running on the heated frying pan. That's what I've already in running across the USA 2 years ago.

14 degrees in the morning, but 28 degrees in the afternoon.

Tomorrow will be much hotter, maybe 35 degrees.

So far so good because of the coolness in the Nullarbor. If I had run in the heat, everything would not have gone easy like that.

Around 4pm, I arrived at Nullarbor Roadhouse. Finally I got back to civilization where there are hot shower, refrigerator, TV and Internet available.

One quarter of the Nullarbor Plain was over. Just 300km to go to Ceduna, the eastern end of the Nullarbor.

*Today's Distance:43.4km

*Total Distance from Perth: 2215.4km

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Day60 80km East of Border Village to 44km West of Nullarbor 62.5km

Head wind almost every day…since I left Madura?

No supply since I left Border Village. One more day to Nullarbor Roadhouse.

Had a good meeting today too.

A family from Tasmania invited me to their caravan treating me a cup of coffee and lunch.

And they gave me some souvenir…lots of food such as dried fruits and canned food.

They were originally from Cronia, came to Adelaide just after World War Two.

It's nice to travel to meet someone we never know…that's what they also agreed.

We promised to meet again somewhere along the road.

Bunda Cliff was today's high light.

Cliff of 90m height stretches more than 200km from west to east along the Great Australian Bight.

Fortunately, the cliff was so beautiful with sunny, blue sky.

After running 62.5km, I finished my day at the rest area.

Close to the highway, it's kind of noisy because of the traffic.

When road trains come and go, it sounded like as if I was near the airstrip.

*Today's Distance:62.5km

*Total Distance from Perth: 2172.0km

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Day59 37km to 80km East of Border Village 46.0km

Whenever I camp out in the desert, I worry about the wind.

Actually, wind storm has often annoyed me here and there.

The floor sheet of my tent was totally covered with sand and dust.

Last night, fortunately, was okay. When I woke up there was slight wind, very quiet.

But when I started running, the wind came from ahead.

Headwind…always let me down…it's not easy to go on to run against the wind but if I run with the wind it's fun, not "against" is the key.

Meeting good people almost every day…this is also Law of Attraction, maybe.

Pitched my tent in the rest area with a picnic table.

Hope I'll have a peaceful night…

*Today's Distance:46.0km

*Total Distance from Perth: 2109.5km

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Day58 Eucla to 37km East of Border Village 50.2km

Took 2 day-off in Eucla, I reset myself and got ready for the next long stretch to Nullarbor.

Entered South Australia!

Crossed the border 12km after I left Eucla.

And the view of the sea! For the first time since I left Esperance..

Meeting people is my nutrition. I'm always happy to meet people and to be given food and water.

Isn't it nice to share the moment we live in this real world?

Pitched my tent in the middle of nowhere as usual.

But no trees around…what I worry about is gusty wind.

Hope my tent will be okay...

*Today's Distance:50.2km

*Total Distance from Perth: 2063.5km

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Day55 Mundrabilla to Eucla 66.2km

Still running in my dream…after I woke up, I felt weary.

Let me have a sound sleep while I'm in bed…

Head wind again…but today I'm more positive than I was yesterday.

No matter how hard the wind blows, I am the same as always.

What's important is try to be just the way I am.

One of the longest day, running 66km takes too long in the head wind.

Running not against the wind but with the wind.

The theme of this trek is Live Together, Run Together.

We got to be united to be the one on this planet.

Just before the sunset, I went up Eucla Pass and finally made it.

Got back into network for the first time in 3 days.

Take a day off tomorrow.

*Today's Distance: 66.2km

*Total Distance from Perth: 2013.3km

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Day54 60km East of Madura to Mundrabilla 56.7km

Started at 5:30am.

Head wind all through the day.

I was not able to run faster than 5km per hour.

Pushing heavy buggy is a brake itself.

Even though I have no buggy, I can't run but walk.

Trying to stay positive, but I often felt blue.

I got to be tolerant. I got to have an attitude to accept anything that happens to me.

Anyway the wind blows…That's the philosophy.

If we refuse something, we cannot get rid of it.

If we are against something, it's always against me.

Everything will be all right, if we accept everything.

After 5pm I finally arrive at Mundrabilla Roadhouse.

It might have been the hardest day in the Nullarbor Plain.

*Today's DIstance: 56.7km

*Total Distance from Perth: 1947.1km

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Day53 Madura to 60km East of Madura 60.4km

Funny how happy time flies…

I sometimes think it's a dream that Tenkyu Pingpongs appeared in the Nullarbor Plain all of a sudden.

But these two days have passed so fast.

It's hard to say goodbye but I got to keep on running and traveling. That's my mission, I know.

At 6:30, after returning a key at motel office, I said goodbye to Piapi, Goro, Sugar.

How glad I have been…to have spent a wonderful time with them.

It was so surprising that they had appeared in the Nullarbor Plain all of a sudden.

But anyway, it was one of the happiest time in my life.

Hope I'll see them again soon.

We waved our hands to each other.

I go to the east, they to the west, going back to Perth.

After traveling in Australia and New Zealand, I'll come back to Japan and we, Piapi and I get married on June 9, 2014.

Once I get back to reality, all I got to do is run.

Today I ran 60km, tomorrow I'll be in Mundrabilla.

Also, I'm glad to finish half of the Nullarbor Plain 600km tomorrow.

Still half, already half…

But half done is all done.

Run to Ceduna…the goal of the Nullarbor!

*Today's Distance: 60.4km

*Total Distance from Perth: 1890.4km

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Day52 My 53rd Birthday in Madura

Tenkyu Pingpongs including my fiance Piapi sang some songs in the outback of the Nullarbor Plain.

They came and see me all the way from Japan.

Rent a car in Perth and drove 1830km to Madura.

They spent just 3 days driving along, while I had spent 50 days.

Anyway I really appreciate their love.

So very nice to have a company.

We had a party and had lots of fun.

I'll never forget the day we spent together...


Day51 44km from Cocklebiddy to Madura 47.7km

Camping in the rain all through the night.

Rained so hard from time to time that I was kind of nervous about water leaking from flysheet.

Pouring rain hit my tent, which sounded like machine gun.

Thunderstorm didn't cease after midnight.

When the dawn broke, I found myself safe.

This is the desert. I have no idea why it rains in the desert plain.

Miracles happened 17km west of Madura, where something that I had never expected really happened.

One car stopped about 2km far away. I recognized three of them got out of the car.

They were waving their hands. I waved mine too.

First, I had no idea who they were.

But as I got closer, I notice they wore light green jackets.

Oh, no! They are….Tenyu Pingpongs, aren't they!?

I was so surprised and glad to see them rushing to me.

My fiancé Piapi and I hold each other.

We met for the first time in 2 months.

Last time we met at Narita International Airport, where she sent me off to Australia.

Amazing! They had been in charge of this special and secret project.

Piapi ran with me for a while and we finally arrived at Madura Roadhouse.

Had a party. Tomorrow is my 53rd birthday.

In the middle of the desert plain called the Nullarbor Plain, today has become an unforgettable day in my life.

Thanks, Piapi, Goro and Sugar for coming and seeing me.

*Today's Distance: 47.7km

*Total Distance from Perth: 1830.0km

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Day50 Cocklebiddy to 44km East of Cocklebiddy 44.2km

Started in the light rain, leaving Cocklebiddy.

Two staff sent me off, when I said goodbye to them.

Desert rain…

It rains in the desert plain, where average annual rainfall is 8 inches.

Headwind bothered me. Haste makes waste. So I enjoyed slow & mellow run.

Flies are so quiet and calm on a rainy, windy day.

I didn't wear a mosquito net today.

17 degrees is not so cold, not so warm, either.

After I arrived at rest area, I was through for today.

Sally and Mark from Tasmania welcomed me to their lunch break.
We talked about life and travel.

They gave me food and donation for the victims of Earthquake and Tsunami, and got back on the road after an hour talk.

Pitched my tent near the picnic table.

After that, I was supposed to have heavy rain...

*Today's Distance: 44.2km

*Total Distance from Perth: 1782.3km


Day49 Caiguna to Cocklebiddy 65.8km

Woke up at 3:30am.

Today's going to be a long day 65km to Cocklebiddy.

Started at 4:50 before the sunrise.

Cloudy but soon sunny breaks.

A car stopped before me and a couple from Sydney gave me some fruits and vegetables.

They say they have to throw away all fruits and vegetables at Border Village because of quarantine.

Anyway, what is necessary should be given. That's what I learned in the Nullarbor Plain.

In the afternoon wind blew from east south east.

It's hard to run 7km per hour against the wind.

It's not so hot. The temperature is about 28 degrees.

No shades along the way but cool wind helped me a lot.

Flies are always with me. About 100 of them are around my shoulders and arms.

When wind is strong they just stay calm.

I wear mosquito net so that they don't bother me.

As I entered Central Western Time Zone, I had to advance my watch 45 minutes.

About 4:40pm, I arrived Cocklebiddy Roadhouse.

Running 65km in the desert can be tough and hard.

I cannot believe why I can run such a long distance.

*Today's Distance: 65.8km

*Total Distance from Perth: 1738.1km

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Day47 40km West to Caiguna 39.9km

Sand storm...it's always possible in the desert, it cannot be helped.

Floor of my tent was covered with white sand dust just like a mountain covered with white snow.

Everything was dusty...even me...I was wrapped with a sleeping bag, my face was washed by the sand.

No one but who has experienced sand storm has not been qualified to travel in the desert.

A man can be negative if he is hungry.

Lack of food is only problem here.

Hope there'll be enough food in Caiguna.

Chasing the horizon, here I can see the horizon 360 degrees.

It's hard for me to see the horizon in Japan, the small island country.

After all I arrived Caiguna, where I got back to civilization.

Just before Caiguna, I saw 90 mile straight highway end and the highway making a slight curve.

Need to wash my clothes, and take a shower buy some food!

Still a long way to get to Ceduna, the end of the Nullarbor Plain.

*Today's Distance: 39.9km

*Total Distance from Perth: 1672.3km

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Day46 67km to 40km West of Caiguna 27.8km

Watching magnificent sunrise and sunset everyday.

One more day to go to get to Caiguna, the next roadhouse.

Running alone in the desert, it is always fun to meet someone.

Unless there's no one else but me, I'll be mad.

Thinking about food, especially fruits and vegetables, some people gave me food!!

I realized how wonderful it is to live on food...which keeps me alive.

I, human being is made up of food and water!

Yes, I'm still running on 90 mile straight highway.

All I can see is the horizon which only divides the sky and the earth.

Arrived at a rest area where there's a water tank for rain water around 1pm.

There was a nice shade and I thought it was a nice campsite, even though I ran less than 30km.

Some caravan stopped here and talked to me, some of whom gave me food!

What is needed should be given...that's what I learned.

Enjoyed beautiful scenes of the sunset again.

Windy...I had to get ready for the sand storm.

*Today's Distance: 27.8km

*Total Distance from Perth: 1632.4km

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Day45 50km East of Balladonia to 67km West of Caiguna 65.3km

Woke up just before the sunrise.

8 degrees, a bit chilly but good climate to run.

Started in the sun.

Worrying about the stock of the food.

Expecting there'll be a variety of food in road house in Caiguna.

Fruits and vegetables are what I want to eat best.

Need more minerals and vitamins.

Getting warm in the afternoon.

Have no time to play with flies because of the heat.

Maybe around 25 degrees but I had lots of sunshine from behind.

Drank a lot of water but eat less.

All I had some cookies and crackers.

A caravan stopped in front of me and an old lady gave me a cup of cold water and a banana and 2 apples!!

I was so glad that I said thanks so many times.

After running 50km I was waiting for a nice camp site but it was kind of hard to find in the plain.

After all, I ran 65km to get to next rest area.

Just before the sunset.

67km to go to Caiguna.

*Today's Distance: 65.3km

*Total Distance from Perth: 1604.6km

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Day44 Balladonia to 50km East of Balladonia 50.1km

After taking a day off in Balladonia Motel, I'm ready to get back on the road again.

Returned the key at the office, I started at 6am.

Carrying 23 liter water in total. My buggy VIENTO a bit heavier than usual, hoping the shaft of the front wheel never be broken down.

11 degrees, 60 percent humidity and sunny blue sky, nice weather for running.

34km east of Balladonia, I noticed that famous signboard "90 MILE STRAIGHT Australia's Longest Highway 145.6km."

Took some pictures before it for the first time in 18 years.

I was here in 1995 on my bike trek across Australia.

Then I kept going along the straight highway.

Weather's been nice, not too warm, not too cold.

At 2:30pm I arrived at rest area just 50km from Balladonia.

Too early to stop but I decided to pitch my tent.

There were some caravan already parked here.

3 days to Caiguna next road house.

All I got to do is save food and water because of limited stock.

*Today's Distance: 50.1km

*Total Distance from Perth: 1539.3km

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Day42 40km West to Balladonia 41.0km

Woke up around 4am. The sun rises about 5am.

In the desert I have to start as early as possible.

It's much better to finish running earlier time.

Wind blew a bit hard but my tent was okay.

As is usual with a weird traveler like me, I was talked to by so many drivers while running.

The same questions are asked there and I give them the same answers.

Yes, there are road trains and caravans which come and go on the highway in the Nullarbor Plain.

I might be the most weird one or the prince of the Nullarbor...hahaha.

Arrived at Road House Balladonia about 1:30pm.

So very glad to be back to civilization!!

But looking around the shop, I was depressed to see there are few food available...some canned tuna, soup, bread and potato chips...

I got some stock which I bought in Norseman but I'm wondering if there are chances to get more food as I move to the east.

What is essential for a runner or a traveler is food and water.

If I don't take a shower, it's okay.

I can imagine that I run through the Nullarbor only by eating water and crackers.

Hope there'll be a chance in Caiguna, the next road house.

*Today's Distance: 41.0km

*Total Distance from Perth: 1489.2km

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Day41 Fraser Range Station to 40km West of Balladonia 49.8km

Not so chilly this morning.

Started at 5:45 on the 3rd day in the Nullarbor Plain.

Flies busy all day flying around my face.

Sometimes they hide my face over the mosquito net.

What annoys me is the noise but they are so friendly never bothering me at all.

Tall trees are disappearing and then it seems like desert scenes here and there.

The temperature rose up to 30 degrees in the afternoon.

Needed a shade but no shades were hard to find along the way.

Many up&downs on rolling hills, I just got to keep on going.

Along the road are some dead bodies of Emus, Kangaroos...

Today I saw maybe camel and dingo for the first time.

Too miserable to see but this is the Nullarbor Plain where both life and death strangely exist together.

About 3pm, I pitched my tent where there's a shade.

One more day to Balladonia!

*Today's Distance: 49.8km

*Total Distance from Perth: 1448.2km

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Day40 56km East of Norseman to Fraser Range Station 50.2km

Seems like it stopped raining late at night.

I felt chilly air on my face and the thermometer showed just 2 degrees.

All of sudden, winter has come in the Nullarbor Plain!

Ate breakfast and got ready for the departure.

It is always hard to put away wet and heavy tent.

Sunny but cold morning. Wind was cool enough.

The 2nd day in the Nullarbor Plain.

So many road trains and caravans come and go.

Some drivers stopped their cars in front of me just to say hello and asked some questions as usual.

They took my photos and some of them left me food and money.

About 3:30, I arrived at caravan park of Fraser Range Station.

90km to Balladonia where there's a road house next.

Single room cost 55 dollars with bed and fridge only.

Water is all from a water tank which saved rain water.

It's nice staying a room with a wall and roof.

Dried my tent under the sun.

Tomorrow I'll pitch my tent in the middle of nowhere again.

*Today's Distance:50.2km

*Total Distance from Perth: 1398.4km


Day39 Norseman to 56km East of Norseman 56.1km

After taking 2 days off in Norseman, it's time to get into the Nullarbor Plain.

Saying big thanks to Mike and Theresa, I left Norseman.

From here, HWY1 changes its name into Eyre Highway.

Sunny, but wind is cool enough.

The scenery is not so different from what it has been so far.

But until I get to Ceduna, I have to spend time running in this desert plain called the Nullarbor.

Flies have come back onto my face and I'm ready for them with a mosquito net.

But in the afternoon, the chilly wind started to blow and dark clouds over my head.

Slight shower…then soon pouring rain.

I kept running with rain suits on but I got soaked even into my shoes.

Found a good camp site in the wood.

Quick action is needed to pitch my tent in the rain.

The first day in the Nullarbor was over and done.

I'm fine. I did my best and I'll do my best tomorrow as well.

*Today's Distance: 56.1km

*Total Distance from Perth:1348.2km

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Day36 45km South to Norseman 44.6km

What annoys me most during my run is flies.

They start to be active some hours after the sun rises and fly around me.

Some kiss me on my cheeks, lips and others get into my nose, ears and mouth.

They might act to be as friendly as possible but oh no...

I cannot concentrate upon my run when I'm busy repelling them.

Running in the wilderness, I'm totally open to the nature.

It means I have no way to get rid of anything.

I have to accept anything whether it is good or not.

Just got to be tolerant.

Finally I arrived in Norseman, west entrance of the Nullarbor Plain!

It used to be very busy and populated town owing to gold rush but now it's kind of isolated.

Checkd in at the Railway Motel and the owner Mike and Theresa were so glad to give me a hearty welcome.

Taking 2 day-off here and get ready for the longest stretch of 1200km.

It's a key to get along with the heat and thirsty.

*Today's Distance: 44.6km

*Total Distance from Perth: 1292.1km

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Day35 Salmon Gums to 45km South of Norseman 44.6km

Early shower but sunny sky came back again soon.

As I go up to the north, the ray of the sun gets kind of hard.

Morten, a cyclist from Norway caught up with me before noon.

We promised to see each other again somewhere along the road or maybe in Europe.

Andrew, one of the supporters of Alan & Janette found me on the highway and stopped his car just to say hello.

He said they were already in the Nullarbor Plain.

I'm wondering if I can catch up with them.

They still keep on running 42.2km every day...Just amazing!

After 4pm, I found a good place to pitch my tent on the road side.

Tomorrow is the day I will be back to civilization!

*Today's Distance: 44.6km

*Total Distance from Perth: 1247.5km

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Day34 Scaddan to Salmon Gums 55.1km

While running, flies are so friendly that they enjoy playing with me all day.

They start to be active when the temperature rises to 20 degrees.

Some attack me into ears, nose and mouth.

I want to play with them but I have to concentrate upon runnning.

That's why I wear mosquito net which I used in the Arctic Circle, Alaska.

Cool in the morning but when the sun starts shining it gets warm.

The ray of the sun is pretty hard.

Now there are lots of shades under trees but in the Nullarbor Plain there are no trees at all.

On the way a cyclist from Norway came after me.

Morten was his name.

We talked a while and we soon met again later.

I finished today's run in the communty caravan park of Salmon Gums.

5 dollars for non-powered site. There's a hot shower and toilet but there's no cabin and caravan to stay.

As soon as I arrived there, a man talked to me and I was offered chilly canned beer.

How lucky I was to get invited to their dinner!

Michael and his wife Aenne are from Germany.

They moved to Australia after living in Singapore for 25 years.

Then, Morten, Norwegian cyclist came around to say hello to me.

He said he was staying at the motel nearby.

We talked a while and I thought one meeting caused another.

Morten said he would start about 9:30 and he would cathc up with me on the highway.

And he went back for dinner.

Michael and Aenne live in Adelaide. I may have a chance to see them again along the way to Sydney.

Had an excellent night with gorgeous dinner.

*Today's Distance: 55.1km

*Total Distance from Perth: 1195.1km

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Day33 Esperance to Scaddan 51.9km

After taking 2 day-off in Esperance, I lest for Norseman 200km north from here.

But about 15km from Esperance, the accident happened.

All of a sudden, front wheel came off from the buggy.

I checked it out and found the shaft of the wheel had been broken down.

Got to get back to Esperance...that's what I first thought about.

Tried to hitch hike and a car stopped for me and I told the driver about what had been happening then he gave me a ride to down town Esperance.

Andrew was his name.

He was the very savior!

When we stopped at the bike shop I showed the shaft to the owner and asked if they had the one of the same size.

He said OK and went to check at the storage.

After a while he came back with the one that I really needed!!

He gave me another spare and asked him how much I had to pay but he said he needed no money!

Good luck...was the last words of the owner.

Andrew had been waiting for me and he said he would give me a ride back to the place where he had picked me up.

Oh! Everything was perfect.

I started to run again just about 80 minutes after that accident occurred.

This is going to be one of the most amazing stories in my life.

I kept going on until I reached Scaddan where there's only a park called Pioneer Park.

Pitched my tent out there.

There's a toilet and a water tank to save rain water.

*Today's Distance: 51.9km

*Total Distance From Perth: 1140.0km

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