ALTRA Instinct 2.0

These shoes are what I am supposed to use for the first 700-800km of running across New Zealand, 3000km trek from Auckland to Invercargill.

ALTRA Instinct 2.0 is presented by LOTUS.

Former model Instinct 1.5 supported all the way from Perth to Sydney while I was running across Australia.

That's why I really rely on ALTRA.

I'll run my best at 3000km trek in New Zealand, too.

The shoe laces are CATERPY RUN sponsored by MEROS.

It is made of rubber code. It's not necessary to tie shoe laces once we set it on each shoe.


On The Road Again

Just in two weeks I am supposed to leave Japan for Auckland, New Zealand.

I’m not so nervous just keeping myself busy moving here and there on business.

Once I start, all I got to do is keep running until I get to my final destination. It’s just like a running race.

But I just want to enjoy what will happen to me along the way, such as the view and an encounter on the way. I run slow and mellow, never getting hasty, keeping quite cool and never giving up.

I value running with a memory rather than a record as I often say.

Good luck and good run!!

PEACE RUN 2014 Running Across New Zealand.


On My 54th Birthday

Thanks, Peperon for drawing such a wonderful illustration as this on my 54th birthday.

Just one year ago I was in the middle of the Nullurbor Plain, Australia, running all by myself struggling in the desert plain.

Sometimes I wonder how I came back conquering such an extreme journey.

Anyway I have to appreciate the help from my wife Piapi who came and saved me from hunger and fatigue.

Where will I be running at this time next year?

God only knows....


30,000km To Go With ALTRA

ALTRA will support my PEACE RUN running around the world including the next trek PEACE RUN 2014 Running Across New Zealand.

Mr. Fukuchi (left) , the CEO of LOTUS, the only official import agent of ALTRA in Japan, is handing ALTRA Instinct 2.0 to me at his office.

Of course, I will run 30,000km (18,645miles) on the rest three continents Eurasia, Africa and South America with ALTRA.

English Website


Japanese Website


PEACE RUN Running Around The World




PEACE RUN 2014 Running Across New Zealand

One month to go!

I'm going to leave Osaka for Auckland, NZ on November 10.

I'll be on Kiwi's land for the first time in 20 years.

Biking In New Zealand And Across Australia

As long as I remember,  there were very few people I saw in New Zealand.

Actually I still remember the scenes with sheep every where I was.

Yes, there are whole bunch of sheep 10 times as many as kiwis.

I'll be running out there between spring and summer.

Thanks God!  There's no desert in New Zealand!!

And no dangerous animals either!!

It's a small island country just like Japan but there are lots of mountains and hills I have to climb here and there.

Scenery, people, food.....I'd like to enjoy anything I see.

Hope all of you who read this blog enjoy my running trek!!

PEACE RUN 2014 Running Across New Zealand