Day by day, little by little, everything goes forward.

Got to be patient, never be in haste, never give up.

Moved to YMCA from a hotel in downtown with my VIENTO.

It was too heavy to push and there seemed to be little space for food and water.

Once I start, I just go on running on a lonesome highway.

Got to get to used to everything in this country.

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Spent some hours shopping around, getting ready for the departure 4 days after today.

Bought a map, some food...everything seems expensive here, maybe more expensive than in Japan.

Ran about an hour along the River Drive. Not that cold, not too warm.

Dreaming of running in the outback...Wondering how I may feel being alone in the middle of nowhere.

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Here I am in Perth, Western Australia.

After 12 hours flight from Tokyo via Kuala Lumpur, I arrived in Perth.

My running days start on September 1.

And it will last for 8 months.

Wondering how tough and hard the route is on Ayer Highway.

4 more days before the departure.

Got to get ready for the perfect start.

Support me on line and I'll do my very best to get to Sydney!!


Almost ready!

Just 10 days before I leave Perth for Sydney, the final destination of my running across the nation.

5500km trek must be tough one including crossing the Nullarbor Plain where there are no towns but road houses every 100 to 200km.

Spend 4 days in Tokyo between 23-26, and on the night of 26 I fly to Perth.

This time my partner VIENTO (Chariot CX2) will be running with me even in the desert plain, which carries lots of water and food.

   (Photo: Adventure Runner Katzhiko "Kay" Takashige and VIENTO)


Live Together Run Together

What PEACE RUN wants to emphasize is not a competition but running together.

The 21st century is the era when we human beings should live together.

If so, we runners have to live and run together.

It would be possible if we could think of others not only of ourselves.

No matter how different we are, we can accept each other.

We got to be modest and tolerant.

We can make friends with anyone in the world.