DAY18 Day-Off in Penrith

Took a day-off after running 5 days in a row since I left Liverpool.

Wayfarers Independent Hostel is a cozy place, clean and quiet.

The owner is friendly and kind.

I asked him to let me use a washing machine and for the first time I washed my clothes by machine here in UK.

I have washed my clothes by hands and soap so far.

Really appreciated the power of civilization!!

Edited a new movie of Day8-15. *See below

Walked about the town visiting Penrith Castle Ruins in One-Tooth Geta.

It used to be a real Western castle made of bricks in 14-15th century but no more a castle just ruins.

Nothing is unbreakable...that's what history shows.

Got some food at Morrison. Shopping is the best pastime here.

It's a good way to learn culture of British people.

Probably it takes about 5 days to Edinburgh, Scotland.

They say Art Festival is being held about this time. So it's high time for tourism out there,  difficult to book accommodation.

 Leave things to chance. It's sometimes fun to travel without planning.

YouTube Movie #2

*Today’s Distance:  0 km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 658.2 km

*See More Photos

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