DAY22 Galashiels-Peebles 41km(Scotland)

Woke up at 5:30 so that breakfast started at 7:30.

Sunny and warm this morning 11 degrees.

Excellent breakfast!

Fruits, cereal, coffee or tea, toast, ham & cheese,etc.

Ate too much. I don’t usually eat that much for breakfast.

Started at 8:20 following National Cycle Route 1.

Quiet country road is my favorite.

The route is not always paved, sometimes gravel, muddy, hilly road but it’s always quiet and calm.

I don’t like running on normal highway with no sidewalk and shoulders which always gives me so much stress.

Met up with 2 cyclists. One of them said he had met in Langham.

It’s Saturday, there were so many cyclists on the route.

Soon dark clouds came up and it started to rain but soon sun came up.

Weather is always changeable, we cannot expect weather.

About 3:30, I checked in at tent site of Rosetta Holiday Park.

£12 for solo tent site is not so cheap but we can take a hot shower.

In caravan parks in New Zealand and Australia there was a community kitchen where we could cook for ourselves.

But there are laundromat, shower and toilet here.

Edinburgh is about 20 km north from here.

From Edinburgh I head to Glasgow. Soon my travel in UK will be over.

*Today’s Distance:  41.0 km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 838.9 km

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