Day153 Ulladulla to Conjola 23.5km

Finally 10 days to Sydney!

When I arrived in Nowra tomorrow, total distance from Perth is over 5000km!

But I have taken day-off so often, I run less than 1000km per month.

It's okay I have had no major troubles or accidents so far.

Today 34 degrees highest. No wind, no shades. It was a tough run.

67km between Ulladulla and Nowra. So I ran to Conjola today.

Tomorrow I'll be in Nowra and then take a day-off.

I don't have to run such a long distance now.

Just 10 days before the goal. I have to take good care of my body and legs.

Tonight I am staying at Sinclair's Country Retreat a little bit north of Conjola.

It's in a farm surrounded by mountains and forest.

300m from Highway 1. Very quiet.

The owner was kind enough to allow me to stay free.

I sleep in a dormitory where workers stay.

I met Mac and Tracy who are traveling by motorcycle in Milton.

They were so much interested in my journey and we talked for a while.

The gave me a gift, organic fruits that they had bought a shop nearby.

Glad to have met them. I enjoy every meeting on the way.

*Today's Distance: 23.5km

*Total Distance from Perth: 4974.5km

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Day152 Batemans Bay to Ulladulla 53.4km

18-32 degrees today.

277km in 11 days to Sydney.

I'll take my time to make it.

I don't have to hurry. No matter how long it takes, I'll be there.

Met two cyclist from France. They were riding from Adeaide to Brisbane.

Hope they see this blog.

Ulladulla is also a big city which faces the Pacific Ocean.

Coles, Woolworths, Aldi and IGA are all together in walking distance from this motel.

It was a hot day with lots of sunshine but head wind cooled me down. I had a hard time to moving forward though.

224km in 10 days to Sydney. Tomorrow is the last day of January.

I'm sure I can make it!!

*Today's Distance: 53.4km

*Total Distance from Perth: 4951km

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Day150 Moruya to Batemans Bay 25.8km

15 to 29 degrees today.

Hot summer days will come back this week again.

13 days and 270km to go until I get to Sydney on day 163.

No flat roads lately.

Where I run is only hills.

I'm glad there are shades on the way.

Often take a break to cool myself down.

About 10am heat often starts.

28.5km today. Finished in Batemans Bay.

Tonight I stay in caravan.

It's called Holiday Park, a kind of caravan park.

But YHA Youth Hostel is also in here.

The temperature at 4pm is 36 degrees in this caravan.

No air conditioner but there's an electric fan, which doesn't make a sense!

There are community bathroom and kitchen 20 meters from my caravan.

I should have stayed at motel...?

It's a big city where Woolworths, Coles and Aldi are together.

Take a day-off tomorrow but it's almost impossible to stay in caravan at daytime.

*Today's Distance: 25.8km

*Total Distance from Perth: 4897.6km

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Day149 Narooma to Moruya 43.6km

Some more hills today.

Temperature 14-26 degrees.

Latter half of this week, it will rise up to 30 degrees.

When today's over, it's 300km to go to Sydney!

Life is not easy as well as travel isn't.

I'm doing my best at every single moment.

Once I start, all I got to do is run for the goal.

It's my mission.

But every goal is nothing but the point of passage.

That's why I run till the end of the world.

As long as there's only one road ahead of me, or as long as I got two legs of my own, I have to keep on running.

I don't need any goals.

I just want to enjoy every single moment when I can run.

That's what I really want.

*Today's Distance: 43.6km

*Total Distance from Perth: 4871.8km

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Day148 Cobargo to Narooma 39.4km

Still cool… 12 to 22 degrees.

It's Australia Day today, national holiday.

Wondering if Woolworths is closed…there's one in Narooma though.

Since I left Cobargo, I ran passing so many hills.

No flat roads on the way.

Some hills were too steep to climb pushing my buggy.

But the scenery was good. I enjoyed watching the lakes, pastures and national parks.

After running inland route, the view of Tasman Sea (South Pacific Ocean) came into my eyes.

About 2:30pm, I arrived in the city center of Narooma.

First I did some shopping at Woolworths. How lucky! The store was open!

Then I visited caravan park about 800 north of Woolworths but I was surprised to know the rates of cabin 194 dollars, even unpowered campsite cost 48 dollars!!!

Young lady at reception recommended me to visit and ask at information center with a pretty smile.

As I was told, I climbed another steep hill and went down back into Highway 1 again.

I got some information about cheap accommodation but there was a motel on the other side of the highway.

I just wanted to check the rate, so I knocked on the door of the reception.

But nobody's at the reception. I noticed the note on the door.

"There's only one unit available. Single 80.00, Double 95.00"

The owner came back in 10 minutes and I talked with the couple, Debra and Bernie about my travel and PEACE RUN.

Debra said, "You can stay here free!"

How lucky I was!

And then, they were kind enough to treat me Aussie dinner!

Happy Australia Day!

I'm so glad that I am alive here in Australia!

*Today's Distance: 39.5km

*Total Distance from Perth: 4828.2km

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Day147 Bega to Cobargo 43.1km

Where is heatwave at the moment?

Today's temperature is between 14 and 23 degrees but 8 degrees tonight.

It was fortunate that wind comes from southwest.

It's Australia Day today and most stores are closed until Monday.

Some more hills but it's not the rain forest but pastures.

It's good to see cows, horses and sheep.

I feel so peaceful forgetting everything.

When I run, I have fun. Slow and mellow. Never give up!

*Today's Distance: 43.1km

*Total Distance from Perth: 4788.8km

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Below is a schedule to Sydney.

Come and see me running if you have a chance!


Sat 25 Cobargo(42.1km)

Sun 26 Narooma(36.5km)

Mon 27 Moruya(43.6km)

Tue 28 Batemans Bay(25km)

Wed 29 Off

Thu 30 Ulladulla(55.4km)

Fri 31 Conjola(18.3km)


Sat 1 Nowra(45.7km)

Sun 2 Off

Mon 3 Kiama (44.5km)

Tue 4 Off

Wed 5 Wollongong(32.2km)

Thus 6 Off

Fri 7 Wombarra(19km)

Sat 8 Sutherland(36.7km)

Sun 9 Haberfield(21.2km)

Mon 10 Sydney Opera House(10km)


Sydney Opera House, February 10, 2014

Come and see me on the 10th of February when I finish my PEACE RUN Running across Australia at Sydney Opera House.

5200km away from Perth, WA where I started this run on the 1st of September...

The day will finally come when this run come to an end.

I'll be there at Opera House about noon after running about 9km on that day.

If you run with me, give me a message. Pushbike or motor cycle are welcome too.


Day144 Eden to Bega 52.9km

Today's temperature was 14-24 degrees.

Not so hot, not so cold.

More and more hills…I'll never complain about it.

Going uphills and downhills…no flat road!

Running across the USA 5284.7km, running across Australia 4245.7km was done today, in total 10029.9km!

My final purpose is to run 40000km on 5 continents, today 10000km, a quarter of the whole distance was done.

30000km to go…still a long way to go but I'll do my best.

*Today's Distance: 52.9km

*Total Distance from Perth: 4745.7km

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Live For Today

It's worthless to waste every moment by trying so hard to think about the future.

There's no moving forward if we regret our past for what we have done or if we get swayed by the glory of the past.

We live or we are allowed to live today.

As we are not able to live only in the present, it is important for us to live our best for this precious moment.

There are so many things we have to learn from the past and we can have dreams or hopes in our future.

But it's not until we do our very best living every single moment that we found it so meaningful.

Time is passing from past to present, from present to future.

We cannot get back to the past even though we can move the clock backward.

We who live today are all programmed to do so.

The past lies only in our memories as the proof of our existing.

It's also impossible to slip into the future by moving the clock forward.

The future also lies only in the concept of ours. Without living each and every day, our future never comes.

Time has already existed before we were born and the clock will keep ticking after we're gone away.

Every single moment already belongs to forever.

Not only time passes but it's also accumulated where we never noticed for sure.

I will do my very best living for the time accumulated...

and for the time which never comes back again...


Day141 Genoa to Eden 62.6km

About 10km from Genoa, I entered New South Wales, the last state I visited.

Drizzling rain but soon it stopped.

More and more hills…short climb but it lasted endlessly.

Cool enough but I sweat a lot.

62km is not short. It's 110km from Cann River to Eden.

Between two towns, there are no super market.

To enjoy shopping, I really had to get to Eden today.

Roberto and Annika caught up with me afternoon.

We took a break at the rest area for a while.

Up and downs last many, many times.

Often wondered when the last would come.

From the top of the hill I saw Tasman Sea (South Pacific Ocean).

It was unfortunate that the sky was gray not blue.

It was past 5:30 when I arrived at Eden.

Checked in at the motel next to the supermarket.

62km running and pushing buggy is not an easy job.

Long and winding road on a hilly highway gave me patience as well as physical power.

Both my hands are numb, both arms, shoulders are also exhausted.

Enjoyed shopping for the first time in a while.

Next to the motel was a super market called Bi-Lo.

In Cann River, I didn't buy what was really necessary but this time no limit!

I was glad that everything sold cheap.

*Today's Distance: 62.6km

*Total Distance from Perth: 4692.8km

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Day140 Cann River to Genoa 47.9km

After taking 3 days off in Cann River, I got back on the road again.

When I left this morning, I san ROAD CLOSED sigh in front of the motel.

They say it was just because of the bush fire, which is still burning the west of Cann River. Fire seemed to coming up to the east.

But fortunately, heatwave was gone. Much cooler this morning.

While I was taking a break on the roadside, there came two cyclists.

Roberto from Mexico and Annika from Germany.

They say they are traveling around the world and they have already visited about 20 countries.

We took pictures of each other and exchanged business cards.

Highway 1 forces me to follow tough and hard mountain route.

I cannot help but walk up in climbing hills but running down hills gives me a hard time. It's sometimes hard to control the speed. If I run down fast, it's not good on my knees.

Long and winding road led me to the caravan park, Genoa.

There used to be a caravan park but now it is just a park with toilets and showers.

Roberto and Annika were already there waiting for me.

And three more companies are together.

Party tonight! We drank beer.

Fortunately there was a hotel/bar near caravan park.

Seems like there used to be a grocery store but this town is getting isolated.

We shared food cooked by each one of us.

Stake, hamburg, Pasta and ramen noodle…

Talked, laughed and shared a happy time…

*Today's Distance: 47.9km

*Total Distance from Perth: 4630.2km

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Record-breaking Heatwave

Here I am in Cann River, Victoria.

Record-breaking heatwave hit Victoria area.

It's been extremely hot, the temperature is around 40-45 degrees!

Now I'm taking a break to avoid this heatwave, staying at motel.

Tomorrow will be much cooler 17-27 degrees.

My final goal will be on February 10th at Sydney Opera House.

Come and see my final run or run with me till the final goal!

Here's a track I have followed so far:

Sydney is just 580km from here.


Day136 Bellbird Creek to Can River 37.4km

Been out of network here in the mountain area.

Heat almost knocked me out yesterday.

Today I started at 6am.

I just want to finish as early as possible before it gets hot.

This mountain route reminds me of running in the Rocky Mountains while I ran across the US in 2011.

Hills are not so steep but up & downs repeat endlessly, which damages me on the knees.

After 10am, the sun shines so sharp that I feel heat sticking into my skin.

I remember when I ran in the heatwave 48 degrees in Kingman, Kansas.

It's just like running on the frying pan heated on the oven.

Just 20-minute-run gives me heart attack.

The heat seems like we need to drink water as often as possible. Otherwise I'll be overheated.

Such heat as 9 out of 10 runners will be knock down if they keep running for 1 hour under this heat...

Or heat like a kangaroo hit by a trailer can easily and quickly  be steak on the highway...

One surprising meeting today…

It was on October 3, the day I left Esperance for Norseman that I met a guy named Andrew.

I was at a loss just after an accident of my buggy.

The shaft of the front wheel was broken down.

I tried hitch hiking. Andrew was the first one who stopped his car for me.

He gave me a ride to a bike shop in Esperance and after that he drove back where we had met.

I re-started my run only 40 minutes after the accident occurred.

Yes, that Andrew was on the highway with his two kids.

They were on their way back from summer camp.

He said he was checking my blog and was following the track of my running across Australia.

It was so nice meeting him again!

I thanked him again for his great help.

Such meeting as this is always the origin of the power which keeps me going on.

May my travel be filled with lots of meeting!

Before 1pm, I finished my run at a motel in Cann River.

I was nearly overheated because of the heat and dry climate.

Cool summer was over and hot summer weather will last, I guess.

I may have to think about the route from here.

I'd better take the coastal route...

It's stupid to camp out under the temperature 40 degrees.

And it's also a suicidal action to run 40-50km under the heatwave especially in the afternoon.

I was lucky in the Nullarbor Plain when it was cool enough.

If I had run in the Nullarbor Plain under such heat, I must have given up for sure.

Thanks Andrew! We'll meet again somewhere along the road!!

*Today's Distance: 37.4km

*Total Distance from Perth: 4582.3km

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Day135 Orbost to Bellbird Creek 38.6km

Woke up at 4am as usual.

Today I'm going to pitch my tent at rest area just between Orbost and Cann River.

The temperature will rise up to 30 degrees. I don't want to reach there earlier time when it's too warm to camp out.

Left Orbost at 7am.

The scenery shows vast farming area where there are lots of cows.

Soon the highway turns out to be surrounded by State Forest.

When shoulders got narrow, I couldn't help but run on unpaved shoulders.

What I got to be careful is fallen branches.

It gives damage to the sparks of my wheels.

Or it will stick to my toes over my shoes.

About noon after running 27km, I took a lunch break at Cafe & Grocery Stores at Cabbage Tree Creek.

Had Diet Coke and Bacon & Cheese Pie.

Felt like eating ice cream so I are Choco-mint Ice Cream.

When it's dry and hot, running just a few kilometers will raise my heart rate.

Some more hills…elevation rose up to 200m above sea evel.

Around 3pm, I finished my run at Bellbird Creek Hotel.

Behind the hotel was a rest area where there's a campground.

There is only a bed in the room. No fridge, no TV, no electric pot.

The owner was kind enough to put an electric fan for me.

The room was not so hot.

No network is available here.

Tomorrow will be much hotter…40 degrees.

Took a shower and had dinner.

Some crackers, dried fruits, nuts and canned tuna.

It's the same as I ate in the Nullarbor Plain (lol).

I'm going to take a day-off in Cann River to get ready for the route to Cannberra.

*Today's Distance: 38.6km

*Total Distance from Perth: 4544.9km

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Day134 Nowanowa to Orbost 39.3km

Today's temperature will be 12 to 23 degrees.

But in a few days, it'll be pretty hot, higher than 35 degrees.

Wanted to follow Rail Trail, I found dead end at one point, there was no easy way out because of bush.

Met a cyclist for the first time in a while.

He's from Switzerland. He said he had started in Brisbane and was heading to Perth.

He runs a bakery with his brother. Maybe I'll see him at home someday.

Finished in a motel in Orbost after running 39.3km.

*Today's Distance: 39.3km

*Total Distance from Perth: 4506.3km

*See More Photos 


Day133 Bairnsdale to Nowanowa 48.5km

Yesterday I got iPod Shuffle at Harvey Norman.

I have spent my money only on food and accommodation so far but it was the right time to do the right shopping.

Since the last mp3 player got out of order the other day, I have had no music while running.

No Music, No Running!

Running needs rhythm, melody and harmony!!

Being away from Princes Highway, I followed East Gippsland Rail Train until Nowanowa.

It used to be a railway. Quiet trail surrounded by State Forest.

I saw wild deer.

And the steepest hill I've ever climbed near the railway wooden bridge which is out of service now.

It was a pretty warm day. I sweated a lot and took a rest under the shades of trees.

Life is wonderful when I run.

I feel so good while I live and travel.

I really appreciate that I had a good run today.

*Today's Distance: 48.5km

*Total Distance from Perth: 4467.0km

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Day131 Day Off in Bairnsdale

Here's a track I have followed....

Day130 Stratford to Bairnsdale 52.1km

Once leaving Stratford, there's nothing until I get to Bairnsdale. Just following Highway 1, kind of boring run.

But something happened in the rest area.

John, electrician, talked to me while I was taking a break.

He gave me $20 bill and packed juice. Thanks so much!

Then, several minutes later, Bob & Simon from New Zealand came up to me and they gave me 21.50 in total.

They seemed to be interested in the story of Fukushima because there are some earthquake happening in NZ too.

I lost Soon-Soon the Mammoth the other day.

But today I came across another one.

This time T-Rex the dinosaur.

I'm wondering if there's any good name for him…

*Today's Distance: 52.1km

*Total Distance from Perth: 4418.5km

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Day 129 Sale to Stratford 21.4km

Just 20km run today.

Late start at 9am.

8 to 19 degrees.

It's summer but not like summer every day.

No days over 20 degrees lately…why?

But it's a good condition to run.

Following Princes Highway(National Highway 1).

Traffic is kind of heavy but I run on the shoulder, not wide enough but better than nothing.

The motel I stayed was about 2km west of city center of Sale.

I did some shopping at ALDI.

About 2pm, I checked in at motel in Stratford.

I arrived in town before 1pm.

But the owner of the motel said I could check in after 2pm.

So that's what I did.

Until 2pm, I killed my time just before the library sitting on a bench and eating blueberry muffin and banana.

This town has something to do with Shakespeare as the name shows.

They say Shakespeare Festival is held in April every year.

In many ways Australia has a strong color affected by UK.

The green of the park is beautiful and people walking around seem to feel at ease.

Everyone looks satisfied and smiles…I love the town like that.

Actually the letters of Stratford on my road map are writhed the smallest.

But when I first stepped into the town, there were many things I didn't know and which I couldn't see on the map.

And I know there are many towns more attractive than big cities.

I prefer such small towns to the famous places tourists often visit.

*Today's Distance: 21.4km

*Total Distance from Perth: 4366.4km

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Day 128 Traralgon to Sale 46.8km

Rain and wind storm last night.

Still westerly wind is blowing.

Temperature is between 10 and 18 according to the weather report.

After breakfast, I left the motel at 6:50, late start.

The owner of the motel took a photo of me and gave me a $50 donation for kids in Fukushima.

And she was so kind as to wash and dry my clothes and fold them tidy. I really appreciate her hospitality. Thanks so much!!

Following Highway 1, Princes Highway.

Rained a bit but gusty wind pushed me all the time.

A big branch fell from the sky, which surprised me a lot!

This tail wind was strong enough to push my buggy (about 65kg weight) forward on the slope even if I didn't push.

Maximum speed 16.7km per hour!!

Running along the Highway 1, many drivers blow their horns to cheer me up.

One of them, Chris stopped her car on the roadside and asked me some questions.

She said, "I was just curious about why you're doing like that."

She gave me $20 donation for kids in Fukushima.

Around 3pm, I finished today's run in Sale.

I've never heard a strange name like this.

*Today's Distance: 46.8km

*Total Distance from Perth: 4345.0km

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Day 127 Yarragon to Traralgon 52.1km

Still chilly…this cool climate has been the same since I left Perth 4 months ago..Why?

I wear fleece jacket and wind breaker every morning.

I'm not good at chilly climate.

Left Yarragon at 5:45am before the dawn.

My breath was white because of cold weather but in the afternoon it's warm enough.

Flies became so active as to fly around my face.

I needed mosquito net.

It's easy for me to lose my concentration because of flies.

I got caught in a trap of Google Map.

The route Google Map directed me was dead end.

There was a Australian Paper factory out there. No through road.

I tried to find another route but the same trap again!

So I had to run 4km detour.

Things like this happened so often in the US, too.

Around 3pm, I finished today's run in Traralgon.

It's a big city with Coles and Woolworths.

Motel owner was so kind as to give me $20 discount and offered me Continental breakfast free.

Thanks so much!!

*Today's Distance: 52.1km

*Total Distance from Perth: 4298.2km

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Day 125 Longwarry to Yarragon 36.1km

Chilly morning. 10 degrees. Got up late.

My tent is wet because of morning dew.

Started at 6:45am.

Met a lady runner in Drouin.

She said she had seen me in Western Australia a few months ago.

I was surprised to hear that.

She was traveling with her husband in caravan driving around Australia.

Small world, isn't it?

Yellow jacket and yellow flag were what she remembers.

Cloudy but when the sun shines it gets warm.

Hill climb again and again.

Most hills were more than 10 percent grade, just like slopes of ski ground for beginners.

Around 3pm, I checked in at motel in Yarragon.

Small town but there were lots of tourists, most of whom were senior citizen.

They are traveling here and there all through the year.

*Today's Distance: 36.1km

*Total Distance from Perth: 4246.1km

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Day 124 Dandenong to Longwarry 55.8km

This morning I found a comment on my blog, it was from Mr. Inoue I had met yesterday.


"Dear Mr. Takashige,

Thanks so much for sharing your time with us.

I was so glad to meet you on the first day of the new year.

Hope it'll be the good one.

I did realize every single step of yours is making the track of PEACE on the planet earth.

After you leave, I found PEACE on your way!

There's still a long way to go but I hope you finish in Sydney safely.

May you be come back safe after running across New Zealand!

I like your saying "Never haste, never be in panic, never give up."

It sounds so good lingering in my heart.


I guess I'm going to try little by little.

I'll do whatever I can.

If I don't do anything, it is 0(zero).

But if I do some action, it'll be 1(one).

0 is totally different from 1.

1 can be 100, 1000 or 10000 if it is piled.

Now if it's invisible, someday in the future it'll be clear and visible to anyone.

Believing so, I'll keep on running today and tomorrow.

Run for tomorrow!!

There are towns where there's no accomodation.

I pitched my tent in recreation reserve in Longwarry.

For the first time in a while I sleep in my tent.

I often run where there's no sidewalk, where there's gravel shoulder.

Flies were so active today, 20 or so were flying around me.

I'm happy I ran alive today.

Never forget this feeling.

*Today's Distance: 55.8km

*Total Distance from Perth: 4210.0km

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Day 123 Preston (Melbourne) to Dandenong

New Year's Day…The first run of the new year!

After I left Melbourne, sidewalk lasted never ending.

Some stores are open and most of the gas stations too.

Cloudy in the morning but started to rain in the afternoon.

Followed a bike path and a trail.

On the way, I first met Mr.Inoue, who has been a regular reader of my blog for long years.

He lives in Melbourne with his wife and son.

I'm happy to know there are people like him more and more.

As it started to rain hard, I stopped running about 3pm at earlier time than planned.

Checked in at motel in Dandenong.

There must be something more I need to get in my PEACE RUN.

I keep moving on until I find what it is.

*Today's Distance: 41.2km

*Total Distance from Perth: 4154.2km

*See More Photos