A Lesson From The Nature

It is strange that all the flowers know the very time when they should bloom without taking a wrong season.

They understand that it is a mission to bloom for own will beautifully without being told by anyone.

In that way everything in the natural world coexists while keeping well-balanced.


Run In Ippon-ba Geta

Ran 8km(5miles) in Ippon-ba Geta(One-Teeth Geta).

Have often used Ippon-ba Geta so far in walking not in running.

It’s because the teeth of Ippon-ba Geta will be fearfully jagged in a short time when I use it in running.

But I found it much more exciting to run in Ippon-ba Geta.

Even if it’s kind of hard to widen a stride, I use power to bend forward, step both legs forward and then run.

Abdominal muscle, the back, calf, quadriceps femoris muscle…

Strong stimulation comes up here and there on my body.

I’ve never felt these kind of stimulation when I run in normal shoes.

Actually it take shorter time and distance to train whole parts of my body when I run in Ippon-ba Geta.

Yes, this is exactly the right sense to run using not only the feet (legs) but also whole body.

I guess I am going to try and run in Ippon-ba Geta to search for the interest of this magical wooden clog.


What A Peaceful Moment!

With fresh spring breeze on my whole body, I am running.

One afternoon in the park, cherry blossoms in full bloom falling like a snowstorm.

The calm sunlight wraps everything warmly.

I'm so glad I am here in Japan about this time.

I'm so happy I'm running at this peaceful moment with peace of mind.

May Peace prevail on earth...

May people all over the world be filled with Love and Happiness...


Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)

The time might be now when I feel happy to have been born in Japan and to live my life in this country.

I feel that way every year.

When I enjoy watching cherry blossoms in full bloom, even if they are at their best during such a short time, I cannot help smiling and I wonder how much I feel satisfied.

Wearing SAMUE(traditional work clothing of Japanese Zen Buddhist monks) and ippon-ba geta(one-tooth clog), I feel proud that I was born in Japan.

I guess I’ll enjoy watching cherry blossoms tomorrow too.