DAY63 Roye-Fleurine 51.4 km (France)

At 7am, Pascal served a breakfast for me.

Home-made bread and cake, jam, coffee and orange juice.

Even in a short-time stay, I was so happy to have been treated like a family member.

Annie and Pascal are planning to visit Asia next March.

Hope they’ll visit Osaka and I’ll show them around.

Saying goodbye to them, I got back on the road again.

Followed D1017 almost all day, with no sidewalk, no shoulders,

in some part there were sidewalk or cycle path.

During rush hour in the morning, traffic was a bit heavy I got to be nervous.

I kept looking at rear-view mirror watching for coming cars from behind.

When big trucks or trailers, I had to step aside into the grass.

Especially when two trucks or trailers passed by each other, I had to stay on the road side until they had gone by.

The road was not so wide.

About 5pm, when there was 3km left, both rear tires had flat tires.

So disgusting!

It’s time to exchange tires.

At 6pm, I finished today’s run at a hotel.

There was nothing around the hotel. I should have stopped by at a supermarket in town…Even if there’s a hotel, there’s neither supermarket nor restaurant.

Tomorrow I get close to Paris but I have no idea if I visit Paris by train or bus. I can take a day-off.

In November, when I finish my run in Paris, I may have time to enjoy sightseeing in Paris.

*Today’s Distance: 51.4 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 2347.1 km

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