Desert Memories

On November 27, 2014 I was running on Desert Road, North Island, New Zealand.

64km between Turing and Waiouru, surrounded by isolated scenery, I had to keep running without speaking with anyone.

No towns and no shops either.

There was a pass elevation about 1000m on the way but after that I could enjoy long downhill till I got to the next town.

Gusty wind caused sand storm, which naturally reminded me of Mohave Desert, California, USA or the Nullarbor Plain, Australia.

The lesson that I had learned from the desert run was we human beings can become one-pure-selves in the desert landscape, much purer than we used to be.

It might have been time for me to come back to original my-simple-self and also it was the time for me to go forward to the next dimension.

I hope I will be buried in the sand of the desert after my death.

I guess I can travel riding the wind again…


First Day of the Winter

Seems like the first day of the winter...

running slow and mellow in the chilly wind.

---The ground was covered with yellow ginkgo leaves

at Osaka Castle Park


Yatomi Lions Club Children's Cancer Run

Attended Yatomi Lions Club Children's Cancer Run as a guest runner.

It was a local small race but has so nice an atmosphere.

700 people including runners and staff had a really good time.

At the PEACE RUN booth, there were official original T-shirt and One-Tooth Geta and also runners had a chance to try on One-Tooth Geta.

Isn't it good for us runners to live and run together?

That's what PEACE RUN is for...

Every time I run at races, runners' smile reminds me of it.


Forgiveness And Healing

Do not get angry no matter what may happen.

Anger robs us of power and energy.

Hatred that comes from anger will lead to someone’s sadness.

But love gives us power and energy.

Tenderness that comes from love will lead to someone’s hope.

Do not get angry but forgive anything with the feeling of love.

Forgiveness causes healing.

Healing causes peace.

May 7 billion people who live on the planet Earth be healed with the power of love!

 Love× Laugh->Peace


Stay Calm and Pray For Peace

Even if there’s something that makes you furious, the feeling of anger itself is something negative.

One anger causes another.

It means someone’s jealousy or hatred will cause someone else’s sadness.

Why don’t you throw away your anger and stay calm?

All I got to do is pray that the world may be filled with LOVE and PEACE.

Whatever may happen, the world is moving in the right direction to the PEACE.

What’s the most important is that we really do imagine or visualize the world in PEACE.