Dear Santa Claus

Dear Santa Claus,

I'm Adventure Runner KAY.

Please make my wish come true.

Bring peace of mind to those who are now suffering from great bitterness and pain.

It’s Christmas today.

I don’t want anyone to battle or fight against anyone else.

I just want anyone to keep smiling.

May peace be with all!


Moved To Tondabayashi City

The other day Adventure Runner KAY moved to Tondabayashi City, which is located in the south-eastern part of Osaka prefecture, also in the western part of Japan. It is next to his hometown, Habikino City.

 He enjoys walking around the town with One-Tooth Geta, his training tool as well as his favorite footwear.

 This photo was taken at Jinaimachi, a national historic district and heritage site.

 Come and visit Tondabayashi and be sure to see Jinaimachi.

 You may feel as if you traveled back in time to 400 years ago.

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*Jinaimachi, Tondabayashi Tourist Guide

Season's Greeting

Thanks folks for sharing happy memories with me this year!

I'm so glad if you feel the same way.

Hope we'll meet again somewhere along the road.

Let's keep in touch until we meet again.

May 2017 bring you lots of LOVE, PEACE & HAPPINESS!

---With love & peace from Adventure Runner KAY


Let's Make The World Be As One...

36 years ago today you were gone.

You said, "Imagine there's no heaven."

If that's true, you are not in heaven.

Then I'm wondering where you are now.

You still live somewhere in this world watching us all.

Don't worry, John.

Someday we'll make the world be as one as you wish.


Appeared on TV

Appeared on TV on December 6 as Adventure Runner.

My PEACE RUN started in 2011. It was just after 3.11 the Great East Japan Earthquake.

I ran across the US, Australia and New Zealand calling for support in reconstructing quake-hit areas.

After running across US I ran across Japan for the 2nd time visiting the disaster region to see what was going on out there after 3.11.

This time I ran around western Europe including UK, Ireland, Germany, Netherland, Belgium, France and Spain to raise awareness of quake victims and how horrible quake and tsunami are.

Sorry, only Japanese I spoke. But enjoy the pictures and movies on this video.


Talk Event in Okayama

Had a talk event in Okayama for the first time in 9 months.

Talked about PEACE RUN 2016 Running Around Europe.

It was held at Retro Cafe One Plus One at 6pm, December 4.

Had a very good time meeting lots of good people.

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Meeting Someone

Meeting someone is to touch his or her life.

 Extremely speaking, it is to touch someone's heart and soul.

 Although it might be difficult for me to meet 7 billion people all over the world, I'd like to meet as many people as possible.

 Meet someone special to you today!