Live For The Moment

Listen to the voice from the past.

Think of the future you have to leap into.

Live for the moment.


How Slow Do You Run?

I often have a time to enjoy running in the Osaka Castle Park.

There I see so many runners enjoy running, young and old, male and female.

But most of them run faster than I.

I don’t run faster than 10km per hour (6 minutes per kilometer).

As you know, I’m not an athlete but a running traveler.

I just want to enjoy time passing slowly.

I want to have time to enjoy as many views as possible and time to feel at ease.

Probably the pace I run has something to do with the pace I live.

Life is too short to live as everyone knows.

But life is too long to run slow for us runners.

Have a nice run of your own!


Pray For PEACE!

Today August 15 is "Memorial day for the end of the war" and in Japan we pray for PEACE each year to mark the Japanese Instrument of Surrender which effectively ended World War II.

May all of us, citizen of the world live in harmony and PEACE.

We can make continuous efforts to create WORLD PEACE, which is the heritage we should hand down from generation to generation.