Off Days in Saint Jean Pied de Port

Spent 2 days at hostel in Saint Jean Pied de Port. Enjoyed walking around the village.

I knew this is designated as the most beautiful village in France.

Visited Pilgrim Information Office and got Credential (passport for pilgrims)and scallop(the symbol of Camino de Santiago).

I will follow Napoleon's Route. The first day will be tough and hard route with crossing the Pyrenee. Hill climb is waiting for me.

So many people come around this village to walk Camino.

I'm looking forward to reaching Santiago de Compostella!!



 Day1:Biarritz Airport to San Jean Pied De Port June 9

Arrived at Biarritz Airport but no good news. Lost baggage! My buggy may still be at airport in Paris!?

This is God's trial for me. I need to keep calm and stay positive.

I had no idea where to stay that night. Anyway I got to get food and water.

Carrying heavy bags(about 20kg) and walked to city center.

Bought some food and water and I came across a nice park nearby.

I pitched my tent at 9pm. The sun sets around 10pm. 

Next day I got back to the airport. My buggy must be in Paris but nobody knows when it will get to Biarritz.

I waited and waited at lobby to check 2 flights from Paris. One is at 10:25, the next one at 14:05. But my buggy didn't arrive.

I decided to stay at a hostel in Biarritz. And if it doesn't come today, I'll move to San Jean Pied de Port tomorrow.

Walked 2km to get to Garden Utopy Hostel. 2km made me feel much longer with heavy baggage on my shoulders.

On June 9th, when I woke up to see an email from AIR FRANCE.

It said my buggy arrived at Biarritz Airport by the last flight on June 8th!!

That's what I've been looking forward to hearing!!!

On Sunday morning, I walked to the airport again which I hoped the last time.

John who works at Information Counter had taken care of me as for lost baggage.

He gave me some advice as for what to do until I got my buggy.

ANyway, I started running my PEACE RUN again.

53km to San Jean Pied de Port in the rain.

It was Sunday no shops open. I kept running earnestly.

I drank 2 liter water. At 43km point my water bottle got empty.

It was not so hot. I was OK but I got extremely tired.

At 7:30, I arrived at Gite Compostella Hostel. 

I will spend 3 days here to get ready for Camino which starts on Wednesday.

Photo Album

#1 From KIX to Haneda

#2 Paris to Biarritz

#3 Biarritz to San Jean Pied de Port



 *On The Road Again*

It's time to go back on the road again.

Finally my time has come!

On June 6, I'll restart my trek PEACE RUN 2024 Western Europe.

See the details here.

This time I'll follow Camino de Santiago.

See the map below as for my route. 

I run outside Japan for the first time in 8 years.

I wonder if I know how to travel...lol

*PEACE RUN Official Site



VLOG #6 Real Forrest Gump

Adventure Runner KAY'S VLOG #6...

Amazing! It's going to be 7 days in a row if I update it tomorrow.

It takes time to edit but it's fun if I get used to making it.

This time I tell you the story of my crossing the North American Continent 3 times.

Some day I'll do it for the 4th time.

Give me comments and click "Good" button.

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Hello, Friends! How are you doing?

Long time no update this blog. I've been doing fine since I finished Running Around Europe Part1.

Here I am in Osaka, Japan now getting ready for the next trek...

I just started VLOG. VLOG is something like video letter.

You can introduce daily routines of yours and of course your hobbies, favorites...whatever.

I guess I'm going to keep it updated every day for a while.

Check it out!

Playing List is here

Also, my official website is here. Click ENGLISH if you don't understand Japanese.




June 1 is my personal anniversary "Adventure Day" when I set out on a epic journey biking across USA(1991) and biking across the Arctic Circle & Canada(1994).

In 1994 after the 2nd trek, I was biking in New Zealand and across Australia,  where I traveled across the two countries on foot in 2013 and 2014 again.

I was young enough to spend whole my power and energy on those two adventure treks.

But 20 years after the first trek, I ran across the same continent again.

PEACE RUN 2011 Running Across America

PEACE RUN 2013 Running Across Australia

PEACE RUN 2014 Running Across New Zealand

PEACE RUN 2016 Running Around Europe

You know I still keep on running and traveling around the world in that way.

PEACE RUN Running Around The World

Hope I'll be on the road traveling day after day until the final day of my life.

*See the history of my adventure



Yesterday I happened to meet Raj, from Tucson, Arizona, visited Osaka.

He once cycled from Tokyo to Nagasaki 34 years ago under the project named PEACE RIDE.

His bike trek covered about 20,000km in some countries in Asia in 1981 to 1982.
Again he's going to follow the same road to raise awareness of WORLD PEACE.

I was surprised he had met Mr.Deguchi, executive director of JACC or Japan Adventure Cyclist Club in 1982.

Once he got sick and was in peril of losing his life but he survived.

He decided to try another trek this time. That's what he's now planning for the first time in 34 years.

As I am Adventure Runner who is running PEACE RUN, I would like to do anything I can do for his PEACE RIDE.

And I'd like you folks who live between Tokyo and Nagasaki, especially along his route, to support him and his PEACE RIDE in many ways.