DAY98 Soustons-Saint Geours de Maremne 13.2km (France)

Last night Melina and Tinde came and visit us.

We talked about the difference between our own cultures.

They experienced One-Tooth Geta for the first time.

Tomorrow is the day I have to say goodbye to Soustons.

It’s been a week since I came here last Saturday.

The longer I stay at one place, the more love I have to the place and people who are there.

Actually I have met a lot of people here, it’s a bit hard to leave.

Schedule has been changed a lot but this must have been a good opportunity to learn French culture through staying here like a homestay.

I had a really good time in many ways.

I remember visiting Toronto in 1994 on the way cycling across Canada.

I met a senior couple in Banff, Canadian Rockies.

They were with their children and grandchildren.

And we promised to see each other again a few months later.

Even now after 22 years, we still have kept in touch with each other.

Kids at that time have now become mothers and fathers.

I hope that our meeting here in Soustons will be something like that.

I took off sheets and pillow cover and finished cleaning up the room.

It won’t be long before I get to the goal. Maybe within 100 km to go.

Total distance I run in Europe this time might be about 3300 km as long as the distance I ran in crossing my country Japan from north to south end.

There have been some troubles along the way which have changed the schedule a lot.

Of course things will not go as it has been expected, I know.

But I got to be flexible and also I have to accept whatever happens to me.

Travel is fun because something unexpected often occurs.

No matter what may happen, we got to keep calm and stay positive.

About 11 am, I said goodbye to Elisabeth, she kept waving her hand until I disappeared.

Especially when it is cold, I have to take my time to start running.

Warming up is important to raise the body temperature.

When I got my left ankle damaged, that’s what I learned.

About 1:30 pm, Running 13.2 km in the southeast from Soustons, I arrived at Catherine’s place in Saint Geours de Maremne.

She and her daughter were about to go surfing.

I was invited to a small cottage at the backyard where I will spend for a while.

It’s as calm and quiet a location as Elisabeth’s place.

I’ve spent a peaceful time lately in such a wonderful atmosphere.

In Japan, if you live in a big city like Tokyo or Osaka, you may take trains for about 2 hours to find a place like this.

It’s high time I tried meditation here for a while.

*Today’s Distance: 13.2 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3275.0 km

*See More Photos

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