DAY25 Hillend Reservoir-Glasgow 46.1km

10 degrees is not so warm as to camp out.

Woke up several times during the night as it was chilly.

Final run in UK today about 30km to Glasgow.

Holland Reservoir looked like lake.

Sunny and warm. First time here to have such fine weather 2 days in a row.

Following National Cycle Route 754 & 75, I had a good run in the field but as soon as I entered a town, I came across the construction on the road.

Detour! I couldn’t help changing the route.

Google Map hasn’t been nice and kind to me here in UK.

Every time I chose the route, it caused some troubles.

It was when I checked the Google Map that I noticed I was totally out of the planned route.

I followed the same route again which caused 14km loss.

Ran 46km farther than I expected.

As I arrived at the hostel in the city center of Glasgow, it was after 6pm.

The view of the River Clyde was beautiful where lots of people were having a good time chatting, smiling and laughing.

I am going to take a day-off tomorrow and get ready for the next…Ireland.

*Today’s Distance: 46.1 km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 979.7 km
                         (Whole Distance in UK: England & Scotland)

*See More Photos

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