PEACE RUN 2013 Final Run in Sydney

It was on February 10 when Adventure Runner KAY completed PEACE RUN 2013 Running Across Australia.

15 days have passed since that day. I still remember how excited I had been at that moment.

And I'm happy to see people around me smile biggest smiles!

PEACE RUN 2013 Final Run in Sydney


PEACE RUN Running 40,000km (25,000miles) Around The World on 5 Continents

I completed 10,490km (6,520miles) on 2 continents (North America and Australia).

29,510km (18,341miles) to go on 3 continents.

Long, long way to go...

So I'll take my time, enjoying a slow and mellow run.

Never haste, never get flurried, never give up!


Home Sweet Home

Finally I'm back in Osaka for the first time in 6 months.

Thanks, all my friends, sponsors and supporters!

I'll take a break for a while and get ready for the next journey which starts in New Zealand in November.

I hope to see you all somewhere along the road!


Magic Of Words

Words to make someone smile

Words to please someone

Words to make someone happy

Words to heal someone

Words to be kind to someone

Words to give love to someone

World will be filled with PEACE if we all speak such words

Speak such words.

Treasure such words.


Go Your Own Way

As each runner has his/her own road to run

each one of us has our own words to say

As we run on my own two legs

we speak our own words

As we express ourselves by running

we express by our own words

We cannot express our-true-selves to temporize only the surface

Everything comes from our own heart and soul

As there is a run I haven't ever seen

there are words I haven't ever spoken

I keep running and speaking to know my-true-self

from the darkness to light

from the world of emptiness to hope

I grope for the direction that I should go ahead through

Every split second counts

Cherish each moment and do my very best at any moment


Sowing The Seeds Of Happiness

They say there are seeds of happiness.

If we sow them, they sprout, grow trees, have leaves and flowers of happiness blossom.

When I run, seeds of happiness are sown.

Someone told me that such a mission as that had already been engraved on my soul.

Even though I don't run hardest, it's okay.

All I got to do is run in my own way, which sows the seeds of happiness. Once the seeds shoot out sprouts on people I meet on the way, they keep growing.

PEACE means people all over the world become happy.

It is PEACE RUN that makes people happy.

And it is Adventure Runner KAY who runs PEACE RUN.

I'll run. It's not enough. I want to run more and more.

I feel the seeds I sew are shooting out sprouts little by little.

The road continues endlessly but I take my time and try to carry out my own mission.

The road is not easy, it must be tough and hard sometimes.

I'll move on doing my very best!


Our Difference Creates The World

Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Germany, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Portugese, French....There are many languages in this world.

We human beings speak different languages but basically speaking we are all Earthling who live on the same planet.

It's natural we are all different. Even we Japanese are different if we live in different parts of Japan. We have different culture and local dialects.

It's good for us to be different. There's no reason we blame for the difference.

Difference makes personality. It's interesting that each personality meets another.

I travel because I want to enjoy meeting someone who is different from me.

Let's travel. Let's meet someone who is different from yourself.

Let's share peaceful moment with someone else.

Meeting someone may lead to loving someone.

Let's live your life with love and peace.


At Sydney Opera House on February 10, 2014

See my final run!  I ran only to see people smile big smiles..


PEACE RUN 2013 Running Across Australia

Here's a track I followed. 5204.9km in 163 days.

There are a lot of drama and stories that can never be shown only by taking a look at this map...


Day163 Haberfield to Sydney Opera House 14.4km

Felt as if I had left Perth only yesterday.

And also felt as if it had been several years ago when I almost cried out for hunger.

Everything that happened during these 163 days while running 5200km may have been a dream…I really feel that way now.

But I did my very best dreaming of my final run in the second continent here in Australia.

I want to keep the track of this run as a history of myself.

I wonder what I think after completing this run.

Do I feel sad about the truth that there was no way to run in this continent?

My journey still continues. Only time will tell.

Live for the moment, that's what I got to do and that's what I was asked for.

I feel happiest only when I see people's smile

Run on my own two legs…There are more ways to run.

After 9am, I left motel for IGA, Lamonica.

I met up with 6 runners and 2 cyclists and Keiko guided us in here car.

We followed her car and a quiet route away from busy traffic.

Skyscrapers of Sydney came into my eyes. On the sidewalk crowded with people we slowed down.

We got close to Harbor Bridge. I felt high when I saw Sydney Opera House.

5204.9km in 163 days from Perth, I finally arrived at Sydney Opera House about 12:30pm.

There were about 50 people waiting for me out there. Some of them were my Japanese friends.

My fiancee Piapi was there too.

It was really long but when it's over everything will be kept in me as a part of my memories.

I felt really happy to have met people's smile.

I had a hard time in the Nullarbor Plain many times but I held on even when I was weary. I was happy that I hadn't given up.

Thanks so much, my supporters and sponsors who encouraged me all the time while I was running.

I was planning to go on to Running Across New Zealand but I guess I have to go back home in Japan to take a perfect rest and to reset myself.

I'll re-start my journey in November.

My Final Run on February 10 @Sydney Opera House

*Today's Distance: 14.4km

*Total Distance from Perth: 5204.9km

*See More Photos  

"Song of Mammoth Soon-Soon!

Lyrics by Adventure Runner Kay

Music by Piapi

Performed by Q(ku:)


Day162 Sutherland to Haberfield 28.1km

Finally tomorrow!!

I'll finish my run in front of Opera House.

I'll run my very best with my heart and soul so this run will make the history of mine.

But this is not the end. My PEACE RUN still continues even after Australia.

I do want to thank all the people who have supported me in many ways.

Mr. Chiba gave me a ride to Sutherland Station. He'll run with me tomorrow.

I left just before the sunrise.

After running 10km, the skyscrapers of Sydney came into my eyes.

I tried to look back on these 162 days.

5200km is a long distance. But now I feel it was a little too short.

About 11am, I arrived at Haberfield too early to check in at the motel.

So I spent my time shopping at IGA nearby.

Sydney Opera House is just 10km north.

Finally I'm here following the only one road by my own two legs.

Tomorrow some runners and cyclists will run with me.

There must be a lot of people waiting for me to see my final goal.

I just want people to feel something special when they see me finish running across Australia.

*Today's Distance: 28.1km

*Total Distance from Perth: 5190.5km

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"Song of Mammoth Soon-Soon!

Lyrics by Adventure Runner Kay

Music by Piapi

Performed by Q(ku:)


Day161 Stanwell Park to Sutherland 35.4km

I heard it was snowing most parts in Japan.

It's still summer here in Australia.

I had a really good time in Tudor Lodge B&B.

Theo & Leila treated me as if I was their family.

I was so glad with their heartful hospitality even I was just a traveler who came running by.

I folded two paper cranes so they can remember me from time to time. I asked them to keep the cranes until we meet again.

As you may know paper cranes are the symbols of LOVE & PEACE or GOOD LUCK. I explained it to them.

Through this travel, I have often appreciated Laws of Attraction.

It really works whenever I meet someone special to me.

Hopefully I can meet as many people as possible on the way…7 billion people who live in this world.

Started about 8am, saying goodbye to Leila and Theo.

As soon as I left Stanwell Park, hill climb started.

Royal National Park, the second oldest national park in the world, was the final tough & hard part.

Google map guided me to enter Cliff Track.

But there were stairs at the entrance. It was impossible for my buggy VIENTO to go forward.

I asked one of the local resident about the track. According to him, the track was rocky, gravel road, not good for running with buggy. So I took a detour, paved road about 6km longer than I had planned.

The route was surrounded by rain forest. Usually very quiet route but it was kind of busy as it was Saturday. Tons of cyclists and motorcyclists come and go all day.

It was in the middle of the mountains. I was out of network for a while.

I asked a cyclist how to get to Sutherland. He knew the short cut there. And I followed Princes Highway again.

About 3:30pm, I arrived at Sutherland Station.

My friend Mr. Chiba was waiting for me and he picked me up in his car. We drove to his place.

Tomorrow he will give me a ride to the station so that I can re-start my run.

About 30km to Sydney Opera House.

Tomorrow is the day!!!

In the evening my old school pal Junko & her husband came and see me. I met her for the first time in 35 years.

He treated me dinner with homemade pasta and salad.

*Today's Distance: 35.4km

*Total Distance from Perth: 5162.4km

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"Song of Mammoth Soon-Soon!

Lyrics by Adventure Runner Kay

Music by Piapi

Performed by Q(ku:)


Day160 Wollongong to Stanwell Park 28.4km

Left Wollongong around 10am.

I saw a lot of runners, walkers and cyclists on a bike path.

Most of them are senior citizens.

They have plenty of time but where have young people gone?

Sunny but cool breeze is so comfortable.

I had an interview with Japanese TV station.

They say they'll come and see me on Monday 10th at Opera House.

Running along the coast line, which made me enjoy the great scenery but lots of hills too.

Today, I stay at B&B for the first time in Australia.

I didn't even book but the owner Leila & Theo was very kind enough to treat me a great dinner.

Tomorrow to Sutherland, I'll visit my friend, Mr. Chiba.

Just 2 days, 57km from here to Sydney Opera House!!

"Song of Mammoth Soon-Soon!

Lyrics by Adventure Runner Kay

Music by Piapi

Performed by Q(ku:)

*Today's Distance: 28.4km

*Total Distance from Perth: 5127.0km

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Day158 Kiama to Wollongong 35.6km

Kind of cool, 17 to 21 degrees today.

Getting closer to one of the biggest cities.

Traffic is pretty heavy.

Kiama was also a nice place, I spent 2 days. I wish I could have stayed a bit longer.

I got the shaft of the front wheel broken again.

It happened for the third time. This shaft lasted about 2000km finally.

Followed a bike path, which was quiet enough to avoid heavy traffic.

35.6km from Kiama, 5098.6km from Perth.

About 1pm, I arrived in Wollongong.

85km to my final goal, Sydney Opera House!

5 days from today!

*Today's Distance: 35.6km

*Total Distance from Perth: 5098.6km

*See More Photos 

"Song of Mammoth Soon-Soon"

Lyrics by Adventure Runner Kay

Music by Piapi

Performed by Q(ku:)


Day157 Kiama

Here I am in Kiama. The map below is the track I have followed.

My final goal Sydney is just around the corner. Almost there!!!


Day156 Nowra to Kiama 41.8km

More and more hills to Sydney!

Traffic is getting heavy as Sydney gets closer.

Road work area started on the 16km point to Kiama, the shoulders were narrow. They sometimes disappeared.

Bad smells, lots of noises and sand dust…headache!!

Speed limit at road work area was 40-60km.

But when going up hills, I ran as slow as 3-4km per hour.

Just before Kiama, road work area ended.

5063km from Perth. 120km to Sydney.

A week from today, I'll finish my run in front of the Sydney Opera House.

Tonight I'm staying at a motel near the beach.

There's a king size bed, ocean view is available from the window.

"Song of Mammoth Soon-Soon!

Lyrics by Adventure Runner Kay

Music by Piapi

Performed by Q(ku:)

*Today's Distance: 41.8km

*Total Distance from Perth: 5063.0km

*See More Photos 


Day155 Nowra

Today,  3 Japanese friends of mine came and see me in Nowra.

They're all motorcyclists who often enjoy touring here and there in Australia.

They took me to a club in Nowra and we had buffet lunch together.

I enjoy gorgeous meals for the first time in a while.

They're coming up on 10th too.

For those who don't know yet about PEACE RUN 2013 Running Across Australia

Adventure Runner KAY has the biggest project in his life "PEACE RUN Running 40000km on 5 Continents Around the World" and next to his PEACE RUN 2011 Running Across America, this is Chapter 2 and at the same time the second continent in Australia.

Here's what I'd like you to know about PEACE RUN 2013

*Started in Perth, WA on September 1, 2013

*Route: Perth-Bunbury-Albany-Esperance-Norseman-Nullarbor Plain-Ceduna-Port Augusta-Adelaide-Melbourne-Sydney (Final Run will be on February 10, 2014)

*Total Distance From Perth: 5200km in 163 days (as of February 10)

*Running Distance Average: 40-60km (68km longest)

*Accommodation: tent (bushcamping in outback), caravan park, motel, hotel, backpackers hostel or home stay

*Transportation: Two legs and Buggy"VIENTO" (Chariot CX2)

*Shoes: Altra Instinct1.5 x 5 pairs

*Donation raised for Eastern Japan Great Earthquake & Tsunami victims: AUS$1546.15

*PEACE RUN Official Site 

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/hc5XqLdAvjU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

"Song of Mammoth Soon-Soon!

Lyrics by Adventure Runner Kay

Music by Piapi

Performed by Q(ku:)

*Today's Distance: 0km

*Total Distance from Perth: 5021.2km


Day154 Conjola to Nowra 46.7km

It's kind of humid.

Started at 6am.

Today I run to Nowra 45km. 10 days and 200km to Sydney.

Still more hills, no flat road at all.

Today total distance from Perth WA is over 5000km.

Heavy buggy annoys me when I go up hills.

8 percent degree hill, I cannot run any more.

Just push and walk to the peak of the hill.

Sydney is close, the air is not good. Traffic is also heavy too.

100 miles to Sydney. No looking back, just go on!

"Song of Mammoth Soon-Soon!

Lyrics by Adventure Runner Kay

Music by Piapi

Performed by Q(ku:)

*Today's Distance: 46.7km

*Total Distance from Perth: 5021.2km

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