Day47 Kurow to Oamaru

Left Kurow at 6:40am, when very few were awake, quiet and calm morning.

It’s a new year’s eve. People have fun here and there at night almost every night after Christmas.

15 degrees is not bad, it’s better for us runners to enjoy running comfortably.

It’s a smart idea to go farther while the sun shines softly.

There might be a few towns or villages between Kurow and Oamaru but they say there’s no shops or stores. So I got to get ready.

Took a break, not very often. 66km is not short.

It means that I run full marathon and half marathon. Maybe I run 10km 6 times or 6km 10 times.

Done 40km by 1pm. Basically and gradually  elevation is going down

Some rains around noon. Running with rain suit on and off.

It’s good for the dry land to get wet. But soon sunny breaks and the land and highway becomes hot and dry.

Even after the rain, the sun seems to shine so hard.

Saw some cyclists including 2 were from Japan riding across South Island.

I just keep myself concentrated on running, no matter how many cows, sheep, deer and horses pay attention to me.

50km done at 3pm. Need to take a break under the shade. The sun shines from behind afternoon. I got to take care of the back of my head so that it won’t get overheated.

Also I need to take more water than usual. I might have taken about 3 liter today.

The view of the Pacific Ocean gets into my eyes again after getting to the final peak of highway 83.

On entering SH1 again, the shoulders of the road become wider.

8km to go to the city center of Oamaru.

But head wind bothers me.

Some sign posts please me on the both side. It’s a big city if there’s a McDonald’s. That’s what I have recognized here in New Zealand.

Motels and takeaways here and there. And finally I finished today’s run 67km at B&B “Chimney’s House” about 6pm.

Shige came back from his job and his son Riku too. Riku is also a runner.

As we had a BBQ party, we drove to his friend’s place soon.

I really had a good time with good people and good dinner.

It’s a totally different world from the one I run 67km all by myself on a lonesome highway.

Back home after 10pm.

2014 soon ends and 2015 comes at the same time, 4 hours earlier than Japan.

Looking back to 2014. There were so many good things that had happened to me. There were always so many good people behind so many good things. That’s what I really want to appreciate.

Above all, I welcomed Piapi as my wife.

She has been waiting for me in Japan where I have been absent and has been supporting me every day.

I’m so sorry about her feeling lonely. I really appreciate her cooperation.

This time I am supported by a lot of supporters who helped me through crowd funding.

And many people bought PEACE RUN T-shirts, which also helps me keep running and traveling.

Wonder how 2015 will treat me.

Still wishing we human beings create WORLD PEACE.

All I can do is meet a lot of people and share a peaceful moment with them while running and traveling. Wherever I am, all I want to see is their smiling faces satisfied with peacefulness and happiness.

*Distance Today: 67.29km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 1543.81km

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Day46 Omarama to Kurow

Started at 6:40. There’s only one peak but basically downhill route.

Tomorrow I’ll be back in the East Coast.

Some small hills continues. The first guy I met on the way was Noel, 65-year-old cyclist.

He says he likes riding a mouton bike. Even early in the morning after a party, he keeps pedaling while everyone’s sleeping. He’s happiest while riding his bike.

I liked his shining eyes like a child. I felt as if I had seen myself in him 11 years from now.

Hill after hill, my legs are okay but it got to be the tough run.

Lots of lakes in South Island. People enjoy camping, cycling, canoeing, kayakking, walking and running.

I am often talked to by many people.

“I saw you on the highway yesterday!”

Something like that often happens. Yes, I’m famous wherever I go.

About 4Pm, after running 54km I finished running today at Kurow Holiday Park.

There happened to be only one cabin vacant! But tomorrow there’s no vacancy unfortunately.

Tomorrow I’ll be in Oamaru 66km away from here. Final run in 2014.

New Year’s Day this year I was running around Melbourne, Australia. I have run a lot this year but that’s not enough.

I’ll run even on the New Year’s Eve.

One-Tooth Geta Strolls Around Lake Tekapo

Day44 Lake Tekapo to Twizel

*Distance Today: 54.00km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 1476.52km

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Day45 Twizel to Omarama

Late start just before kitchen re-opens at 7am.

12 degrees in my tent. Kind of chilly around dawn.

Recharging batteries during breakfast.

Starting at 8am. Did some shopping at 4 Square in town center.

Cloudy but soon sunny breaks.

Heading down to south along SH8.

Twizel is famous for salmon farming.

Speaking of salmon, the salmon I ate at KOHAN in Lake Tekapo is from Twizel. That’s what I heard from the shelf Mr.Ito.

When we’re busy, we may forget how to enjoy ourselves.

And when we complain about something, we become selfish.

All we need is relax and get satisfied with what we are now.

And we can share anything including time and money with someone else if possible.

32km was an easy run today. Fortunately I was able to check-in at a hotel which belonged to bar and restaurant.

Thanks! I can sleep in bed under the roof for the first time in 4 days!!

I slept almost everyday in the Nullarbor Plain, Australia.

It was the hardest part of my life as well as of my trek.

Day45, just 40 days to go to get back to Christchurch.

Keep running steadily. As long as I keep running, the final goal is just in front of me. That’s what I do want to believe.

*Distance Today: 32.19km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 1422.52km

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Day44 Lake Tekapo to Twizel

Running along the canal road which is only for cyclists and pedestrians.

I remember riding along the canal 20 years ago too.

Thanks no cars come and go. This road is only for me!

Feeling so good. But back in State Highway 8 again where traffic is busy.

All of a sudden the scene of Lake Pukaki got into my eyes!

It looks like Lake Tekapo but today under sunny blue sky, the color milky blue of the lake and the snowcapped Mt.Cook were completely matched. How gorgeous!!

When I arrived at Mt.Cook Alpine Center, I thought I gave up running to Mt.Cook. But instead I made up my mind to head to Twizel directly.

I just want to enjoy slow and mellow run. I don’t have to spend time in crowded places.

When people are in a hurry or in a panic, they may forget how to enjoy their time.

Isn’t it good for us to enjoy and appreciate the time we are given.

The grass loos browny because it’s very dry. This scenery reminds me of the one in desert.

It was not so hot but the air is pretty dry. I drank about 3 liter water.

Mt. Cook seemed to say, “Be sure to come back some day!” That’s what I heard in my mind.

About 5:30, I checked in at tent site of Twizel Holiday Park.

No vacancy, fully occupied except a tent site. It can’t be helped during holiday season.

Crowded tent site is just like a dormitory of backpackers hostel.

Snoring, talking in sleep can be heard during your sleep.

And if you leave early in the morning, you got to be careful not to make any noise. Got to keep quiet anyhow.

Katrina, a cyclist from Switzerland is my neighbor.

She’s a solo cyclist, seems to enjoy riding as slow as I.

*Distance Today: 60.0km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 1390.33km

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Day43 Lake Tekapo

Calm quiet night. Hear the sound of the waves of lake Tekapo.

Out for a toilet before the dawn but stars was not to be seen.

Breakfast before kitchen gets crowded.

And during breakfast I need the charge all the batteries of IT tools.

During stay in my tent, kitchen is the only place I can get electricity. But during meal time it’s impossible because people come one at a time.

After that I went for a walk along the lakeside in Ipponbageta (One-Tooth Geta)

Wind was cool but I felt so good. Quiet, very few people were there.

After 9am, tourists gradually came around in tour bus almost every 10 minutes.

Shopping at 4 Square, the only supermarket in village.

Spent some hours at cafe where Wi-Fi was available.

Remembering 20 years ago when I first came here. I was still young at the age of 34 then.

Wondering how I felt when the color of the lake got into my eyes.

How are some companies doing whom I met at Youth Hostel?

Wrote some picture postcards to my pals.

Wind started to blow hard before noon. I got back to camp and took a nap after lunch.

At 5pm, in the village again.

Felt like summer had gone because of the chilly wind.

Before 6 at the Japanese Restaurant KOHAN. Dinner today was a late christmas gift from Maki whom I had met in Christchurch.

The restaurant was open 22 years ago. Just 2 years before I first visited Lake Tekapo.

This village used to be smaller but now it is different from that time.

Enjoyed tempura, salmon and rice. So good! I almost shed tears for the taste of food. The same thing happened when I was running across the Nullarbor Plain, Australia.

I thought about how terrible meals I usually eat.

Hope the readers of this blog will visit KOHAN in Lake Tekapo!

I really appreciate the network of people.

Yes, we’re all connected to each other.

Thanks Maki-san for introducing such a wonderful restaurant!

Thanks the owner of KOHAN for an excellent meal!!

*Distance Today: 0km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 1330.33km

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Day42 Fairlie to Lake Tekapo

Started at 6:20. Cloudy morning. Cool but need no outer jacket.

This is a dry area. Drought climate cannot keep grasses green.

There were a couple of ski resort area on the way.

They say there are 25 people living in town of Burke’s Pass. That’s what Julie the owner of the motel told me.

The town was established in 1857 and the former motel 1869.

The first settler from the Europe spent much time building this town.

At the same time Japan was on the way to modern age from Edo to Meiji Era.

Iandie the cyclist and triathlete was riding between Timaru and Twizel for training. She looks at the age 50s but very fit.

The Southern Alps look great of which the peaks are covered with snow.

And the lupins smells good.

Went over the Burke’s Pass (709m above sea level) and after that I kept climbing.

Hills were not so steep, just kept on climbing slowly.

Final 3km I saw the marvelous color of Lake Tekapo.

That milky blue is still the same as 20 years ago.

On the way I stopped by at the monument of historic church beside the lake.

Sometimes I enjoy being talked to by some curious tourists.

YHA Lake Tekapo was full even in tent site.

So I ran one more kilometer to Motor Camp Lake Tekapo.

Lake Tekapo is one of the most popular tourist spots.

And it’s weekend of Christmas holidays when schools are off for summer vacation.

The scenery is totally different from as it was 20 years ago.

High class mansions were built in a row. Town center was full of stores and shops.

Motor camp I checked in was full except tent site.

There were people cueing at hot shower. Kitchen was busy with people who are getting ready for the dinner.

If the sky is clear at night, I may see starry sky.

This are is famous for International Dark Reserve. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

*Distance Today: 46.89km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 1330.33km

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Day41 Geraldine to Fairlie

On the morning of Christmas day, the high way is so calm.

While people are having fun during Christmas holidays, I have only one road to run.

Cloudy, drizzle but I don’t have to wear a rain jacket.

Sheep, they are just eating grass

I just keep running with no words.

Sheep have nothing to do with Christams. Even if it’s a birthday of Jesus Christ, all sheep need is pasture.

Probably Jesus Christ is the only one whose birthday has been celebrated more than 2000 years all over the world.

I have no religion at all but I hope all the religions will co-exist. Every God will never hope people will fight against each other.

I have no one to talk to, just listening to the song of the wind. All I can do is keep running only one road seeking for the peace of mind

After this trek, I’ll be back in Osaka, Japan and enjoy life with my wife Piapi. We are husband and wife but as I’m running here and there we are far apart. Hope we can spend our lives together with each other.

I didn’t drink and eat until I reached 25km point without stopping.

About 13km point, Andrew, a tour guide and driver stopped his car to say hello to me.

He was on the way back to Christchurch.

Had to climb some peaks the height about 200-250 meters.

Pushing a buggy “VIENTO” is not easy when the grade of the hills  is 8 percent.

I just keep pushing with full length from my arms, shoulders, back and legs.

As long as I keep pushing, VIENTO never goes back.

Gravity forces me to push harder and harder. All I can do is hold on for one more step.

The final peak was about 400 meters, just 8km to Fairlie.

Enjoyed a nice view from the peak.

But downhill is not so easy when pushing VIENTO.

Cyclists don’t have to keep pedaling while going downhills but I need to control the speed. VIENTO can go faster but I have to save or kill speed so that I won’t damage my knees and ankles.

It’s just like controlling horses. VINETO and I have to be the one. All we need is unity. I have to run with VIENTO so that it  should be a part of me.

Just a few kilometers before Fairlie, the filed was completely yellow full of rapeseed .

The scene makes me feel so good!

After 3pm, I checked in at Fairlie Top10 Holiday Park.

Mr. Ash the owner allowed me to stay at cabin for free!! Thanks, Mr. Ash!

Whole town is busy in Japan on Christmas day but here the town of Fairlie is just like a ghost town, all the stores are closed and the road is quiet.

Tomorrow I’ll be in Lake Tekapo. It seems all the hotels, motels and hostels are full. I am going to pitch my tent in the yard of youth hostel.

I hope I can see the sky full of stars at night.

*Essay I wrote just 20 years ago when I first visited Lake Tekapo

"Give Me A Peace Of Mind"

*Distance Today: 45.94km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 1283.44km

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Day40 Geraldine

Office opens at 8am. I made up my mind to stay another night.

Fortunately I am able to stay at the same room, I don’t have to move.

Tomorrow all the stores in this country close. So I have to do some shopping for tomorrow.

And then I got to do some laundry. The owner allowed me to use washing machine for free.

Next I went out for a shopping in town in SAMUE and Ipponbageta (One-Tooth Clog).

Just after 9am, the supermarket was crowded with local people.

Parking space in front of the market was full of cars.

Got some stamps and picture post cards at post shop.

The owner was kind enough to give 45 dollars back for the donation to kids in Fukushima Prefecture. We were talking about earthquake and tsunami that happened in Japan in 2011.

Another surprising today was an encountering Franc from France.

While I was walking back from the supermarket, he said hi looking at my Ipponbageta and asked me what kind of shoes I wore.

And I asked him if he wanted to try on. Then that’s what he did.

He took off his socks and tried them on.

Funny how he got excited about it!!

He said, “This is AWESOME!!”

I told him about what Ipponbageta is like and Ipponbageta Club which is established to create WORLD PEACE.

>>  https://www.facebook.com/ipponbageta

To my surprise, he is also the one who travels around the world, walking and pulling a trailer.

It’s the Law Of Attraction, isn’t it?

I wonder why a man like him suddenly shows up in front of me.

He says he’s here in this country for working holiday and lives in Geraldine with his flat mate.

He asked me to come to the party tomorrow but I said I would leave tomorrow.

So I gave him my card so that we could keep in touch.

Back in at the hostel, the clothes were completely dried.

It means when I run under the summer sun like today I’ll be perfectly dried up the same as my clothes.

Learning and experiencing something every day while traveling.

It means whoever I meet on the way is a teacher. Wherever we meet is a classroom.

I still grow up if I accept anything in generosity.

The more positive I am to anything I see or hear, the better result I can receive.

Travelers are growing up each and every day. I got to keep learning today and tomorrow.

*Distance Today: 0km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 1237.5km

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Day39 Ashburton to Geraldine

It seems no problem with my right ankle.

Running everyday makes my body’s immune system so special, doesn’t it?

I guess sleeping well promotes recovery of whole my body.

I changed my plan. I was supposed to head to Timaru but I gave up. But instead I took a short cut to Lake Tekapo.

So I chose Geraldine as today’s goal.

Leaving Ashburton at 6:30. Went through downtown Ashburton and then I came back into State Highway 1 again.

Sunny blue sky again. It’s warm enough to feel like summer.

Saying goodbye to State Highway 1 in Rangitata after crossing two bridges without shoulders.

And another bridge was one-lane traffic.

Traffic was not so busy that I enjoyed crossing those bridges feeling no stress.

Nobody hastes and becomes panic in this country.

It’s natural for KIWIS to go slow and mellow.

They have enough time to do anything they do.

Love and peace come from kindness and gentle care to anybody.

We should never forget thanking anybody.

Running on the country road makes me feel fine.

After 4:30 I finished today’s run at backpacker’s hostel in Geraldine.

Haste makes different result from normal.

Being panic makes you lose what you are.

It’s good for you just the way you are.

No haste, no panic…just go slow and mellow.

Everything will be all right after all.

Believe it.

*Distance Today: 54.40km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 1237.5km

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Day38 Dunsandel to Ashburton

Woke up at 4:50am.

Traffic noise kind of bothered me just a little bit.

It’s 10 degrees inside the tent.

Not so cold. The rain stopped after midnight.

Started at 6:30. Boring State Highway 1.

When passing lanes occur, shoulders get narrow.

On the bridge over the Rakaia River, 1.8km long bridge with no shoulders but it’s all right.

Drivers were so patient and kind that they waited for me.

“You’re doing your best and I wait for you patiently.”

Their eyes seemed as if they were speaking like that.

I kept running as fast as possible but now I guess I didn’t have to do it.

After that I felt something wrong with my right ankle.

Walked sometimes and took a break at rest area.

The ray of the sun was too strong in the afternoon though wind was chilly. It reminded me of the sun of the Nullarbor Plain.

The air is dry and huge sprinklers keeps splashing water in the field.

Perfect sunny blue sky.

After 3pm I finished today’s run at Holiday Park in Ashburton.

Tonight I stay in cabin.

Cutlery and pans are rental costing me 5 dollars.

Ate two balls of lettuce that Mr. Hayasaka had given me.

Fresh vegetables makes me happy.

*Distance Today: 45.31km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 1183.1km

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Day37 Christchurch to Dunsandel

Mr. Hayasaka gave me a ride to the Palms.

How happy I have spent so comfortable 4 days in Christchurch!

Mr. Hayasaka treated me like his family member.

I’ll be back in Christchurch the first week of February.

Mr. Hayasaka let me have a souvenir some rice balls, lettuce and coffee.

We ran together for a while. Mr. Hayasaka was running with me until we got to another shopping mall.

The road was almost flat but there was no shoulders only on the Selwyn Bridge which is about 100 meters long.

About 4pm I arrived in Dunsandel but there was no accomodation facilities.

So I pitched my tent at sports park in town.

I camped out for the second time.

Tonight I have no water and electric supply, no hot showers.

It’s 18 degrees now. Outside the rain started to fall.

A little bit wind blows but no problems at all.

Tomorrow I’ll be in Ashburton. They say there’s a long bridge with no shoulders.

*Today’s Distance: 46.59km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 1137.79km

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Day36 Christchurch 3

Time passes so slowly in the afternoon.

I updated two of my blogs and edited and uploaded two YouTube movies.

One-Tooth Geta Festa in Christchurch  *Camera by Mr. Hayasaka

PEACE RUN 2014 NZ Christchurch 12/17/2014   *Camera by Nigel

Mr. Hayasaka showed me around his farms in the afternoon.

He works on his farm which only makes organically grown vegetables.

I learned how really difficult farming was. It needs patience of course and philosophy.

In farming, naturalism is also essential and necessary.

Business-oriented farming makes money but it’s not a true farming.

I guess farmers have to learn how to get along well with earth and soil as well as know-how of growing vegetables.

Dinner was a SUSHI party!!

How happy I am to eat SUSHI in New Zealand!!

*Today’s Distance: 0km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 1091.2km

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Day35 Christchurch 2

I came back in Re:Start Container Mall again for a promotion of One-Tooth Geta (wooden clog).

Nigel came again. Paul whom I met at the library last night was already there too.

While we were sitting on a picnic table, someone came up and hugged me.

It was Roberto! Met him for the first time in 10 months.

His girl friend Annika would be here but she was at work.

We met in eastern part of Australia in January this year for the first time.

They were on the way cycling around the world.

We camped out at the same park one night.

And they were with me when I finished my running across Australia just in front of the Opera House, Sydney.

After that they have been working here in Christchurch to make money for the next cycling. They plan to leave New Zealand in February 2015 for Tonga and Hawaii.

Hope I’ll be able to enjoy the final run in Christchurch together with lots of companies including them.

We moved to the square of the Cathedral.

Sunny and warm enough. Last weekend before Christmas.

The square was crowded with people and food stands.

I wonder why street performers and musicians can be see.

Families, couples, parents and kids…everyone buys something to eat and drink and enjoys chatting.

They seem to have happy time.

Among them strolls around a Japanese in Samurai costume on One-Tooth Geta (wooden clog)

*Today’s Distance: 0km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 1091.2km

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Day34 Christchurch

As soon as I woke up, I started my laundry.

Mr. Hayasaka took me to the City by car.

One of my missions this time is to see what has happened so far after 2.22 Christchurch Earthquake.

First I saw Transitional Cathedral made of paper (cardboard).

At CTV (Canterbury Television) building ruins, 115 people including 3 Japanese exchange students were killed.

Re:Start Mall looked so so active with many tourists.

Original Cathedral reminded me of the Atomic Bomb Dome of Hiroshima.

I was here in 1994 just 20 years ago.

At that time this place was so crowded with people wherever I was. Street performers, musicians, jugglers and tourists were here and there, everywhere.

Whenever I tried to take photos, they shows the scenes of construction somewhere on them. That’s the way it is.

Tsunami and earthquake always bring tragedies no matter how many people were killed, no matter how large the damage was.

Some people got away from the City after losing their jobs or houses. There must have been some people who lost both.

And actually there was some volunteers who did their best to help people in many ways.

Probably there is no Kiwi who doesn’t know about 2.22.

But there are so many people who say “I know about 2.22.” in Auckland but most of them don’t seem to know what has become of Christchurch after that.” That’s what I feel, my personal impression.

Our memory is just like a wind. When the wind blows, something has gone with it.

At 6pm my lecture started at South Christchurch Library.

I tried to introduce my PEACE RUN with some pictures and movies just like I did at some schools in Sydney.

As the event was held just after announcement of yesterday, there were not so many people coming.

8 audience including two Japanese were there. Nigel’s friends Roy and Paul were also eager cyclists. They both listen carefully to my speech.

This event was planned by Nigel who guided me to Christchurch yesterday on his bike.

After my presentation he gave me some gifts which was very familiar to me…(Japanese food)

One of the voices I heard after the presentation was “So impressive. I feel like doing something adventurous.”

After that Mr. Hayasaka and I moved to Mr.Yuge’s place and had dinner there.

He lives in a nice house standing on a hill.

Miso soup, rice and some vegetables were soooo good!!

*Today’s Distance: 0km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 1091.2km

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Day33 Amberley to Christchurch

Cloudy morning. Looks like it will soon rain. So I got to get ready wearing a rain jacket.

43km today to The Palms, a shopping mall 3km far from City Center.

Almost flat, traffic is a bit busy during morning rush hours.

State Highway 1 turns into a motor way.

I follow the alternative route to Christchurch via Kaiapoi.

Nigel, my friend was there to wait for me to come up.

He’s a cyclist who has traveled in Japan several times.

In 2012 he was riding along Route 45 where I was running about the same time.

He read my blog and often sent me a message to support my run.

Took a short break sometimes and a long break at a cafe, where Nigel treated me cafe latte.

Keeping good pace but still early enough to arrive at the Palms.

And then one taxi stopped just in front of us.

A lady got out of the car and said to me, “Do you remember me?”

I didn’t recognize the face at first but as soon as I noticed a name tag on her chest I realized she was Kate.

What a big surprise!

She once came and visited my town Iga City, Mie in 2010 on vacation. At that time Chihiro my junior of the university was with her.

She has been following me on my blog and has already known I’m running across the country.

Funny how she found me running on the highway.

What a small world!

We said goodbye after shaking hands.

At 2:30 we arrived at the Palms.

Thanks Nigel for supporting and guiding me.

We are supposed to meet tomorrow too.

Stroll around the mall but nothing especially to see and to buy.

People drink coffee and eat ice cream.

I saw many people cueing at gift wrapping corner.

Yes, Christmas is drawing near.

The world seems very peaceful today.

About 4pm, Mr.Hayasaka came and see me by car.

Her little daughter was with him.

We loaded all the stuff and buggy onto his car.

He showed me around Red Zone of Christchurch Earthquake that happened 2.22 in 2011.

It’s like a ghost town. Most of the houses were broken down because of liquidation phenomenon of the ground.

The roads are partly rough, some of them are closed with fence surrounded.

I saw some houses with windows of broken glasses.

It’s strangely quiet. Not a single person can be seen around.

Mr. Hayasaka lives in the south of the City near mountains.

He says epic center of the earthquake was beside his house.

Huge land with vegetable fields. Lots of green with no noises and exhausted gas of cars.

After 3.11 Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, some Japanese moved to Christchurch and he was the one who took care of them for a while.

He held a welcome party for me. Some Japanese friends of his were together.

We talked about Japan now and then and the future.

I guess I need to think about what I can do for the future of our country.

Mr. Hayasaka owns his vegetable field in his land.

He says we don’t need so much money to live if we grow what we eat.

All we need is wisdom and knowhow not to depend upon money.

Living is the city always stimulates our desire.

“I want this. I need that.”

It’s an endless desire. That’s why we have to work and make money.

What we really need is necessary but there might be something we don’t have to own.

Once we want, forever we want.

That’s the way it is.

For me, a traveler, what I need daily is food and water that keep me living and a small space to sleep at night.

And in addition, some companies…

Or should I say, I have to add dreams and hope for the future on the list of necessity.

*Today’s Distance: 45.21km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 1091.2km

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Day32 Greta Valley to Amberley

Traffic noise has been heard all through the night.

It cannot be helped because State Highway is just 30 meters away from this caravan park.

Woke up at 5:40. Perfect sunny day again!

After breakfast I set out at at 7:30.

Oliver, a cyclist from UK caught up with me on the highway.

We met at the kitchen of Greta Valley Caravan Park last night.

He watched some of my YouTube movies after searching PEACE RUN on internet.

He said he was going to Amberley the same as I but would stay at campground near the beach.

I may be running in Europe next year and hope to see him again somewhere along the road.

I might have sunburnt on the top of my head because I am wearing sun visor.

Running in high latitude area, the ray of the sun is too strong but wind is a bit cold. I feel cold in the shade. Strange how the climate is.

Traffic is getting busier, which means the Christchurch is drawing near.

Tomorrow will be much busier, I’m sure. I got to take de tour.

Running on the highway, there are some risks I have to run.

There is no perfect safety on the highway. That’s why I have to risk my own life. It’s a kind of survival game how I should keep away from danger zone.

After 1pm I checked in at a motel in Amberley.

It is just in front of COUNTDOWN. What a good location!

I chose to stay at cabin.

9 days before Christmas. But I can hear no Jingle Bells.

A person who is from northern hemisphere like me have no exact idea how I can spend Christmas day in southern hemisphere.

It’s more typical in a small town with small population.

I can’t tell which season I am having, what month it is now until someone tells me.

Tomorrow 46km to the center of Christchurch.

I’ll come and visit a friend whom I was introduced on Facebook.

*Today’s Distance: 33.13km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 1045.99km

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Day31 Hawkswood to Greta Valley

So quiet all through the night.

No traffic noise about 1km far off the highway.

Maybe it was the most quiet night I’ve ever had in New Zealand.

Started at 6:30. Today is the day when I cover 1000km from Auckland where I started just one month ago.

Have traveled so slow but steady moving forward.

Chilly but sunny, it seems like a perfect weather. No wind at all.

Got to care about ultra-violet. Both my lips are so dry.

Just keep running all by myself talking to my-inner-self with no one to talk to.

Isn’t it good to run empty-minded? But I have lots of things to think over.

About the future, business, family…and so on.

There will be more suffering and hardship until I finish 40,000km on 5 Continents.

Nobody knows about the future. Only time will tell.

They call it is Canterbury Plain but there are lots of small hills which annoys me so often.

Pushing a heavy buggy can damage my ankles and calves.

I have to appreciate both my legs.

Yes, they were really strong, maybe strong enough to run 40,000km.

Even 3,000km in New Zealand is not so easy.

Small towns along SH1.

The closer a big city is drawing near, the busier the traffic becomes. That’s the way it is.

Met Sally a few kilometers before Greta Valley.

She’s a cyclist from Scotland who is going to cycle around South Island. But she once walked across this country 15 years ago!

Isn’t it nice for us travelers to talk about how good it is to travel.

She must be a natural-born traveler like me.

I found many tourist from Europe, especially from UK, traveling in New Zealand.

It’s because their ancestors were the same, isn’t it?

Just before 5pm, I finished at caravan park in Greta Valley.

The owner, who has been to Japan some years ago, seems to like Japan.

We were talking about earthquakes that happened in Christchurch and Japan in 2011.

He said some buildings had been broken down at that time.

And also he had seen 3.11 Tsunami on TV news.

Finally total distance from Auckland has reached 10000km today.

Looking back I might have taken so many days off. Running 33km per day in such a mountainous country like this is not easy at all.

Still 2,000km to go until 9th of February, 2015 when I leave this country.

I have no idea if I can make it.

All I got do is just keep moving on till the end of the world.

I’m running and traveling as free as a wind.

*Today’s Distance: 57.72km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 1012.86km

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Day30 Kaikoura to Hawkswood

Woke up at 4:50 and started at 6:30 earlier than usual.

Clear blue sky and no wind. Feeling so good as if I would fly high.

Wind is a bit chilly but sunshine is warm enough.

Saw some fur seals here and there.

Two tunnels along the way, both of them were short.

20km after I left Kaikoura, State Highway 1 goes into the mountains. There were 3 passes and some small hills other than this.

Need to take my time but I can climb any hills.

Farming area, so familiar scenes I have seen so many times.

At 3:30 I finished today’s run at The Staging Post in Hawkswood.

It’s a part of the farm and traditional highland sheep station.

There’s a coach house next to my cabin.

My room is a dormitory but there’s no one but me.

State Highway is about 1km off from here. All I can hear is wind and the song of birds.

It’s been a long time since I last stayed such a quiet place as this.

Tomorrow will be a bit longer 55km to Greta Valley.

*Today’s Distance: 49.42km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 955.14km

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Day29 Kaikoura

For a traveler who keeps moving on each and every day, travel itself is a part of daily life, and they live their very best while everything is changing. Therefore, they have nothing to fear at all.

In other words, a traveler is the one who can accept any changes in generosity no matter how good or bad it is.

They have special skills that they should get through traveling

such as eyes which can see anything optimistically, positive way of thinking that can accept anything negative as something positive, and the talent that can switch from adversity to favorable circumstances.

The longer they keep traveling, the farther they may get away from ordinary world. But when they stop traveling, there might be a world what is called Shangri-La or El Dorado. And I know the place has long been waiting for me.

As I keep moving on every single day, I experience a lot of encountering, discovery, realization and learning.

Surrounded by the great mother nature, I am made to think about the importance and the meaning of living my-true-self.

It is the experience without being provided if I do not go for a journey.

Someday the time will come when the meaning of my life and travel come together.

Some may say I’m escaping from reality but no matter how I try to get away from reality, it’s true I must see the reality wherever I am.

I keep traveling just to make reality be more ideal.

This is the very way that make my dreams come true.

A traveler, who keeps chasing their dreams, sometimes become a dreamer.

What do you say to the occupation?

I hope no one will blame me even if there’s a job like that in this world.


There’s nothing which belongs to me.

Water, food, money, position, honor… whether it is visible or invisible, anything belongs to nobody.

Even my body and life don’t belong to me but they are something that has been forced upon one irrespective of my will.

This belongs to me and that belongs to you, someone says but it’s wrong. YOU just believe so.

There must have been nothing when the world was born and probably everything will cease to exist 100 years from now.

Everything in this world is given from the universe.

To think that way, we learn that everything in this world is here to share with someone else.

Isn’t it good to give what you’ve got to anyone and to share it with someone else?

It will create our peace of mind and the world will be filled with LOVE and PEACE.

May the year 2015 be the beginning of the happy year!

*Today’s Distance: 0km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 905.72km

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Day28 Waipapa Bay to Kaikoura

Woke up at 6:40 under a bit chilly air. 11 degrees in my tent.

I wish it would be much warmer. Wrapped in a sleeping bag but only my face felt cold.

Early birds singing around here and the sound of the waves makes me feel fine.

But during my sleep, big trailers and trucks as well as long trains did come and go as I had expected.

Seems like it rained at night.

7:30am late start. 32km to Kaikoura today’s goal.

State Highway 1 runs along the Southern Pacific coast line.

Some small hills but no long hill climb.

On my left hand side was a colony of fur seals!

They seemed quite exhausted after long swimming in the chilly cold sea.

Baby seals were so cute playing with their mothers.

Taking so many pictures of seals that I can’t go on.

Haven’t decided today’s nest. Weekend and tourist spot, hard to find accommodation with no booking or reservation.

20 years ago, when there was no internet, I left everything to chance.

Que sera sera… What will be, will be.

Yes, things will take care of themselves.

If we know everything beforehand, nothing is exciting.

No worries. Things will go my way.

So I make it a rule to find a place to stay wherever I go.

Some kind people may sometimes give me meals and bed.

Or when trouble happens and it may keep me away from going on, there might be a time when I cannot help stay at one place.

Anyway fur seals welcome and please me along the way.

Some of them lay on the road side here and there.

Under a safety fence a barbed wire is stretched around so they cannot get into the highway by mistake.

Most of them lay down even if I got closer, with their eyes trying to say “Leave me alone.”

Some were surprised and rushed away from me.

Their faces always make me feel relaxed.

Whenever I see wildlife, I feel myself protected by great mother nature.

We cannot control the nature. We are controlled by the nature.

 Here’s a YouTube movie of fur selas which dwell along the coastline of the Southern Pacific between Waipapa Bay and Kaikoura.

*Today’s Distance: 32.16km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 905.72km

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Day27 Ward to Waipapa Bay

Woke up at 5am.

Rain seemed to stop yesterday afternoon but it was raining again this morning.

Weather forecast says it’s cloudy today.

Anyway I have to head for Kaikoura. Wind stopped and it’s not so chilly.

Another cyclist from England came here after German cyclist yesterday.

Both of them were sleeping in their tents.

They are both young enough to have tolerance to do anything they can do.

Started running at 7am.

Drizzle for a while. Chilly but soon it became warm but no blue skies.

After I climbed up some hills, I was running on a flat road along the Pacific coast.

Shoulders were narrow but traffic is very quiet.

Around 28km point they caught up with me.

Christopher and Marks.

Christopher is riding a small-wheeled bike with a trailer.

Marks puts a guitar on his rear carrier.

They are on their way to Kaikoura. We took some pictures of each other and said goodbye.

Sea breeze are nice, which reminds me of the scenes of Japan.

Felt like I had been here so many times.

Yes, I was here just 20 years ago.

After that, I just kept running.

Some small communities on the way but no towns, no shops.

Nothing but highway on 83km between Ward and Kaikoura where people just drive by.

About 4pm I checked in at Waipapa Bay Campground.

No caravan just tent site.

This is the first time I pitch my tent in New Zealand.

Not so cold but at night until dawn it will be cold.

There are hot shower and simple kitchen.

The owner Jenny gave me a smoothie and fresh vegetables.

Out of network tonight.

I hope Piapi my wife and my supporters won’t worry about me.

*Today’s Distance: 52.32km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 873.56km

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Day26 Seddon to Ward

Leaving Seddon at 7am after saying goodbye to Yuki, a Japanese friend whom I met here.

Soon it started raining. I thought it would stop soon but it kept raining all day.

Wind blew so hard just like typhoon. It was a headwind.

Temperature was not so low but I was totally wet. I got soaked to my skin. Even inside my shoes wet.

Some more hills to go. Head winds kept me from going forward.

Felt like crying.

Huge trailers passed me by at 100km per hour with splashing water left behind.

Even though I want to quit, I cannot quit until I find a town.

How can I manage this situation if I have to go on 50km?

Fortunately I found a sign of WARD. I

I had to give up now. That’s all for today.

There’s only one motel in town.

It has a caravan and a tent site as well as cabin.

I chose a caravan, cheap but comfortable.

Unexpectedly short run today.

Both my hands were numb because of the cold chilly wind and rain.

I was happy while taking a hot shower that my hands were warm enough to move whole 10 fingers of mine.

Strong wind shivers the caravan just like earthquake.

It was warm yesterday and good tail winds were blowing.

Weather is always changeable and unstable.

I guess I’m often tested by something tough and hard.

This is all I got to do.

All I can do is enjoy everything along the way.

According to the owner of this motel, there’s no town between Ward and Kaikoura.

Got to get ready for tomorrow. I need enough food and water to keep me alive for two days. I may have to camp out on the roadside.

Sorry, no translation!

Having one of the toughest time in this trek, I had to give up running today.

But what I feel is human beings are made tougher than we imagine...

*Today’s Distance: 21.58km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 821.24km

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Day25 Picton to Seddon

Slow start…because kitchen didn’t open until 7am.

Left Picton about 7:30 and heading southward along State Highway 1.

Shoulders are gone on the bridge but sometimes I run on trails only for walkers and cyclists.

Roads don’t belong to anyone. That’s what we can share.

Saw some vineyard. The scenes remind me of the one of Adelaide, Australia.

Had to climb some hills but tail winds helped me a lot.

Not so many towns between Picton and Christchurch.

Blenheim is kind of big town but after leaving this town is there any towns until I get to Kaikoura?

Anyway traffic is not so busy which gives me no stress.

The last hill climbing I conquered 190m pass.

About 5:30 I arrived at Seddon. Then I finished my run at Stoney Acre Accommodation. It looks like a backpackers hostel and caravan park.

Met a Japanese guy who had been here in NZ for working holidays.

He treated me Japanese soup SUITON which was so good!

*Today’s Distance: 53.71km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 799.66km

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Day24 Wellington to Picton

Saying goodbye to Mikako my friend, I left her place at 7am for Ferry Terminal.

Ferry was supposed to leave at 2:45pm. So I had to kill my time in downtown Wellington.

I found people in Wellington quite health conscious.

In the morning many commuters run or ride bikes to their offices.

People are not so fat, which means they take exersise regularly.

Did some shopping at New World.

A young man at a checkout stand asked me some questions as for my running trek.

Anyone I saw in town seemed to be pretty friendly.

I learned why people said Wellington was a nice place to live in.

I took a break at Te Papa Museum and ate rice balls which Mikako made for me.

The taste of UMEBOSHI(pickled plums) was so good!

I realized how lucky I was to be a Japanese.

Arrived at ferry terminal at 12:30.

Had to wait more than 2 hours.

$55 for a ticket plus extra fee for my buggy $15, in total $70.

About 6:00, I landed on South Island for the first time in 20 years.

Picton is a small town but clean.
Then at 6:30 I checked in at Picton Campervan Park.

Tonight I stay at cabin out there.

Tomorrow I’m going to head southward. Hope I’ll be in Christchurch next week.

*Today’s Distance: 8.50km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 745.95km

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Day23 Wellington

How to spend an exciting and thrilling day off in the capital of New zealand....


                            Cuba Street, Wellington, New Zealand


Day22 Paparaumu to Wellington

After saying goodbye to Howard & Jan, I left Paraparaumu for Wellington.

Traffic was not so heavy on weekend.

State Highway 1 runs along the coastline for a while.

Where there was a footpath, I ran on it.

Met Richard the cyclist from London on the way.

He pulled a trailer carrying 40kg stuff on it.

Looked like mid-60s but he said he rode 80km per day.

He also said he liked New Zealand. He was on the way back to Auckland.

We took each other’s photo and said goodbye.

The closer Wellington became, the busier the traffic was.

To try to avoid motor way, I had to choose alternative route.

About last 10km was a hill climb, a bit hard to push my buggy.

1 kilometer took me 15 to 20 minutes. But I got to be patient.

At 4:30 finally I made it 52.4km from Paraparaumu.

Here I finished at Wellington Station where it was the end of my run in North Island.

A friend of mine welcomed me and I was invited to a party tonight. About 20 Japanese friends were together.

Talked with them about life here in New Zealand. Some of them has been here for so long.

Most of them say time passes so slowly here that they can have more time to relax themselves.

Talking with them has given me a time to think about myself.

Who am I? What am I doing? What’s the purpose of life?

And I may have to think about WHAT IS THE JAPANESE…during or through my trek around the world.

*Today’s Distance: 0km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 737.45km

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Day21 Paraparaumu2

Taking another day off today and I will head to Wellington tomorrow.

They say weather will be nice tomorrow.

I take 2 days off in a row for the first time in 3 weeks since I left Auckland.

Got to re-charge my energy before landing South Island.

Taking a look at Howard’s work place. He’s a carpenter and he also makes furniture.

Sunny and warm. I felt like taking a walk around the beach in Samurai costume with One-Tooth Clog (Ipponbageta) on.

Late afternoon, Jody(a daughter of Howard & Jan’s) came and visit us with two girls(her daughters).

We enjoyed KENDAMA(Cup & Ball Game) and Ipponbageta together.

I gave them some crafts of ORIGAMI(Paper folding).

Kids were so glad to see ORIGAMI for the first time.

Sometimes I feel I’m sowing the seeds of PEACE here and there where I visit during my travel.

It is my mission to bring happiness to those who welcome me.

What I can do is not so much but I’m really happy if they make happy smiles for just a little while.

I’m really happy too if we can share a happy and peaceful moment with each other.

Probably I’m trying to make families wherever I am while traveling.

If we are all earthling and citizens of the world, I feel as if  we might be brothers and sisters.

May it be a comfortable and easy time for all of them as well as for me.

*Today’s Distance: 0km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 685.04km

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Day20 Paraparaumu

Howard and Greywacke the cat

Taking a day off at Howard & Jan’s place.

Time is passing slow and mellow on a day like this.

Cloudy and sometimes a light drizzle.

Light breakfast with cereal, toast and coffee.

Howard got out for work, Jan was busy doing cleaning, laundry and gardening in the morning.

I spent most hours in front of my MacBook Air, writing a journal, checking e-mails and chatting my wife Piapi.

Making a plan in South Island.

Roughly estimated, I might be running 2500km in South Island.

I will have done 735km in North Island by the time I reach Wellington. That means I will run 3200km in

I’m wondering if I can finish such a distance by February 9 when I leave Christ Church for Japan.

Jan showed me around Kapiti area by car.

We strolled along a good trail in the park.

But all of a sudden, what caught my eye was the construction of a new motorway.

Convenient life will surely bring inhabitants some factors such as noise, scene, exhaust gas.

How can we human beings co-exist mother nature?

This town is not so far from Wellington but very quiet and calm, not too busy.

Jan says this is an ideal town.

We drove to a sea side restaurant called “Fisherman’s Table” in the evening.

They said it was her daughter Jody’s birthday today and we had a party out there.

Jody’s family was together. Miles, youngest son of Howard & Jan, too.

We can enjoy ocean view of Tasman Sea but unfortunately both the sky and the sea looked gray because of the

Fish & Chips was really good, I enjoyed salad bar as well as beer.

Howard & Jan have 5 kids in total, two of whom live in Australia, one in England. Only Jody and Miles are here in New Zealand.

Even during Christmas holidays they cannot come together.

Three come back during summer holidays but not every year or Howard & Jan visit them abroad.

But as we’re in the 21st century we can exchange e-mails or enjoy chatting via Skype, we don’t have to meet so often.

Is that what our life now is for?

Both my husband are still fine in their mid-80s but they are living away from the internet.

Snail mail or phones are the only ways for communication.

How happy I have been to enjoy ordinary meals 2 days in a row!

In addition, I’m so glad to be with someone enjoying meals and conversation together with them.

Traveling alone is an easy way to live but keeping myself running alone can create an obstinate human being in me.

Sometimes I have to have an opportunity to be surrounded by people and to act like human. That’s how I feel.

   Having good dinner with good people

*Today’s Distance: 0km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 685.04km

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Day19 Levin to Paraparaumu

So many things happened along the way every day.

That’s why travel makes my life interesting and exciting.

Today I happened to encounter a dog just after I left Levin.

It was male, very active and young.

First I thought it was someone’s dog.

I told him to get back home but it kept following me for a long while, maybe 5km or so.

It ran around me as if I had been his pal.

I said, “I’m sorry I can’t take you anywhere because I’m traveling alone.”

I didn’t know if he understood me.

As I got out of the town, traffic became heavier.

In some part shoulders became narrow.

The dog was brave enough to run onto the highway.

“Get out of the highway!!”

I shouted out.

The dog narrowly escaped being run over by a huge truck.

“You’re making me nervous…Stay calm…”

He seemed hungry and looking around for something to eat.

He tried to eat a dead body of a bird on the shoulder.

But I told him to stop it.

A problem occurred.

We had to stop moving forward before a bridge.

There were no shoulders and just two lanes for cars.

I felt as if the bridge had told me not to come.

I told the dog to sit and stay with me for a while.

No easy way out.

In the meantime, a truck came up and stopped just in front of us.

A guy got out of the car, Mick was his name.

I said, “I need your help!”

I told him about the story of the dog and my trek.

He said, “Both of you cannot go across the bridge without car.

I’ll give you a ride. OK?”

I didn’t expect that I was also rescued.

“I want you to help this dog, anyway.”

He nodded with a smile and started to talk to someone on the phone.

He was talking about the character of the dog and asking how to find the owner of missing dogs.

After the phone call he said to me,

“No problem. The owner will find this dog. I’ll take care of him until then.”

What a relief!

I put my buggy and luggage on the truck.

We, the dog and I sat next to Mick the driver.

The dog seemed to feel relieved and stayed calm next to me.

I held his collar and said to him,

“Now you’re safe and sound. Hope you’ll meet your owner again soon!”

Just one kilometer we enjoyed driving .

After crossing the bridge, Mick stopped his truck on the shoulder.

I said goodbye to the dog. Even though we spent just 1 hour or so, I felt as he had been a longtime pal of mine.

I took down my buggy and luggage from the truck and reset everything.

I thanked Mick for a ride and asked him again to take good care of the dog.

Last time I saw the face of the dog from the car window, he seemed to have said to me THANK YOU! I HAD A GOOD TIME WITH YOU!

That’s the end of the story of a lost dog.

After that, running on State Highway 1 was kind of boring and sometimes dangerous with narrow shoulders and a bit heavy traffic.

About 4pm I visited Megumi a Japanese friend of mine.

He found me on the website of DAILY JAPANESE LIFE.

It is a site for Japanese people who live in New Zealand.

Three other ladies were there to welcome me.

We enjoyed chatting for an hour or so over tea, coffee and cakes.

They were young mothers. As their kids were all together, they were very lively and I had a really fun time.

Here’s a picture of us. Kids are just like my grandchildren.

Tonight I was supposed to meet my friends Howard and Jan whom I had met at a rest area near Taihape the other day.

As it happens, they also live in Paraparaumu, not far from Megumi’s place.

Aki, Megumi’s pal gave me a ride. How lucky I always am!!

Howard and Jan gave me a hearty welcome.

We met for the third time. First at a rest area near Taihape.

And two days after that, they found me on the highway and told me to visit their place giving me a note which showed their address and phone number.

Then that’s what I did.

Anyway, I feel better being with someone whom I can talk to.

Most of the day I am alone with no one beside me.

Today, the dog must have asked me for a help.

I didn’t notice at first.

Looking back, there might have been so many messages from the dog. The dog cannot talk. But I can feel something if I want to.

It’s the power of sensibility.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an animal or a human being.

Communication is usually done with languages but sometimes we need to use sensibility. That’s what I learned today.

Now I’m safe and sound with my friends…

*Today’s Distance: 47.01km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 685.04km

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Day18 Sanson to Levin

I was supposed to visit Parmerston North but I changed my mind.

So what I did was keep following State Highway1 straight to Wellington.

About 140km to the Capital. Probably 3 days to go.

Soon after leaving Sanson, I found a picnic table at Waireka Manuka factory outlet.

While I was taking a short break, the owner came up to me.

Richard was his name. We talked about travel for a while.

He asked me if I liked honey and I said yes.

I received a small bottle of NZ Manuka Honey.

Richard said he was glad to have met me.

And I said thanks and goodbye to him

Chilly wind was still blowing.

I’m getting closer to the sea…Yes, Tasman Sea.

Beyond the sea is the continent I ran across last year…Australia.

Kept running while playing with cows and sheep.

Slow pace, 7-8km per hour.

I don’t have to hurry. Even if I run slowly, it’s okay if I can reach today’s goal by the end of the day.

It’s been sunny most of the day.

Had some head wind and hills but I made it.

About 3pm, I finished running at a motel at the entrance of the town of Levin.

*Today’s Distance: 47.7km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 638.03km

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Day17 Hunterville to Sanson

About this time last year, I was heading to the eastern part of Australia after running across the Nullarbor Plain.

Looking back those 163 days, the running trek across Australia was pretty long.

Compered to it, 3 month trek here in New Zealand is very short.

Saw a beautiful rainbow twice this morning.

Something good surely happens on the day I see a rainbow in the morning. It’s true.

In the Nullarbor Plain last year, Tenkyu Ping Pongs including Piapi my wife showed up all of a sudden in the middle of nowhere, which surprised me most. On the morning of that day I saw a rainbow.

Today I ran through farming area where there were plenty of cows and sheep. Some pigs, horses too.

Mostly flat with very few hill climbing.

But the weather was not stable.

Black clouds and gray sky and white clouds and blue sky came up one another.

After leaving the town of Bulls, I saw a Yellow Toyota Hi-Ace which looks familiar.

Howard and Jan whom I met at rest area near Taihape.

They treated me a cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin.

They were on the way home from bike ride in Taupo.

And they told me to visit their place in Paraparaumu.

It must have been what that rainbow tried to tell me!

About 1:30pm I finished today’s run in Sanson.

*Today’s Distance: 40.9km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 590.33km

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