DAY17 Ambleside-Penrith 40.1km

Rain stopped last night but gusty wind still blowing in the morning.

Said goodbye to Graham. He seemed to like talking.

I just kept listening to him but it never stopped.

That’s why I always kept listening.

Started at 8am.

Kristone Pass was 6.8km from Ambleside(elevation 45m) but a bit too tough to climb.

Kept pushing buggy for 2 hours till I got to the peak elevation 454m.

The grade of the hill was 20 percent maximum.

Seemed like I spent whole energy when I reached the peak.

But the scenery was gorgeous. It’s like Kusasenri, Mt.Aso, Kyushu.

Stone walls reminded me of the Great Walls of China.

I wonder how long and how much energy it took to complete.

A herd of sheep also reminded me of New Zealand.

But sheep here looked more peaceful. They just keep feeding on grass all day.

After the pass, I followed A592 drive route.

I ran on the sidewalk which was limited, otherwise on the right side of traffic.

Always got to be careful about the opposite traffic especially on blind curve as some cars didn’t reduce speed.

At 5:30, I checked in at Wayfarers Independent Hostel, Penrith.

Dormitory but no one else is in my room.

About 200km to Edinburgh.

*Today’s Distance:  40.1 km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 658.2 km

*See More Photos

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