Let's Get Wild!

This is not a journey to search for a romantic adventure

in original landscape of the planet earth

but a journey to encounter my-true-self whom I have never seen…

Let's get wild!

                                                  Photo:  Nullarbor Plain, Western Australia 2013


Live For Today

It's worthless to waste every moment by trying so hard to think about the future.

There's no moving forward if we regret our past for what we have done or if we get swayed by the glory of the past.

We live or we are allowed to live today.

As we are not able to live only in the present, it is important for us to live our best for this precious moment.

There are so many things we have to learn from the past and we can have dreams or hopes in our future.

But it's not until we do our very best living every single moment that we found it so meaningful.

Time is passing from past to present, from present to future.

We cannot get back to the past even though we can move the clock backward.

We who live today are all programmed to do so.

The past lies only in our memories as the proof of our existing.

It's also impossible to slip into the future by moving the clock forward.

The future also lies only in the concept of ours. Without living each and every day, our future never comes.

Time has already existed before we were born and the clock will keep ticking after we're gone away.

Every single moment already belongs to forever.

Not only time passes but it's also accumulated where we never noticed for sure.

I will do my very best living for the time accumulated...

and for the time which never comes back again...



Enjoyed running together with my pals at KOBE TOMOSU RUN on 16 Saturday and 17 Sunday.

It was a memorial event for Great Hanshin Earthquake that happened in 1995.

We ran around the city of Kobe to visit memorial monuments.

Most of bridges and torii, a gateway to Shinto shrine, made of stone were broken down then.

After the quake, some of them have been left just as they were.

It's been 21 years since that tragic earthquake occurred.

I often wish I had been in Japan to know what was happening on January 17 because I was in New Zealand for cycling tour at that time.

Now Kobe is a busy and active city where there are many tourists from abroad here and there.

We can never forget 1.17 as well as 3.11.

That's what we should hand down from generation to generation.


Walk & Run For 2016

At 10 am I started to walk on Ipponba(One-Tooth) Geta.

It took me almost 10 hours to complete 43km and then started to run 57km with running shoes on.

After 24 hours I felt so good achieving fasting run and walk wishing WORLD PEACE.

During walk and run, I had only liquid drinking vegetable juice, coffee, some soup and candies.

We often think it natural to eat and drink anything we want or to sleep anytime we want. But it's not always true.

There are so many people in this world who cannot live that way.

Sometimes we need to think about people who live under such situation.

Saw the beautiful first sunrise of this year.

PEACE be with you and us!!

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Seanson's Greetings

Season’s greetings

and best wishes for a new year 

filled with lots of LOVE, PEACE and HAPPINESS!