Day17 Hunterville to Sanson

About this time last year, I was heading to the eastern part of Australia after running across the Nullarbor Plain.

Looking back those 163 days, the running trek across Australia was pretty long.

Compered to it, 3 month trek here in New Zealand is very short.

Saw a beautiful rainbow twice this morning.

Something good surely happens on the day I see a rainbow in the morning. It’s true.

In the Nullarbor Plain last year, Tenkyu Ping Pongs including Piapi my wife showed up all of a sudden in the middle of nowhere, which surprised me most. On the morning of that day I saw a rainbow.

Today I ran through farming area where there were plenty of cows and sheep. Some pigs, horses too.

Mostly flat with very few hill climbing.

But the weather was not stable.

Black clouds and gray sky and white clouds and blue sky came up one another.

After leaving the town of Bulls, I saw a Yellow Toyota Hi-Ace which looks familiar.

Howard and Jan whom I met at rest area near Taihape.

They treated me a cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin.

They were on the way home from bike ride in Taupo.

And they told me to visit their place in Paraparaumu.

It must have been what that rainbow tried to tell me!

About 1:30pm I finished today’s run in Sanson.

*Today’s Distance: 40.9km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 590.33km

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