DAY11 Pickmere-Liverpool 46.9km

Unusual to run along normal route, not along the canal.

In a part cycle route ended because of construction.

As I was at a loss, two young men helped me find the way out.

It’s always nice to have a chance to talk with local people.

Another chance…three women said hello to me from the window of their house.

They rushed to me when I said I was running around the world and they were so excited that they gave me many many questions at the same time.

One of them shouted, “Here comes a world-famous adventure runner!”

We chatted for a while and took some photos.

In Runcorn, I lost my way again to find the way to cross the bridge on River Mersey.

There were some roads crossing three-dimensionally and I didn’t know which route to go, asking locals several times.

Finally I found the way out but noticed that the best way is to ask local people. They know much better than google map.

428km from Big Ben, London…maybe 40km longer than the direct route because I have taken zig-zag route.

Traveling is not easy but fun.

It’s not a moving from point to point, but having fun that happened on a line which connects point with point.

I’m obsessed with traveling, cannot think of anything but it.

So very glad to have a life like that.

I know doing my very best on whatever I do each and every day is my mission.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

Step by step, I’ll go far and away.

*Today’s Distance:  46.9 km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 428.1 km

*See More Photos

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