We offer PEACE RUN T-shirts to those who want to help create WORLD PEACE.

Once you wear this T-shirt, you feel something on your back.

 Don't look back but just feel it.

 That's what keeps you running till the end of the road.



I like getting dressed Japanese kimono and One-Tooth Geta for cultural exchange.

Once I wear kimono and it makes me smile so naturally.

Smile can connect with each other.

We don't need any words, we don't need to get armed, either.

All we need is to get dressed in Japanese kimono...


International Day of Peace

Today is International Day of Peace unofficially known as World Peace Day.

It's the day when we should think of the meaning of PEACE again and also the day when we respect and appreciate the value and preciousness of PEACE.

May PEACE be with you all!!


Let's Get Dressed in Japanese Kimono

"Waso" in Japanese means being dressed in Kimono.

Japanese "WA" means Japan, Japanese, peace or harmony, which also means ring or circle. “So” means being dressed.

Imagine people make a circle, hand in hand...it is a scene with peace and harmony.

“Buso” means being armed.

We prefer “Waso” to “Buso” and we like making friends better than fighting against each other.

That’s why we promote a campaign to wear kimono.

Let's get dressed in Japanese Kimono to create WORLD PEACE!

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Every time war or conflict breaks out, refugees pour in here and there and some of them have nowhere else to go losing home in their native countries.

Even if the case of the Fukushima nuclear accident, those who were forced to evacuate are now experiencing the same situation.
They have to abandon the house and land that they were born and raised in.

And also they have to say goodbye to their friends whom they have spent good time together with leaving behind the memories they made there.

We human beings are able to make daily lives something of value even if they are ordinary ones.

We are able to live in peace because we spend times together with families, friends, partners or precious ones.

May someone’s land not be robbed of or spoiled…

May our lives or daily life be valued and respected most…

May people find peace of mind...

and may peace prevail on earth...