DAY14 Chorley-Preston 27.4km

Already covered 500km since I left London 2 weeks ago.

I'm lucky there have been no major problems so far.

There are so many towns everywhere I go everyday where food& water is available.

Compared to traveles or adventurer who is traveling in deserts or Polar regions, I'm just a running traveler.

There's more I can enjoy each and every day.

Got to have a great time in every moment.

Met up with 2 cyclists from UK.

One is Amy, maybe early 70s of age.

She has been enjoying cycling for 9 years since her husband passed away.

She said she'd hooked on cycle camping in UK.

What a tough lady! This time she's been on the road for 9 weeks.

She's looking good. Her bright eyes shining when we said good bye.

Another one was a guy who is on the way to London (forgot to ask his name).

I told him about my PEACE RUN and soon he accessed my Facebook Page "Peace Run Running Around The Wold."

He said he was a beginner traveler but wanted to have more fun in cycling.

What impressed me most today happened when I was standing at checkout stand at local food market.

A guy talked me he said he had seen me from his car.

So I told about PEACE RUN which impressed him, he said, "It's incredible!"

I was amazed that he said he would pay for what I had bought by his credit card.

I was also glad he wanted to take a photo with me.

We got out of the store and took photos with pretty 2 daughters too.

How happy I was to have shared a peaceful moment with someone else I met up with along the way!

Through PEACE RUN, I am going to see as many people as possible on this planet where 7 billion people live.

I guess there'll be something more I can do for the world.

Got to keep running!

*Today’s Distance:  27.4 km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 523.8 km

*See More Photos

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