Life Is Adventure

To be honest, I come to a deadlock here, there and everywhere.

I ask myself if it’s okay with me so very often.

Actually my life is full of failure and reflection but I never want to regret.

Sometimes I cannot face the reality  busy with chasing the dream and ideal.

But on reflection, this is not only the case of adventure but life itself is also the same.

Hardships and trials will happen everywhere both in adventure and in our daily lives.

Be flexible and stay positive.

If we cannot get away from anything even if we try to, all we have to do is hit against the wall.

This is what I am after living my own way different from the ordinary.

I believe I’m happy being my-true-self.

All the pioneers or new frontiers hit against the wall.

We’d better have fun overcoming any hardships and trials.

Life is not easy but tough and hard…that’s what I know.



Walked and ran with One-Tooth Geta in Osaka Castle Park.

This is the time for communication with the earth through this unstable footwear.

While trying to let the earth feel my heart beating, I feel the earth breathe.

Trying to fill myself with the heart of WA, I feel comfortable getting into this world.

The heart of WA is a mind of Japanese who love PEACE.

It's also a generous soul which can harmonize with anything around us.

Yes, I love One-Tooth Geta!!


Step By Step

If I always put off what I must do and spend my time doing what I don’t have to do, I will not live my life enjoying what I want to do.

Only time is definitely passing by while I am making excuses for something to deceive myself.

Is this my life?

The older I grow, the more difficult it becomes to control myself.

It’s because I am spoiled by myself somewhere in my mind.

It’s necessary for me to take an objective look at my-inner-self.

I guess I have to set my consciousness on higher dimension in order to deal with reality.

Although I am trying to master the secrets of something, what I got to do now might be make each and every step of mine.


With Finely-Honed Mind And Body

Now I live in Temmabashi, Osaka.

The entrance of Osaka Castle is just 500 meters away from here.

Many runners enjoy running early in the morning every day.

I also run but sometimes enjoy walking on Ipponbageta or One-Tooth Clog with deliberate steps.

This unstable footwear is quite interesting just because it is unstable.

Soles of my feet are definitely able to catch even slight unevenness and bumps.

Sometimes a state of my mind may affect the walk.

With finely-honed mind and body, I’d like to value the time to interact with the earth.


Biking In The Rain

Biking in the rain along the Yodo River with my wife Piapi

Camera: Piapi

Bike: Louis Garneau Carry-Me

BGM: "Surari" by Q[ku:]



Each one of us has the reality that we can see but what we must look at is the truth that we cannot see.

In fact there are so many things happening around us. We share the good things with each other and we pray everything will get better when something bad happens.

Invisible various power acts.

As everything that happens has its own meaning, we should be grateful to anything that we cannot be pleased obediently.

Everything will be OK with us.

It is the best blessing for our own souls that our lives and bodies are given here in this world now.

We got to have eyes which can watch something we cannot see and ears which can listen to something we cannot hear.

We got to have pure and clear mind, precious

We got to value the time when our souls are purified.



Completed 50K6DAYS!!

Ran 50km(31miles) 6 days in a row while the summer heat tried to knock me down.

One runner after another came and joined me every day.

I ran and had a very good time with 37 friends in total.

We sometimes had a chat over a cup of coffee to take a short break.

And we picked up garbage along the roadside.

We didn't care about how far and how long we ran.

It didn't matter how fast we ran.

Because we didn't have to compete with each other.

We just enjoyed ourselves sharing the time we spent.

Therefore we live together and run together.


Be Consistent

I am something like a tiny elementary particle that is too difficult to grasp.

Compared to the scale of the universe, I am the one who amounts to nothing.

But I am also one living entity which was created from a cell of
60 trillion.

Although I am a creature of impulse, I will not be run to sentiment.

Although I am small existence, I will not be seized with a trifle.

I will stare at my-real-self as I am now and will try to accept anything that happens to me in this world.

I will always be happy and keep smiling.

I will always be grateful just to what I am now.

I will keep positive and give it all I've got.

I will always be honest to myself and live straight.

So I will run straight on a straight road.

I will keep moving on trying to be consistent.


No Worries

Never ever be afraid of anything.

Panic stalks the streets and there comes a demon to catch us off our guard.

He, who tries to perturb our peaceful world, is just like Satan.

All we have to do is enhance a wave of love and listen to our heart.

No worries. Everything will be all right.