DAY40 44km East of Killarney-Killarney 45.7km(Ireland)

Some rain during the night. My tent was soaked which makes it hard to put away. Need to dry at hotel tonight.

About 10km from camp site, I had a coffee break in Mill Street Town.

Andrew, a local runner who lives in Mill Street Town, found me at Centra, a local supermarket and said hello.

About 30 minutes later, he came running to me from the west pushing a buggy(Bob's Iron Man) in which his 2-year-old daughter rode).

He said, "I thought this is only one chance I met you. So I want to run with you even just a little while."

He drove his car and once passed me and he parked his car about 6km west of where we had met and started to run with his daughter.

We enjoyed running together. It was the first time I run with someone here in Europe.

He is going to run a local full marathon on Saturday.

Not a good weather today but late afternoon the rain stopped.

Finished today’s run at a hotel in Killarney at 4:30pm.

I am planning to go back to Dublin from here by bus without visiting Galway. So I can fly to Hamburg, Germany soon.

*Today’s Distance: 45.7 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 1365.5km

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DAY39 Glanworth-44km East of Killarney(Ireland)

Late start after nice Irish breakfast, with Dutch couple Cindy and Leon.

Leon said he had walked along Camino De Santiago before. I got useful information from him.

At 8:50, saying goodbye to all, I started to run.

Today I may finish where there’s no accommodation.

Killarney is just 90km west. Traveling in Ireland will soon be over.

There were some hills I had to climb.

At 7:30, I found a nice campsite at farming area, which was quiet and no ones seemed to come around.

Free camping is good because I don’t have to pay.

I ate some food that I bought yesterday.

It will be chilly in the morning, I got to get ready for it.

*Today’s Distance: 52,3 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 1319.8km

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DAY38 Cashel-Glanworth 55.1km (Ireland)

Leaving Cashel 7:40, my room mate Michael saw me off.

Followed R639 with a wide shoulder, enjoying a nice run under the sunny blue sky. Warm enough.

To my surprise, just 1 km before the goal Glanworth, a car driving at the same speed as me and said hello from the car.

As soon as I finished running at the entrance of Riverside Glanworth B&B, the owner Liam and his family welcomed me with a big smile.

He knew well about me because he searched my full name on the internet.

He said, “We have already know you are Adventure Runner running around the world!”

It was amazing!

He asked me too many questions.

Later a couple from Holland joined us.

It was fun to share the stories and experiences about traveling.

And Liam called a local newspaper company.

This is B&B but they treated me dinner as well.

This is what is called D&B&B(Dinner and Bed and Breakfast), isn’t it?

PEACE RUN 2016 Running Around Europe Movie#4

*Today’s Distance: 55.1 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 1267.5km

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DAY37 Day-Off in Cashel(Ireland)

Woke up at 7am but felt something dull on my hipbone.

It might have come from camping for 2 nights in a row.

I decided to take a day-off today.

There’s still a long way to go, 2500km from Hamburg to Lisbon.

When I opened a message box of Facebook, I was surprised to see a message from a lady. Kristen Docherty is her name.

I met her when she was 2 years old in Edmonton, Canada while I was biking across Alaska and Canada in 1994.

I had met her parents Terry and Michael in Idaho, USA while I was biking across USA in 1991. Then we had promised to meet up again in Canada and I made it come true.

When I was running yesterday, it occurred to me what had become of them.

In her reply, she said she remembered me and still had the article of a local paper.

Hope we’ll meet someday in Canada.

I enjoyed horse carriage riding tour for the first time today.

The horse carriage went around Cashel watching historical architecture taking about half an hour.

Cashel is a nice place from which I can taste the flavor of medieval Europe.

Walked around Cashel in One-Tooth Geta late afternoon.

Quiet Sunday…yes, it’s the final Sunday of August.

Kids have to get back to school when September starts.

Tonight I am invited to beer party with some staff of this hostel.

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance in UK: 1009.0 km

*Total Distance in Ireland: 168.7 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 1177.7km

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DAY36 Templemore-Cashel 34.7km(Ireland)

Chilly morning 11 degrees in my tent.

When it’s chilly, I wake up even in the middle of the night.

I hid myself totally in my sleeping bag.

Conor was a nice guy who takes good care of me in many ways.

Early in the morning he said to me while I was getting ready, “Good morning. You can use kitchen and bathroom.”

When I left, he often said,”Is there anything you need?”

I knew he wanted to help as much as possible.

He gave me a free ticket of Rock of Cashel.

We shook hands and hug each other.

I’ll never forget Templemore B&B(or T&B).

In eastern Ireland, there are lots of historical architecture here and there.

Castle is also an interesting place, they say it’s a popular tourist spot because Rock of Cashel stands in the town.

As soon as I checked in at Cashel Holiday Hostel, I visited Rock of Cashel.

It’s on the hill where I can enjoy the great view of the city.

If you like European history, it’s worth visiting.

On the way back I did some shopping for dinner.

The town is clean and tidy. Small and compact but it is convenient for tourists.

At hostel, I enjoyed talking to staff and other guests.

Killarney is almost there but I guess I don’t have to hurry.

*Today’s Distance: 34.7 km

*Total Distance in UK: 1009.0 km

*Total Distance in Ireland: 203.4 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 1212.4km

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DAY35 Swan-Templemore 55.5km(Ireland)

Temperature 11 degrees in my tent was chilly.

Rained a bit during the night but wind kept the tent dry.

Started at 7am following a local highway with no shoulders and sidewalk.

Got to be nervous caring about the traffic.

Only in the town there was sidewalk.

Mostly sunny and warm in the afternoon.

Passed some towns and villages.

Last night I tried to book a single room at Templemore B&B and Hostel but I couldn’t for a technical reason.

So as I set the town as a goal, I decided to visit the B&B.

About 5pm I arrived at the B&B. Templemore was a bit large town.

Unfortunately the sign said, “NO VACANCY.”

First a lady who I thought owner’s wife showed up and said that the owner would be back in ten minutes. So I waited.

After the owner came back I told about my travel and I needed a space for my tent.

He said OK and he allowed me to use shower&toilet, kitchen and free Wi-Fi, too!

This is not B&B to me but T&B(Tent&Breakfast)!

Conor was his name. He seemed to like talking.

He said he had graduated from university twice to get qualification.

He runs B&B and owns his business as well.

He told me about recent Europe and how we could change the world.

Yes, all we need is a strong leader. And we got to be active doing our very best.

And we need life in peace…health first and good relationship with our people, especially our family.

Money is not always all we need.

We need discipline and education to keep our world in peace.

In poor countries, people do their best but it’s hard for them
to take good education which makes it hard for them to get a good job.

In western Europe, people make their effort to take higher education and get a better job.

They work hard and make enough money to own their cars and houses.

But for people in poor countries it is just like a dream.

Living in developed countries, people are busy working under lots of pressure.

They work hard to make money but they cannot make more free time.

They don’t have enough time to spend free time with their families. It’s too sad.

What’s happiness to human beings?

Some people are rich but they are not happy.

Some people are not rich but they are happy.

Which is better?

We were talking for a while. There are so many thing to think about…

*Today’s Distance: 55.5 km

*Total Distance in UK: 1009.0 km

*Total Distance in Ireland: 168.7 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 1177.7km

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DAY34 Kicullen-Picnic Area 5km West of The Swan 46.1km(Ireland)

Had a wonderful breakfast Hillary served.

Homemade bread and jam. I loved them.

She joins local charity events regularly and she’s trying to do what she can do to make her life more active.

She enjoys cycling too. She isn’t interested in tourist spots many people visit. She just want to enjoy moving and traveling.

Yes, that’s what I do now.

She gave me an Irish flag and I put it on my buggy.

At 8am I left Kilcullen for the Swan.

Anne stopped just before me on the highway.

She got out of her car and said “I’m just curious.”

I told her about my PEACE RUN and she seemed happy to know why I was running alone on the highway.

“Yes, Europe used to be happier before. Many things are happening but I think I have to do something more I can do.”

Followed a country road to the Swan. Very quiet and calm with little traffic.

There’s a pub named Swan Inn at the corner of the village.

It was just when the owner was getting ready for the opening.

I asked him if there’s a camp site around there.

He told me there was a picnic area 4 or 5km west.

And I found the place which was really nice picnic are where I can enjoy the view from the hill.

There are many small villages and towns in Ireland.

Most of the population live in the city area such as Dublin and Galway.

But I love small towns and villages where there have never been a Japanese tourist coming around.

*Today’s Distance: 46.1 km

*Total Distance in UK: 1009.0 km

*Total Distance in Ireland: 113.2 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 1122.2km

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DAY33 Dublin-Kilcullen 51.0km(Ireland)

Left Dublin at 7am. Sun came up again. 9 degrees, kind of chilly.

There was a sidewalk in the city of Dublin but as soon as I got out of the city, it’s gone.

In City West, Google Map told me to get into motor way N7 where there was no sidewalk and all the cars were driving faster than 100 km/h.

I was at a loss where to go, so I asked a man at roadwork.

He was kind enough to draw a map for me, and then I followed a back road and side road of N7.

All the road I took was zig zag route, which was 8km longer than direct N7 route.

About 5:30 I finished running in Kilcullen.

Checked in at B&B.

It’s going to be a bit hard to find accommodation in small towns or villages in Ireland.

I may have more chances to camp out.

Anyway I’ll always be flexible as for route and accommodation.

All I got to do is have fun!

*Today’s Distance: 51.0 km

*Total Distance in UK: 1009.0 km

*Total Distance in Ireland: 67.1 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 1076.1

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DAY32 Day-Off in Dublin2(Ireland)

Drizzling rain was falling almost all day.

Took another day-off today.

Had my buggy VIENTO checked at a cycle shop near the hostel.

Spoke tension and wheel balance was what I had been worrying about.

The owner said he had done his best but there is a still mechanical problem in wheels.

There might be some gap between a plastic part and hub.

But it was not so serious a problem I can go on.

I was so glad the owner said, “It’s free. Hope you really enjoy your journey.”

I’m sure there were no bad guys in Ireland!

And I went to post office for a postage stamps.

Wrote and sent 10 picture postcards to my supporters in Japan.

As a return for crowdfunding, I got to send about 120 postcards in total.

Tomorrow I started to run for the west coast Killarney.

I set Galway as my goal in Ireland about 500km away from here in Dublin.

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance in UK: 1009.0 km

*Total Distance in Ireland: 16.1 km

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DAY31 Day-Off in Dublin(Ireland)

Slept for 14 hours…as I spent over night at the Dublin International Airport the night before.

And I hadn’t eaten anything since 3pm yesterday.

When I woke up I was thirsty and hungry.

Walked around the city for a while.

Did some shopping, took some pictures.

Wherever I go, I see people’s ordinary life there and I know they live their life each and every day.

While traveling, I see their life and what they do for their living. I’m happy if I see them smile.

The world is filled with people’s smiles when they are happy.

I hope they live in peace forever and ever.

All I want is I am always with them and see them smile, which makes me feel satisfied because their smiles give me power and energy.

I guess that’s why I keep traveling.

On the way back to the hostel a young guy talked to me.

“Are you a traveler who is travel around the world? I saw your jogging buggy out there.”

When I told him about PEACE RUN, he made a big smile and said,

“Oh! That’s great! A friend of mine is also cycling in Saoutheastern Asia. I envy you a global traveler!”

Jimmy was his name and he works for a hostel where I’m staying.

“If you’re in trouble in Ireland, someone is sure to help you. Are you in trouble now? Tell me if you’re in trouble! Have a good journey! Very nice meeting you!”

And we said goodbye after shaking hands with each other.

Seems like there’re lots of friendly and nice people like him in Ireland.

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance in UK: 1009.0 km

*Total Distance in Ireland: 16.1 km

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DAY30 Dublin International Airport-Dublin 16.1km (Ireland)

I arrived at Dublin at 11:10pm on 29.

At the passport control, an officer asked me about PEACE RUN. So I told him about the detail.

He started to search “PEACE RUN” on the internet and found some YouTube movies and said, “Is it you?”

He showed me  a movie. It was the movie taken in Mohave Desert, California.

I said, “Yes, it’s me!”

“How was the heat? How much water did you have then? Was there anything dangerous to you?”

He seemed so curious about my adventure running.

At last he said, “I was so impressed! Thank you! Have a good journey!”

He was a nice young man. I was glad feeling as if Ireland itself had given a hearty welcome.

But it was in the middle of the night, nowhere to go.

I had to wait until the dawn sitting on the cold and hard bench.

When the morning came, I put up my buggy and got ready for the departure though I was sleepy.

From the airport, I kept running on the sidewalk which never disappeared.

Found a supermarket “Centra” along the way, I did some shopping.

How expensive!

Most of food was 1.5 more expensive than that of UK.

Some of them are 4 to 5 more…

This is Ireland not UK. Do in Rome as the Romans do.

Arrived at city center but it was too early to check in at the hostel.

So I spent 4 hours around the city of Dublin.

Yes, waiting is also a part of travel.

There was a city market going on in the Smithfield.

I have no idea to join the sight seeing.

Wherever I go, there is nothing especially to do, nothing especially to see.

Finally I checked in, got some food and took a quick shower.

About 6pm, I felt like sleeping that’s what I did.

*Today’s Distance: 16.1 km

*Total Distance in UK: 1009.0 km

*Total Distance in Ireland: 16.1 km

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DAY29 Paisley-Glasgow International Airport7.4km(Scotland, UK)

Final day in UK.

Just one month ago, I left Kansai International Airport, Osaka, Japan.

Time flies…yes, it really does.

Left a guest house in Paisley at 10:30, I ran to Glasgow International Airport which located 3.5km from the guest house.

How huge the airport is! It was not easy to get to the terminal.

Lost my way at the huge parking space and asked a clerk the direction.

After running 7.4km, I was able to follow the pedestrian access.

But I had to wait until 8:10pm check in time.

Yes, my flight was due to 10:10pm.

I spent 10 hours just sitting on a bench in front of the Ryanair check-in counter.

All I did was enjoy watching people come and go.

Finally at 8pm, I was the first to check in.

Fortunately I didn’t have to pay the extra charge for my luggage.

No problem at all at security check.

Saying goodbye to UK, I leave for Dublin, Ireland.

Looking forward to coming back someday!

*Today’s Distance: 7.4 km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 1009.0 km(Whole UK)

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PEACE RUN 2016 Running Around Europe Movie#3


DAY28 Glasgow-Paisley(Scotland, UK) 13.2km

Said goodbye to Glasgow. Left St.Enoch Hotel where I had stayed for 3 nights heading to Paisley.

Spent 3 days in Glasgow, taking the longest rest here in UK.

Glasgow is an exciting and lovely city which I’d like to visit again, next time with my wife Piapi.

As I fly to Dublin, Ireland tomorrow, I moved to a guest house in Paisley.

Today the total distance I have run became more than 1000km, exactly 1001.6km.

Still a quarter of the total distance of PEACE RUN 2016 Running Around Europe.

Ran 13.2km today. About 7km after I started, it started to rain.

Stopped running twice on the way to take shelter from the rain.

Staying at single room for the first time in a while.

Quiet, nobody bothers me during my sleep for snoring or sleep talking.

*Today’s Distance: 13.2 km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 1001.6 km

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DAY27 Day-Off in Glasgow 2(Scotland, UK)

Taking another day-off today…2 days in a row for the first time since I started my running across UK.

Walked around the city, watching variety of people…

Enjoy listening to music which street musician plays.

It may be my skill to get easily used to the city if I stay there for at least 2 days.

Even if it’s not my country, it doesn’t matter.

Acting like a local is not so difficult. First walk around, smell the air, feel something unknown to you and try to be as if you had lived there for a long time. 

A big city always absorbs our energy. But I often get its energy.

I guess we need more communication to get along well with the city itself.

Street musicians are also people like me in that way. They may try to perform once they have understood what the city is like.

I enjoyed strolling around the city in One-Tooth Geta.

It’s been chilly and mostly cloudy or drizzling but sunny, warm weather have lasted 3 days in a row here.

Samuel, a French musician & traveler talked to me while I was enjoying One-Tooth Geta walk.

I suggested to him he try on this unstable footwear.

He was glad and said yes. Of course he smiled a great smile as I had expected.

He said he traveled around Europe to let people know about refugees from Syria in a volunteer level.

Every night he knocks on the door of someone’s house. If there’s a good chance he is invited to dinner, hot shower and warm bed.

But he plays the music and tells the story of his travel and refugees from Syria in return.

I was so glad to have met up with him because he is also helping create world peace in his own way...

Isn't it nice to share a peaceful moment with someone I meet up along the way?

*Hope you enjoy photos and movies on my Facebook wall.
 *Today’s Distance: 8.7 km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 988.4 km

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DAY26 Day-Off in Glasgow(Scotland, UK)

Here's a track I have followed from Big Ben(London) to Glasgow 979.7km.

Took a day-off for the first time in 8 days.

Visited 2 cycle shops to get 20-inch tire tubes.

Have had 10 flat tires so far because of thorn of a plant.

4 tubes including spare ones are all worn out.

And got a brand-new pair of running shoes.

One of PEACE RUN official sponsors “ALTRA” offers Instinct3.5.

I should have planned as for logistics but it’s a little too late. I got to move to Ireland and running in Ireland may finish within a week.

Hopefully I’ll get a new pair of ALTRA while I run in main continent.

Washed my clothes at another hostel as I had no clean underwear.

I got to make the most of minimal clothes I have.

I’m glad it’s mostly cool and I had little sweat.

And I bought an airplane ticket from Glasgow to Dublin, Ireland.

Flight is due on 20th. I booked stay for 17 and 18 at the same hostel but unfortunately there is no vacancy on 19.

What should I do? Do I stay at the airport on 19 night?

I leave Glasgow 10pm and arrive in Dublin 11pm.

Late arrival…where should I stay 20 night?

Moving by public transportation is always hard for me.

But I know this is also a part of my travel.

On main continent my run starts in Hamburg, Germany though this map shows Berlin.

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 979.7 km (Photo above)

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DAY25 Hillend Reservoir-Glasgow 46.1km

10 degrees is not so warm as to camp out.

Woke up several times during the night as it was chilly.

Final run in UK today about 30km to Glasgow.

Holland Reservoir looked like lake.

Sunny and warm. First time here to have such fine weather 2 days in a row.

Following National Cycle Route 754 & 75, I had a good run in the field but as soon as I entered a town, I came across the construction on the road.

Detour! I couldn’t help changing the route.

Google Map hasn’t been nice and kind to me here in UK.

Every time I chose the route, it caused some troubles.

It was when I checked the Google Map that I noticed I was totally out of the planned route.

I followed the same route again which caused 14km loss.

Ran 46km farther than I expected.

As I arrived at the hostel in the city center of Glasgow, it was after 6pm.

The view of the River Clyde was beautiful where lots of people were having a good time chatting, smiling and laughing.

I am going to take a day-off tomorrow and get ready for the next…Ireland.

*Today’s Distance: 46.1 km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 979.7 km
                         (Whole Distance in UK: England & Scotland)

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DAY24 Edinburgh-Hillend Reservoir 56.6km(Scotland)

Leaving Edinburgh where International Art Festival is going on, very active and noisy city, I am heading to Glasgow.

Following National Cycle Route 754, the route goes along the canal which leads us to Glasgow.

The road is clean, paved and wide but when I got out of the city, it became unpaved sometimes it was single track trail.

Google Map is not always true. I often got out of the regular route.

In 1991 when I cycled across the USA, all I got to do was heading to the east where New York was.

It was totally analog era, different from digital era now.

Finished my run at Hillend Reservoir after running 56.6km.

A kind local man allowed me to pitch my tent at his yard.

Just 30km to Glasgow where my travel across UK is over.

*Today’s Distance: 56.6 km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 933.6 km

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DAY23 Peebles-Edinburgh 38.1km

Sunday morning…

Rained during the night. My tent was wet which made it not easy to pull down.

Left Rosetta Holiday Park at 8:20. Following quiet country road, muddy, and rugged rough road, there were many variety of routes.

In some part, I ran on the highway with or without sidewalk.

Entering the city of Edinburgh, traffic was getting busy.

In the city center, where International Art Festival is held, sidewalk was full of people…too crowded to go forward.

Last night I booked a bed at a hostel near the city center.

As I heard there was no vacancy in every hotel, B&B, I was lucky.

I arrived at the hostel where there were people cueing.

I had to wait about half an hour at the reception.

There was no kitchen here so I ate fish & chips at the hostel-owned restaurant.

I wanted to stay another nights here if there was no festival but I got to leave for Glasgow tomorrow morning.

*Today’s Distance:  38.1 km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 877 km

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DAY22 Galashiels-Peebles 41km(Scotland)

Woke up at 5:30 so that breakfast started at 7:30.

Sunny and warm this morning 11 degrees.

Excellent breakfast!

Fruits, cereal, coffee or tea, toast, ham & cheese,etc.

Ate too much. I don’t usually eat that much for breakfast.

Started at 8:20 following National Cycle Route 1.

Quiet country road is my favorite.

The route is not always paved, sometimes gravel, muddy, hilly road but it’s always quiet and calm.

I don’t like running on normal highway with no sidewalk and shoulders which always gives me so much stress.

Met up with 2 cyclists. One of them said he had met in Langham.

It’s Saturday, there were so many cyclists on the route.

Soon dark clouds came up and it started to rain but soon sun came up.

Weather is always changeable, we cannot expect weather.

About 3:30, I checked in at tent site of Rosetta Holiday Park.

£12 for solo tent site is not so cheap but we can take a hot shower.

In caravan parks in New Zealand and Australia there was a community kitchen where we could cook for ourselves.

But there are laundromat, shower and toilet here.

Edinburgh is about 20 km north from here.

From Edinburgh I head to Glasgow. Soon my travel in UK will be over.

*Today’s Distance:  41.0 km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 838.9 km

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DAY21 Teviothead-Galashiels 49.3km (Scotland)

Woke up in my tent hearing the stream flowing.

Beside highway A7 traffic noise was a bit noisy.

15 degrees in my tent was not a climate of summer.

It was good weather in the morning but soon cloudy and later started to rain.

I was always nervous running on A7 because the road had no sidewalk no shoulders. I was running on the right side being careful about oncoming traffic. I needed more concentration.

Huge trailer trucks looked monsters, wind pressure was so strong as to blow me away.

But sometimes sidewalk and shoulders showed up.

It became windy in the afternoon with strong wind blowing.

I checked in Jean Muir Student Village, Scottish Borders.

This B&B is run by Borders College. Clean and tidy.

Single room with breakfast costs just £35.

After check-in, I went shopping in the shopping mall 2km away from the B&B.

Hope it becomes sunny and warm.

*Today’s Distance:  49.3 km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 797.9 km

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DAY20 Carlisle-Teviothead(Scotland) 51.6km

Started in the rain with rain jacket on.

Following A7 north, I was running on the sidewalk but it was soon gone.

Entered Scotland at 9:40am.

Then a shoulder appeared.

Langholm was the first major town in Scotland.

Felt like I had got back into Europe 500 years ago.

But without towns, all I saw was sheep and cows.

After running 48km, I wanted to finish in Linhope.

But it was not what was called town.

There are only some old houses.

So I kept running and found a parking area with some picnic tables.

I decided to camp out tonight.

Next Hawick is 17km further north.

I ran 51.6 km. That’s enough.

Pitched my tent on the grass. Tent site is close to highway A7 but I can stand it.

Surrounded by mountains, it’s not easy to get into network.

*Today’s Distance:  51.6 km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 748.6 km

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DAY19 Penrith-Carlisle 38.8km

A young couple from France checked in last night.

They gave me a French conversation lesson.

I guess I was not a good student with a bad memories.

French pronunciation is too difficult for me.

But practice makes perfect. If necessary, I’ll learn what I need.

Left the hostel at 7AM. What a cosy place! I’d like to visit again.

Followed a country road heading to north.

Local highway is very quiet where local cars come and go.

Enjoying pastoral scenery with cows and sheep, time goes so slowly.

Nonstop run 26km before I got to Dalston.

Didn’t drink and eat less than usual.

It’s easy to run under such cool climate.

Finished running at 2pm at Carlisle Truckstop Hotel.

After check-in, it started to rain.

Weather is always so changeable here that I’d better not trust weather forecast.

*Today’s Distance:  38.8 km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 697 km

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DAY18 Day-Off in Penrith

Took a day-off after running 5 days in a row since I left Liverpool.

Wayfarers Independent Hostel is a cozy place, clean and quiet.

The owner is friendly and kind.

I asked him to let me use a washing machine and for the first time I washed my clothes by machine here in UK.

I have washed my clothes by hands and soap so far.

Really appreciated the power of civilization!!

Edited a new movie of Day8-15. *See below

Walked about the town visiting Penrith Castle Ruins in One-Tooth Geta.

It used to be a real Western castle made of bricks in 14-15th century but no more a castle just ruins.

Nothing is unbreakable...that's what history shows.

Got some food at Morrison. Shopping is the best pastime here.

It's a good way to learn culture of British people.

Probably it takes about 5 days to Edinburgh, Scotland.

They say Art Festival is being held about this time. So it's high time for tourism out there,  difficult to book accommodation.

 Leave things to chance. It's sometimes fun to travel without planning.

YouTube Movie #2

*Today’s Distance:  0 km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 658.2 km

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DAY17 Ambleside-Penrith 40.1km

Rain stopped last night but gusty wind still blowing in the morning.

Said goodbye to Graham. He seemed to like talking.

I just kept listening to him but it never stopped.

That’s why I always kept listening.

Started at 8am.

Kristone Pass was 6.8km from Ambleside(elevation 45m) but a bit too tough to climb.

Kept pushing buggy for 2 hours till I got to the peak elevation 454m.

The grade of the hill was 20 percent maximum.

Seemed like I spent whole energy when I reached the peak.

But the scenery was gorgeous. It’s like Kusasenri, Mt.Aso, Kyushu.

Stone walls reminded me of the Great Walls of China.

I wonder how long and how much energy it took to complete.

A herd of sheep also reminded me of New Zealand.

But sheep here looked more peaceful. They just keep feeding on grass all day.

After the pass, I followed A592 drive route.

I ran on the sidewalk which was limited, otherwise on the right side of traffic.

Always got to be careful about the opposite traffic especially on blind curve as some cars didn’t reduce speed.

At 5:30, I checked in at Wayfarers Independent Hostel, Penrith.

Dormitory but no one else is in my room.

About 200km to Edinburgh.

*Today’s Distance:  40.1 km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 658.2 km

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DAY16 Carnforth-Ambleside 49.0km

Last night I repaired flat tires on 8 spots on both rear tires.

It was incredible!

Patch seals cost so much I used craft tape instead.

Hope Dr.Sludge that I bought yesterday works well.

Just 2 km after I started, I saw a front wheel rolling out of my buggy.

Unfortunately a quick release shaft got broken down.

This time I often run on rough and rugged off-roads which made it work harder.

I had a spare shaft and changed it right now.

It was a hilly route today with 8 hills as long as I remember.

I have had very few hills so far though.

National Cycle Route #6 led me to Lake District which I have long wanted to visit.

About 5pm I finished run at YHA Ambleside, which was located near Windermere Lake.

But as soon as I checked in, it started to rain.

The chilly wind blew almost all day. It’s not summer any more.

In the dormitory, 72-year-old Graham was a room mate.

He is a solo tourist who likes talking. He seemed to be so happy to have met up with me that he kept talking forever.

Today I didn’t buy any food as the supermarket was too far from here. I ate what I got as food stock.

*Today’s Distance:  49.0 km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 618.1 km

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DAY15 Preston-Carnforth 45.3km

August 6 is a memorial day. In 1945, atomic bomb was dropped in the city of Hiroshima.

I’m glad that I live in peaceful era but I feel sad even now there are some places where there’s terrorism or war.

I wish people all over the world can share the peaceful moment.

Started at 6:30. Soon I got flat tires on both rear wheels because of a thorny plant.

I pulled 6 thorns out of the tires.

Soon after that I stopped by at a cycle shop. I got anti-flat tires tape “Dr.Sludge.”

After running country road, I ran along the Lancaster Canal until I got to Carnforth.

Dry and sunny weather, it was a bit too warm. The temperature was about 20 degrees.

About 3:30 I checked in at Carnforth Hotel.

There are local hotels which website doesn’t show.

Today’s hotel costs just £26 which is close to city center and my favorite supermarket TESCO is within a walking distance.

I’ll be running in Lake District tomorrow.

*Today’s Distance:  45.3 km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 569.1 km

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DAY14 Chorley-Preston 27.4km

Already covered 500km since I left London 2 weeks ago.

I'm lucky there have been no major problems so far.

There are so many towns everywhere I go everyday where food& water is available.

Compared to traveles or adventurer who is traveling in deserts or Polar regions, I'm just a running traveler.

There's more I can enjoy each and every day.

Got to have a great time in every moment.

Met up with 2 cyclists from UK.

One is Amy, maybe early 70s of age.

She has been enjoying cycling for 9 years since her husband passed away.

She said she'd hooked on cycle camping in UK.

What a tough lady! This time she's been on the road for 9 weeks.

She's looking good. Her bright eyes shining when we said good bye.

Another one was a guy who is on the way to London (forgot to ask his name).

I told him about my PEACE RUN and soon he accessed my Facebook Page "Peace Run Running Around The Wold."

He said he was a beginner traveler but wanted to have more fun in cycling.

What impressed me most today happened when I was standing at checkout stand at local food market.

A guy talked me he said he had seen me from his car.

So I told about PEACE RUN which impressed him, he said, "It's incredible!"

I was amazed that he said he would pay for what I had bought by his credit card.

I was also glad he wanted to take a photo with me.

We got out of the store and took photos with pretty 2 daughters too.

How happy I was to have shared a peaceful moment with someone else I met up with along the way!

Through PEACE RUN, I am going to see as many people as possible on this planet where 7 billion people live.

I guess there'll be something more I can do for the world.

Got to keep running!

*Today’s Distance:  27.4 km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 523.8 km

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DAY13 Liverpool-Chorley 47.9km

Before starting, I had to take down all the luggage including my buggy from the 3rd floor to the ground level.

In UK, ground floor is the same as first floor in USA or Japan.

So 2nd floor here means 3rd floor in USA or Japan.

Old hotels have no lift(elevator), they have just stairs.

Another adventurous day today…

Rolled into dual carriage motor way with no sidewalk. Before police car came up I escaped though.

On a muddy trail, I lifted all the gear including my buggy beyond the big tree fallen down in the middle of the way.

Had two flat tires because of a thorn of a plant and a piece of sharp broken glass.

On local highways there are no sidewalk even no shoulders.

I was running on the right side but I got to be careful cars turning around on a sharp curve because they were hard to see.
Hope I’ll have a peaceful run tomorrow.

*Today’s Distance:  47.9 km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 496.4 km

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DAY12 Day-Off in Liverpool: Visiting The Beatles Story

Here I am in Liverpool that I have long wanted to visit. There’s a reason I came here.

This is the very place where the Beatles were born.

The Beatles Story is something like a museum which introduces everything about the Beatles.

Opening in 1990, the Beatles Story is located at Liverpool’s Albert Dock and Pier Head. The Pier Head site opened in 2009.

We learn about the Beatles via audio guide in ten languages, narrated by John Lennon's half-sister Julia.

Photos, movies, musical instruments they used and more items…

Also a replica of the Cavern Club and Abbey Road studio are fantastic which made me feel as if I had been there in 1960s.

What impressed me most was the last exhibition, the White Room where the movie “IMAGINE” was taken. I saw John Lennon's round spectacles and his photo on his white piano. Beside the piano, his guitar stands still. (Photo above)

On the wall was the lyrics of “IMAGINE.”

On my mind there’s alrady a clear image of the world in peace which John had imagined.

All I got to do is create real peaceful world by running.

His will is inside of me and I don’t want it remain as imaginary world.

I want people all over the world to keep imagining peaceful world now and forever.

And also I want them to do something to help create peaceful world as much as possible.

I left the Beatles Story thinking about something like that.

*The Beatles Story:


Official Website

*Today’s Distance:  20.4 km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 448.5 km

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DAY11 Pickmere-Liverpool 46.9km

Unusual to run along normal route, not along the canal.

In a part cycle route ended because of construction.

As I was at a loss, two young men helped me find the way out.

It’s always nice to have a chance to talk with local people.

Another chance…three women said hello to me from the window of their house.

They rushed to me when I said I was running around the world and they were so excited that they gave me many many questions at the same time.

One of them shouted, “Here comes a world-famous adventure runner!”

We chatted for a while and took some photos.

In Runcorn, I lost my way again to find the way to cross the bridge on River Mersey.

There were some roads crossing three-dimensionally and I didn’t know which route to go, asking locals several times.

Finally I found the way out but noticed that the best way is to ask local people. They know much better than google map.

428km from Big Ben, London…maybe 40km longer than the direct route because I have taken zig-zag route.

Traveling is not easy but fun.

It’s not a moving from point to point, but having fun that happened on a line which connects point with point.

I’m obsessed with traveling, cannot think of anything but it.

So very glad to have a life like that.

I know doing my very best on whatever I do each and every day is my mission.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

Step by step, I’ll go far and away.

*Today’s Distance:  46.9 km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 428.1 km

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DAY10 Stoke-on-Trent-Pickmere 54.8km

August starts!

Cool climate makes me feel good while running.

Wherever I go, I can see no air-conditioner or electric fan at all.

About this time of the year it’s lower than 10 degrees in the morning.

Some wear a down jacket, some wear a T-shirt…sometimes I don’t even know what season we are in.

Just after starting, I got into weed jungle. It’s also hard because turning wheels gather weed which keeps me slow down.

NCR(National Cycle Route) runs along the canal.

I see lots of bridges and gates.

When I had to cross the canal, I got to go up on a slope but when I went down I couldn’t find a slope. That’s why I used stairs pushing down my buggy.

On a muddy track, soft ground, both types and my feet stick in the mire.

Finished my run at a guest house in Pickmere.

It has also a long history.

Tomorrow I’ll be in Liverpool where the Beatles were born.

Here's a movie of Running in England UK DAY1-7

*Today’s Distance:  54.8 km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 381.2 km

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