DAY16 Carnforth-Ambleside 49.0km

Last night I repaired flat tires on 8 spots on both rear tires.

It was incredible!

Patch seals cost so much I used craft tape instead.

Hope Dr.Sludge that I bought yesterday works well.

Just 2 km after I started, I saw a front wheel rolling out of my buggy.

Unfortunately a quick release shaft got broken down.

This time I often run on rough and rugged off-roads which made it work harder.

I had a spare shaft and changed it right now.

It was a hilly route today with 8 hills as long as I remember.

I have had very few hills so far though.

National Cycle Route #6 led me to Lake District which I have long wanted to visit.

About 5pm I finished run at YHA Ambleside, which was located near Windermere Lake.

But as soon as I checked in, it started to rain.

The chilly wind blew almost all day. It’s not summer any more.

In the dormitory, 72-year-old Graham was a room mate.

He is a solo tourist who likes talking. He seemed to be so happy to have met up with me that he kept talking forever.

Today I didn’t buy any food as the supermarket was too far from here. I ate what I got as food stock.

*Today’s Distance:  49.0 km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 618.1 km

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