DAY12 Day-Off in Liverpool: Visiting The Beatles Story

Here I am in Liverpool that I have long wanted to visit. There’s a reason I came here.

This is the very place where the Beatles were born.

The Beatles Story is something like a museum which introduces everything about the Beatles.

Opening in 1990, the Beatles Story is located at Liverpool’s Albert Dock and Pier Head. The Pier Head site opened in 2009.

We learn about the Beatles via audio guide in ten languages, narrated by John Lennon's half-sister Julia.

Photos, movies, musical instruments they used and more items…

Also a replica of the Cavern Club and Abbey Road studio are fantastic which made me feel as if I had been there in 1960s.

What impressed me most was the last exhibition, the White Room where the movie “IMAGINE” was taken. I saw John Lennon's round spectacles and his photo on his white piano. Beside the piano, his guitar stands still. (Photo above)

On the wall was the lyrics of “IMAGINE.”

On my mind there’s alrady a clear image of the world in peace which John had imagined.

All I got to do is create real peaceful world by running.

His will is inside of me and I don’t want it remain as imaginary world.

I want people all over the world to keep imagining peaceful world now and forever.

And also I want them to do something to help create peaceful world as much as possible.

I left the Beatles Story thinking about something like that.

*The Beatles Story:


Official Website

*Today’s Distance:  20.4 km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 448.5 km

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