DAY101 Saint Geours de Maremne 3 (France)

Always foggy in the morning. 7 degrees low, but high 23 degrees in the afternoon.

Catherine took me to the post office, I sent some postcards to Japan.

In the afternoon I was supposed to watch Christie surfing but they say the wave was too high today. It was cancelled.

Instead I explored and walked around Catherine’s place with a camera.

This is a land full of the nature’s beauty and miracle.

Everything coexists and lives in harmony.

All animals know how to behave in the wilderness as they are taught by the nature or they may be programmed to do act naturally from their instinct.

As we human beings are nothing but visitors here, we cannot change anything at all. We just leave the nature as it is.

We often misunderstand we are the number one in the nature.

It’s not true. We should always be generous and tolerant in the nature.

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3275.0 km

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DAY100 Saint Geours de Maremne 2 (France)

Wow! Day100!!

Funny how time flies…yes, it really does.

Next week my wife Piapi and her pals will come and see me in Paris!!

Looking forward to it!!

Today Osaka Marathon is held in the city of Osaka and 34,000 runners joined one of the major marathons held in big cities in Japan.

Last year I watched Osaka Marathon for the first time and thought it was the festival for runners!

Still warm today. Highest 21 degrees.

This afternoon Catherine took me to the beach and we saw the beautiful sun setting in the North Atlantic Ocean.

It was the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen in Europe.

There were many surfers on the waves. Some of them enjoyed surfing until the sun set.

After coming back, we had a late dinner. Salmon was really nice.

I eat more and run less…

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3275.0 km

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DAY99 Saint Geours de Maremne (France)

Winter is drawing near.

Wooden house feels warm.

It’s cold outside but this cottage is warm enough only with a small heater on.

It’s been 40 days since I entered France.

Spent 40 days in UK but here in France I have spent more time.

Though there have been so many troubles and happenings, I have made a lot of good memories.

Two-week rest in Genessac and Soustons may have been a sign which told me to take a rest for a while.

Next time my PEACE RUN starts in Sain Jean Pied de Port to follow Camino de Santiago.

I hear Catherine’s house was built more than 300 years ago and was reformed in modern style.

So very quiet around here and the land is extremely large.

It must be impossible to live in a house like this in Japan.

It’s a dream house. I wish I could live here with my wife Piapi.

Before noon, the sky became clear and it’s getting warmer.

According to the weather forecast, it’s 22 degrees the highest today.

Catherine gave me a ride to Lidl the supermarket in town center.

Except a party, I usually make meals by myself.

I don’t eat that much when I don’t run.

The problem is that everything is so good here in France I eat too much at the party.

I’m a skinny person who doesn’t become fat even if I eat much but it’s true that our habits make ourselves what we are.

What’s enough is enough.

It’s one of the most important lessons in many ways.

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3275.0 km

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DAY98 Soustons-Saint Geours de Maremne 13.2km (France)

Last night Melina and Tinde came and visit us.

We talked about the difference between our own cultures.

They experienced One-Tooth Geta for the first time.

Tomorrow is the day I have to say goodbye to Soustons.

It’s been a week since I came here last Saturday.

The longer I stay at one place, the more love I have to the place and people who are there.

Actually I have met a lot of people here, it’s a bit hard to leave.

Schedule has been changed a lot but this must have been a good opportunity to learn French culture through staying here like a homestay.

I had a really good time in many ways.

I remember visiting Toronto in 1994 on the way cycling across Canada.

I met a senior couple in Banff, Canadian Rockies.

They were with their children and grandchildren.

And we promised to see each other again a few months later.

Even now after 22 years, we still have kept in touch with each other.

Kids at that time have now become mothers and fathers.

I hope that our meeting here in Soustons will be something like that.

I took off sheets and pillow cover and finished cleaning up the room.

It won’t be long before I get to the goal. Maybe within 100 km to go.

Total distance I run in Europe this time might be about 3300 km as long as the distance I ran in crossing my country Japan from north to south end.

There have been some troubles along the way which have changed the schedule a lot.

Of course things will not go as it has been expected, I know.

But I got to be flexible and also I have to accept whatever happens to me.

Travel is fun because something unexpected often occurs.

No matter what may happen, we got to keep calm and stay positive.

About 11 am, I said goodbye to Elisabeth, she kept waving her hand until I disappeared.

Especially when it is cold, I have to take my time to start running.

Warming up is important to raise the body temperature.

When I got my left ankle damaged, that’s what I learned.

About 1:30 pm, Running 13.2 km in the southeast from Soustons, I arrived at Catherine’s place in Saint Geours de Maremne.

She and her daughter were about to go surfing.

I was invited to a small cottage at the backyard where I will spend for a while.

It’s as calm and quiet a location as Elisabeth’s place.

I’ve spent a peaceful time lately in such a wonderful atmosphere.

In Japan, if you live in a big city like Tokyo or Osaka, you may take trains for about 2 hours to find a place like this.

It’s high time I tried meditation here for a while.

*Today’s Distance: 13.2 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3275.0 km

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DAY97 Soustons 5 (France)

5th day-off here in Soustons.

Funny how time flies…

My left ankle is getting better. I can walk with no problem.

Tomorrow I’ll move to Sain Geours du Marenm where Catherine lives about 12 km from here.

8th of November my wife Piapi and her pals come and see me in Paris.

We haven’t seen each other more than 3 months.

Enjoy chatting almost every day and night but it’s totally different from seeing face to face.

Looking forward to it.

Visited Elisabeth for a greeting and to use Wi-Fi.

Her computer went wrong and her son(Surfer) came and to fix it.

And I brought One-Tooth Geta to let him try on.

He was so excited about it!

More than 30 years experience of surfing, he really has a good sense of balance.

And Elisabeth tried it on too.

Whoever wear this wooden sandal makes a smile.

It is a magic footwear, yes it really is.

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3261.8 km


DAY96 Soustons 4 (France)

Spending time here in Souston, south west part of France.

This is a small village where my Wi-Fi rooter cannot catch the wave.

Elizabeth lets me use her network.

But my room is a bit far from her house and only inside the house I can get into network.

Without internet, I realize how much I have depended upon internet so far (though I’m sure I have always noticed the fact).

At 9 am I went for a cup of coffee at Elizabeth’s house.

She suggested to me we have a walk in the trail nearby with her neighbors.

That’s what we did. Catherine and 4 other ladies came together.

Quiet, calm trail was in the pinewood where nobody came around.

Just three cars passed by while walking.

I have followed the same kind of trail so often but there are nice trails here and there in this area, maybe all around France.

Must be good for mountain biking.

They say this is a weekly event held every Wednesday.

After 2-hour walk, we had a lunch.

Each one of them brought original cuisine.

Good wine and nice food, cheese, ham, salad and some cakes.

I may have taken more calories than I had spent in walking.

Isn’t it nice to spend a peaceful time with local people?

I happened to meet Elizabeth 6 days ago. And how many nice people have I met here so far?

My left ankle is getting better. No problem in walking a short distance.

Stiff muscle is becoming softer.

I put teatree oil after taking shower every day.

And I use One-Tooth Geta as a rehabilitation tool.

I don't need any medicine, nor doctors.

All I need is to believe natural power to cure myself.

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3261.8 km

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DAY95 Soustons 3 (France)

Pouring rain in the morning.

I have decided to stay here in Souston until Friday morning.

I guess I need to take a good rest for my left ankle.

Hopefully it is going to get better, and then I will move to Saint Geours de Maremne, where Catherine takes care of me for a while.

She lives not far from here Souston.

And then I run to southward till I get to Saint Sebastian Airport to fly to Paris in early November.

It is in Spain, very close to the border of France.

That’ll be my finishing point out there.

First I was supposed to run to Lisbon, Portugal, next, to Santiago de Compostela, then in Madrid…

After all I am supposed to finish not that farther in the west.

Anyway, it’ll end just after I have crossed the border.

So next trek starts at the airport where I soon start Camino de Santiago. Saint Jean Pier de Port, the starting point is very close.

Not everything goes well as it is wished to be.

Something will go wrong in the way we haven’t expected.

But whether it’s good or bad, we have to accept it as it is.

All we got to do is do our very best each and every day.

Elizabeth took me to a village center for shopping.

Soon the sun and the blue sky came back.

Day 100 is drawing near.

Looking back all those days, it’s been long. About one-third of the year, I’ve been traveling far away from home.

But I know some friends who traveled around the world for 8-11 years.

Basically I travel one country or one continent(island) per year.

Making a plan, raising money, I get ready for the start.

The goal of my Peace Run comes when I have completed 40,000 km on 5 continents.

When I have finished running this time, total distance should be about 16,000 km on 3 continents. Still less than half of the 40,000 km.

The rest of Europe, Asia, then in Africa and South America are waiting for me.

I don’t know how long it will take to achieve this project.

Step by step, one goes far.

All I got to do is GO THE DISTANCE!!

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3261.8 km


DAY94 Soustons 2 (France)

It’s been raining since last night. My left ankle still hurts but it’s okay if I don’t walk or move it.

100 km to the border of Spain, but the Pyrenee Mountains lie before Madrid.

I’d better stay quiet here so it won’t get worse.

As I mentioned, we’re all flesh and blood. We are destined to perish sooner or later.

Art is long but life is short…Yes, life is short, that’s why we have to enjoy it.

After breakfast, as the rain stopped, we drove to village center where marche(market) was held.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese, wine and daily necessities…

Everything is sold at cheaper prices than those sold at the supermarket.

And also marche is a place to meet people. Yes, it’s a place for social exchange.

Someone who comes to marche meets their friends and says hello.

They start to chat on the road side.

I feel happy watching a peaceful scene like that.

It’s a small village of Soustons, France.

But I hope I see a scene like that wherever I go in the world.

All I want to see is people’s smiles and all I hear is people’s laughter.

There’s nothing that keeps them from smiling and laughing.

There were some friends of Elizabeth’s out there and she introduced me to them.

“Oh, you’re a runner who is running around the world, aren’t you?”

“You’re traveling around the world, don’t you? I wanna hear your stories!”

They talked to me that way.

Then we walked a path beside the lake.

So quiet there was nothing but tranquility.

Two squirrels looking for food before hibernation,

Some birds tweeting from here and there,

Senior couple walking their dogs,

Father and two sons enjoyed fishing…

Although I happened to visit Soustons maybe because some invisible power attracted me, I felt like living in such a peaceful place like this.

These vegetables are what Elizabeth bought at the marche and gave me. Very unusual vegetables to me except eggplant.

At night we visited Catherine’s place in Saint Geours de Maremne, south east of Souston. She lives with two daughters of hers.

She was also at the party on Saturday and helped me as a translator.

Tonight her daughters, Christie and Camille cooked dinner for us.

We talked about so many things, such as difference between France and Japan, as for culture, job, education and family…

Some parts are similar but some are not, completely different.

It may take a long time for all of us human beings to live in peace. But we all have to make possible efforts to create peace.

Funny how one encounter has led to another.

Since I met Elizabeth, I have seen many nice people here, her family and friends.

I’m so glad they understand me and try to help me.

I don’t know when my left ankle will work well but need a little more patience.

Anyway I have to leave here on Friday when new guests comes to this B&B.

Catherine said, “You can come and stay with us if you want.”

She showed a nice cottage just at the back of her house.

Oh, my! I cannot thank her enough.

I have to decide where I will finish my run.

Seems like Madrid is getting far away.

One plan is to run from Souston to Catherine’s place after my left ankle has recovered.

And it’s convenient to fly from Saint Sebastian to Paris.

So it means that next time my travel starts in Saint Sebastian Airport.

Well, what can I do? What should I do?

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3261.8 km

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DAY93 Soustons (France)

Left ankle still hurts. So I decided to stay one more night.

It must be a sign which tells me to stop running.

We human beings are just flesh and blood which is destined to perish.

We got to enjoy ourselves as long as my body keeps moving.

Last week I took a week-off in Genissac because my buggy broke down.

This time it’s my turn.

Elizabeth took me to a local art festa held in a park in Azur.

There were some artists who showed their works at their own booth.

All works were so good and I had a really good time to know what art was for.

Then we drove to Vieux-Boucau les Bains to see North Atlantic Ocean.

When was the last time I saw the sea?

It was good to smell the sea and to feel sea breeze.

Though it was not warm, there were a lot of surfers enjoying the waves.

Probably I visit a small town or village where a Japanese tourist seldom visits.

But in such a place I may have a chance to know what real French culture is like.

Late afternoon Elizabeth took me to her son’s place.

It was kind of a commune where some families lived together.

The Peters’ are from Denmark. They come to spend some time on vacation.

This seems unusual life style for us Japanese but it’s a very good way to live, so flexible and free from the fixed idea.

It’s a world of ecology where people can share anything they have, not a world of egoism.

Also it’s a model society of the future for all of us human beings.

That’s the world which love and peace can create.

Learning one by one here in France, there are still a lot to learn.

Traveling is also education. And this world is a school.

People I meet are all teachers to me. I have to learn more and more.

Life is fun as long as we keep learning from someone else.

3 months have passed since I left London.

So many things have happened so far. And all I have to do is enjoy anything that happens each and every day.

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3261.8 km

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DAY92 Lesperon-Soustons 37.0km (France)

It’s my 56th birthday today.

Beautiful sunrise celebrated my birthday in the morning.

I felt something wrong with my left ankle and it hurts a bit now.

After taking 7 days off in Genissac, I started to run again but in my mind I must have hurried to the goal.

It’s not easy to keep the balance in between the mind and the body.

Ran through rough road between the forest. Some roads were soft gravel sometimes sandy it was hard to push my buggy.

Had a flat tire on the front wheel yesterday and today.

About 4:30, I finished my run at B&B in Souston.

Elizabeth, the owner doesn’t speak English but we communicated with Google translation.

She said she had a party tonight and invited me too.

The party began at 8pm where her family and friends were there.

What a surprise! Suddenly they started to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY song.

Special cake showed up before me on the table!

Because of Catherine who had spent her life in the US and Australia, she translated into French what I wanted to say.

Anyway, “Miracle happens everyday” as Forrest Gump says.

Yes, it really does.

I had a very happy time with the people whom I would have never met if I had not traveled in France.

Everywhere I go, there is someone who needs me. That’s why I keep running and traveling.

*Today’s Distance: 37.0 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3261.8 km

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DAY91 Biscarrosse-Lesperon 57.3km (France)

Chilly morning. 4-5 degrees. Just like the climate in Osaka in February.

So I kept running until the sun came up above.

But it was a bit warm in the afternoon. 16 degrees.

The scenery where I ran today reminded me of the Nullarbor Plain, Australia.

Pine and cedar forest spread around. No human beings but just trees…

There was no one to talk to. All I got to do is run.

The final day of 55 years old today but I don’t want to count my age any more.

Time, distance, money, age, day…if I give up on counting the number, will I be happy?

It was a long day until I checked in at a hotel in Lesperon.

Small town, after 6pm no one walked around in town.

Kept running 27km without stopping. 

Arrived at a hotel in Lesperon. I knocked on the door no answer.

So I waited in front of the door but time just passed by.

I asked a lady of neighbor bakery to call the owner of the hotel.

The owner was inside the hotel. I wondered why. Anyway I was able to check in.

*Today’s Distance: 57.3 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3224.8 km

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DAY90 Marcheprime-Biscarrosse 46.9km (France)

I took a bath for the first time in a long time.

5 degrees in the morning.

Starting at 8:20, following a local highway with no shoulders and sidewalks but traffic was not so heavy.

Didn’t see grape fields but instead I saw pine trees.

This is a forestry area. Log trucks come and go so often.

North Atlantic is close but I haven’t seen the sea.

Warm in a daytime.

Madrid is within 600km, maybe about 2 weeks to go.

About 5pm I checked in at a hotel in Biscarrossa.

The owner was glad to hear my story about PEACE RUN and he offered me a gorgeous room with a balcony.

How lucky I am!!

Far from Bordeaux still most of hotels around here are occupied.

*Today’s Distance: 46.9 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3167.5 km

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DAY89 Lormont-Marcheprime 46.7km (France)

Daytime is getting shorter. The sun rises at 8:20am.

Usually I start running as soon as the sun rises.

Winter time begins in November. I may run faster!

Leaving Lormont, I ran through the city of Bordeaux following cycle route.

Crossed the Garonne River.

Bordeaux is a big city but it was very quiet in the city center.

Autumn leaves look beautiful. Day by day the color is changing gorgeous.

It’s cool enough to enjoy running without sweating.

And I don’t drink water so much.

But today I saw cherry blossom bloom.

Finished today’s run at Marcheprime about 5pm.

The border of Spain is drawing near.

North Atlantic Ocean is also close.

*Today’s Distance: 46.7 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3120.6 km

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DAY88 (Genissac-)Libourne-Lormont 28.1km (France)

Finally the time has come when I re-start my run.

The 7th and final breakfast I eat here. Everything was so good.

Saying goodbye to Genissac, I remembered these 7 days…

Florence gave me a ride to VELO LAND cycle shop in Libourne.

While my buggy was being repaired, I walked around the town.

Visited the park where I had been at a loss just after that accident had happened.

And then I sat on a bench where I had sat after the accident.

Everything is changing. All we got to do is accept the change.

Never be afraid of changing.

Got back to VELO LAND at 10:30. Florence came and see me.

Everything was OK.

Florian the mechanician did well.

He did more than I had expected. He was a real mechanician, I believe so. I really appreciate him.

I was so happy to see my buggy VIENTO2 came back alive again.

Thanks Cristian the owner of VELO LAND. With your help, I was able to re-start my run!!

Hugged each other with Florence and said goodbye.

I couldn’t thank them enough.

Leaving Libourne at 11am, I headed to Bordeaux.

Smooth moving of two wheels, suspension is also good with no noise. Very quietly it running on the highway.

Just 28.1km run till I checked in at a hotel in Lormont.

Hope VIENTO2 will go the distance. We’ll be together until the end of the world!

It was so good running for the first time in a week.

It’s not until we cannot run that we realize how good it is to run.

A week must have been long till I am able to run again.

But it might have been a short time when it’s over.

I felt runner’s high some times today.

I was so happy that I shed tears while running.

I decided to run my very best living my very best.

Thanks so much all my friends and supporters!

*Today’s Distance: 28.1 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3073.9 km

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DAY87 Day-Off in Genissac 6 (France)

One-Tooth Geta always gives me a relaxing time.

After all I have spent a week here in Genissac.

Yesterday and today, I was in my room all day long.

But I was so very glad to have received a package from Japan.

Yes! Repairing parts arrived!!

Tomorrow I’ll bring them to VELO LAND in Libourne to have them fixed and I’ll be able to re-start my run.

I have to change my route again because of time limit.

I’d better follow direct route to Madrid, Spain so as to finish in early November.

I am supposed to make a flight to Paris from Madrid. And then I’ll run the final.

This project will be over when I leave Paris on 15th November.

But there are some passes(about 1000-1500 meters above sea level) I have to go beyond.

No matter how high they are, I have to go. I have two legs of my own which enabled me to go across Rocky Mountains in the US.

There’re only hope and dream in my future. No worries, no fear.

I have my own way that I got to follow.

I’ll make it for sure because I believe so.

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3045.8 km

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DAY86 Day-Off in Genissac 5 (France)

It was a beautiful moon last night. Wasn’t it full-moon?

I slept on my bed watching the blue moon from the window.

It was so blight and big that the room wasn’t dark at all with no room light on.

When I woke up this morning, I looked at my watch guessing it was about 6:30. It was exactly 6:30…amazing!!

The 5th day-Off in Genissac, Florence said Marche(Market) was held in Libourne.

I was interested in it but I didn’t want to visit a crowded place. So I stayed at B&B all day.

Watched a couple of movies, “Hello, I Am David” and “Crusoe” both of which were fun.

Checked out a website of Japan Postal Service to see where the component is at the moment.

It was already here in France. It came yesterday. So I can receive it tomorrow!!

Just wait and see. Sooner or later I’ll re-start my run on Tuesday.

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3045.8 km

* No More Photos, sorry!


DAY85 Day-Off in Genissac 4 (France)

The 4th day-off here in Genissac, France.

It was a beautiful moon-lit night last night.

It’s been sunny, clear sky since yesterday afternoon.

Foggy morning but soon it cleared up.

Borrowed a bicycle from Florence and enjoyed a refreshing ride to Saint-German du-Puch.

I used to be an adventure cyclist and a triathlete.

When I was young, I cycled across the USA, the Arctic Cicle, Alaska and Canada, New Zealand and Australia and cycled around Japan.

I extremed the peak of Mt. Fuji(3776m) and Mt. Norikura(3026m) on a mountain bike in 1980s.

Today’s ride reminded me of old those good days as a cyclist.

Things have changed but I’m a same traveler as I used to be.

I rode 180.2 km in 5 hours 45 minutes in Ironman Japan Lake Biwa(1990). It must have been my golden age.

*The Way To “IRONMAN”

Feeling autumn breeze on a ride, I thought I was really alive again.

Hope I’ll be back on the road again next week.

Watched a movie “In Your Eyes” late afternoon. It’s been a long time since I enjoyed movies last.

Lazy, but meaningful weekend…which makes me feel fine.

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3045.8 km

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DAY84 Day-Off in Genissac 3 (France)

It’s been cloudy for three days in a row.

Temperature is lower than 15 degrees.

Walked to a post office in Moulon.

It’s nice to breathe fresh autumn air.

I love watching quiet scenes in autumn thinking about my precious one.

Repairing parts hasn’t arrived here yet.

Maybe next week.

All I got to do is enjoy resting and having excellent breakfast.

Even though my buggy broke down, I can re-start running after repairing it.

I can move on as long as I aim the final goal without giving it up.

There may be a time I have to stop running but there’s no looking back. There’s no turning back either.

Because I decided to move forward.

I take my time to go on little by little and step by step.

No worries. Only time will tell…

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3045.8 km

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DAY83 Day-Off in Genissac2 (France)

The 2nd day I spent in Genissac today.

I have to wait until a repairing part for my buggy arrives here at B&B(Au Domaine du Chai).

I love French bread and croissant so much the owner Florence go and buy at a bakery nearby.

Taking my time to enjoy breakfast at dining room.

It’s unusual for me to have such a luxurious time while traveling.

Washing my clothes, studying basic French language and writing picture postcards…The day was too short to do everything I want to do.

No time to spend outdoors today.

Autumn is my favorite season. It’s been cloudy or partly rainy for these two days. Hope sunny breaks tomorrow.

Just 3 years ago today, I finished running Australian longest 90 mile (145.5km) straight road.

It was in the middle of desert called The Nullarbor Plain.

Heat was not a problem to me but boringness and lack of food and water.

I carried about 70kg luggage including 25 liter water and lots of food.

Trying not to be negative, I kept moving on but it was not easy to run across 1200km desert all by myself.

But what I learned out there was...

Something necessary should be given to me by someone else.

And something I have can be shared with someone else.

Fortunately I was given a lot of food and water by many tourists in the Nullarbor.

What I was doing looked too crazy for them but it must have impressed them.

After all I survived. Actually I cycled across the Nullarbor Plain in 1995 too.

I have no idea I traveled across the Nullarbor again but it often tells me to come back...

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3045.8 km

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DAY82 Day-Off in Genissac (France)

 bread cutter...like a gilotine

The morning after my buggy got broken down…

Enjoyed a really good breakfast. French bread and croissant are best combination. The owner got fresh ones at a bakery in town.

Breakfast was too good for me to forget the trouble that happened yesterday.

Mr.Ueda, PLEASANT owner who deals THULE CHARIOT said he would send the parts I need to France.

Those parts were from the buggy I had used before.

Then all I need to do is wait here until the parts arrive.

It may take 4 days at earliest. So I will keep staying at this B&B Au Domaine du Chai, Genissac.

After breakfast, the owner Florence gave me a ride to town where I bought some food. And I sent some staff that I don’t use any more such as camping gear.

Cost €110 to send them to Japan. The package weighed about 12kg.

So my buggy will feel lighter than before.

Simple is the best. It’s true both in life and travel.

The more things we have, the more care we need.

Everything happening to us in this world is caused by ourselves.

Invisible power works and we meet someone somewhere or something unexpected happens suddenly.

Even it it’s good or bad, we have to think about why that happens or why we meet them.

As every encounter has its own meaning, everything that happened in this world too has its own meaning.

Before we go forward, we can get ready for what will happen later by thinking its meaning.

Because I myself am poor at learning everything, I often make a mistake.

But people around me are always helpful so that they support and help me. That’s what I got to appreciate most.

When we hit on a hard time, we often feel alone. It’s not true.

We’re all connected to each other wherever we are.

We have to notice the truth. We can go on but if we get tired or feel hard we can take some rest.

It’s high time we changed. Yes, it’s a turning point of our lives

Voices from the heaven says,

“Remember…The time left in your travel is the same as the time left in your life.”

That’s why I got to do my very best looking for the best way to enjoy everything as possibly I can.

It’s not easy. If we try to find an easy way, it’s going to be much harder.

We’d better accept a hard time or we have to be willing to have  hardship and go on in a tolerant way.

While running, I picture myself running my very best.

While not running, I picture myself enjoying my run with a smile.

In this way, I’ll feed back my experience, something I watch and listen, to those who need and I’d like to share them with people all over the world so that the world will go on in the best way.

It’s a mission of Adventure Runner who is allowed to run and travel around the world.

Also it’s my mission to send peace to people’s mind.

I just want to send to someone just standing by me, it’s okay not to everybody.

Hope they keep it in their mind for a long long time.

We grow up each and everyday by repeating encounter and farewell.

When I was a teacher, every time I attended graduation ceremony, I would think that way.

For me now the planet earth is my school.

And people I meet along the way are all teachers.

There are so many things we have to learn and we got to keep learning
something new no matter how old we are.

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3045.8 km

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DAY81 Bonzac-Libourne(-Genissac) 12.8km (France)

Leaving Bonzac as soon as the sun rose.

Just 12 km away from the start, I felt something wrong with my buggy VIENTO2.

I couldn't go straight, It went to the left side naturally.

Weld part near the suspension plate on the left side got broken down.

When this happened I was in Libourne. It was very close to a cycle shop VELO LAND.

I rushed into the shop and asked the owner if it could be repaired but he said a special component was necessary.

I packed up my baggy into its own bag.

I had no transportation with heavy luggage.

I asked a taxi driver how much it cost to Portets 33km from Libourne.

He said it was about €70. So I cancelled today's B&B in Portets.

Instead I booked another B&B in Genissac, 10km south of Libourne.

Trying to pick up a taxi, but it was not easy in a country side because most of people have cars. I spent 1.5 hours on the road side. I got back to the cycle shop.

Cristian, the owner of VELO LAND was kind enough to call a taxi for me.

A taxi driver was a good guy too who loves Japan very much.

He asked me many questions about Japan.

About 20 minutes I arrived at B&B but it was a bit too early for the reception.

The owner showed up soon.  Florence spoke English and I told her about what had happened today. She gave me some information about what I should do with the solution.

Anyway, I need to take a rest for a while.

*Today’s Distance: 12.8 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3045.8 km

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DAY80 Saint-Martin-d’Ary-Bonzac 38.7km (France)

In the morning, I talked with Michel the owner of B&B about life.

We human beings may have time to think about what life is for when we hit the wall.

We both had the same situation, working too hard without thinking about ourselves. Too many pressures and stress caused us to lose good health.

I believe life and travel are the same. We need some time to take a rest if we get tired. We don’t have to spend a hard time if we don’t want.

We were born to enjoy ourselves.

Today, I had a detour. I needed to turn back. But it’s not a waste of time.

Whatever happens, we have to think about its meaning.

I raise my hand to the drivers coming from the opposite direction as a greeting.

Here in France most drivers(maybe 9 out of 10) raise their hands.

This means, “How are you?” or “Bon jour.” in my own way.

Or it also means that I know you are here and you know I’m here.

While running all alone in the desert in the US or Australia, this greeting was a time to share the same moment with a company I met along the way or a time to enjoy our co-existence in such a vast land.

We live on the same planet earth in a same era and I hope we make a smile to each other so that we feel good and happy.

Although all I can say is Bon jour and Mercy in France, I’m glad French people treat me so good…

*Today’s Distance: 38.7 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3033.0 km

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