DAY71 Chaumont Sur Loire-Chambray Les Tours 48.2 km (France)

When the morning came, I didn’t hear the sound of the rain.

It’s always disgusting to put away a wet tent. Got to dry at a hotel room tonight.

Following a nice route along the River Loire.

Otherwise I had to follow a normal highway with no shoulders.

As soon as I arrived in Amboise, I got some food for weekend.

Enjoyed lunch break at a park beside the river.

Trouble come along again with my buggy all of a sudden.

It was 12km to the hotel I was going to stay.

Suspension plate on the left wheel got broken down.

I guess I have often run on rough roads and the weight of luggage it too heavy.

I had no idea and was totally at a loss what to do.

Found a wire nearby someone threw away.

I used it and fixed the buggy instantly.

But I knew it didn’t last for a long time.

I tried to treat my buggy VIENTO2 as carefully as possible.

Arrived at a hotel at 6pm.  

Fortunately, there is a cycle shop which sells Thule Chariot.

PEACE RUN Supporters Club Ryuhei sent me a message.

Closed on Sunday. So I got to visit on Monday.

I had to take a day-off tomorrow.

Everything is going to be all right in the end.

That’s my philosophy.

*Today’s Distance: 48.2 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 2683.6 km

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