DAY94 Soustons 2 (France)

It’s been raining since last night. My left ankle still hurts but it’s okay if I don’t walk or move it.

100 km to the border of Spain, but the Pyrenee Mountains lie before Madrid.

I’d better stay quiet here so it won’t get worse.

As I mentioned, we’re all flesh and blood. We are destined to perish sooner or later.

Art is long but life is short…Yes, life is short, that’s why we have to enjoy it.

After breakfast, as the rain stopped, we drove to village center where marche(market) was held.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese, wine and daily necessities…

Everything is sold at cheaper prices than those sold at the supermarket.

And also marche is a place to meet people. Yes, it’s a place for social exchange.

Someone who comes to marche meets their friends and says hello.

They start to chat on the road side.

I feel happy watching a peaceful scene like that.

It’s a small village of Soustons, France.

But I hope I see a scene like that wherever I go in the world.

All I want to see is people’s smiles and all I hear is people’s laughter.

There’s nothing that keeps them from smiling and laughing.

There were some friends of Elizabeth’s out there and she introduced me to them.

“Oh, you’re a runner who is running around the world, aren’t you?”

“You’re traveling around the world, don’t you? I wanna hear your stories!”

They talked to me that way.

Then we walked a path beside the lake.

So quiet there was nothing but tranquility.

Two squirrels looking for food before hibernation,

Some birds tweeting from here and there,

Senior couple walking their dogs,

Father and two sons enjoyed fishing…

Although I happened to visit Soustons maybe because some invisible power attracted me, I felt like living in such a peaceful place like this.

These vegetables are what Elizabeth bought at the marche and gave me. Very unusual vegetables to me except eggplant.

At night we visited Catherine’s place in Saint Geours de Maremne, south east of Souston. She lives with two daughters of hers.

She was also at the party on Saturday and helped me as a translator.

Tonight her daughters, Christie and Camille cooked dinner for us.

We talked about so many things, such as difference between France and Japan, as for culture, job, education and family…

Some parts are similar but some are not, completely different.

It may take a long time for all of us human beings to live in peace. But we all have to make possible efforts to create peace.

Funny how one encounter has led to another.

Since I met Elizabeth, I have seen many nice people here, her family and friends.

I’m so glad they understand me and try to help me.

I don’t know when my left ankle will work well but need a little more patience.

Anyway I have to leave here on Friday when new guests comes to this B&B.

Catherine said, “You can come and stay with us if you want.”

She showed a nice cottage just at the back of her house.

Oh, my! I cannot thank her enough.

I have to decide where I will finish my run.

Seems like Madrid is getting far away.

One plan is to run from Souston to Catherine’s place after my left ankle has recovered.

And it’s convenient to fly from Saint Sebastian to Paris.

So it means that next time my travel starts in Saint Sebastian Airport.

Well, what can I do? What should I do?

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3261.8 km

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